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C1 Triplets

A miserable scream broke the silence in the living room. Tang Qingge personally saw Tang Mengqian's entire body slam into the wall. Her face immediately lost its color.

Following Tang Mengqian's scream, her stepmother and the man she loved the most ran towards Tang Mengqian in horror from outside the door.

At this time, Tang Mengqian sat on the ground and weakly cried, "Nancheng, don't blame Qingge. Qingge did not do it on purpose. She didn't push me on purpose."

Just as Tang Mengqian finished speaking, Tang Qingge saw Qiao Nancheng walk towards her angrily. Qiao Nancheng looked at her pale face and then at her bulging belly. Then, he suddenly slapped her face.

"You evil slut! If I had known you were this kind of person, I wouldn't have been with you back then!"

Tang Qingge's face was in pain. She fell backwards and her stomach hit the sofa. Her stomach was in pain and her face turned pale!

Tang Qingge's stepmother pointed at Tang Qingge's nose with one hand. There was a proud look in her eyes. She viciously scolded Tang Qingge, "Tang Qingge, you are so cruel! Mengqian knew about your brother's death and was afraid that you would be sad. She specially came to comfort you, but you actually pushed her!"

Tang Qingge was lying on the side, trembling all over. She saw the blood red wound on Tang Mengqian's forehead and touched her own face that had been slapped. She was disheartened.

This was not done by her at all.

Five minutes ago, Tang Mengqian came here. Tang Mengqian did tell her about her brother's death, but Tang Mengqian definitely did not come to comfort her.

She packed her things five minutes ago and was about to go for the pregnancy test, but Tang Mengqian suddenly appeared and stopped her. Tang Mengqian looked at her round belly and a trace of ruthlessness flashed across her eyes. "I heard that you are pregnant with triplets?"

She was stunned.

Tang Mengqian walked towards her with a charming smile. "You haven't told Nancheng yet. Are you going to surprise him?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

Could it be that she really had triplets in her womb?

No wonder her belly had become so big. A wave of hope suddenly rose in Tang Qingge's heart. She gently stroked her stomach, tears flowing in her eyes.

Tang Mengqian coldly snorted as if she knew what Tang Qingge was thinking. She fiercely pulled Tang Qingge's hand over. What she liked the most was to see Tang Qingge feel despair. Her tone suddenly became cold and she smiled, "You still don't know, right? Then I'll tell you. Actually, Nancheng also has a surprise for you. The child in your womb is not his at all!"

Tang Qingge was stunned and subconsciously grabbed Tang Mengqian's hand. "You are talking nonsense! The child in my womb is Nancheng's! "

"The person Nancheng likes is me. How could he let you get pregnant?"

"Also, actually, you don't have to do this. Because a long time ago, our father's blood type was compatible, but I told my father that this surgery was very risky. Dad actually lied to you. Your brother can't wait for you to give birth to a child to save him, because he's already dead now!"

Tang Qingge grabbed Tang Mengqian's wrist and her entire body trembled!

She was filled with resentment. At this moment, Tang Mengqian suddenly and fiercely crashed into the wall.

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