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C10 She Was Framed

Bo Qichen gave Tang Cheng a deep glance.

Tang Cheng was obviously very excited when he saw Tang Qingge appear on the screen again, but when Bo Qichen looked over, he pretended to be silent again.

The assistant next to him said to Bo Qichen, "Boss Bo, Little Master seems to like this woman a lot. He had been looking at this woman since just now. This woman is the most beautiful woman in the audition this time. Her image and temperament are also very suitable for Demon Princess's role. Why don't I tell the production team directly? "

Tang Cheng pricked up his ears.

Bo Qichen looked at Tang Cheng's expressionless face and said meaningfully, "That depends on whether she is really capable."

His mother was really amazing!

Tang Cheng stared at the monitor screen in disbelief!

In the screen, Tang Qingge ran into trouble after angrily returning to the lounge from the suite. In front of her stood a woman wearing a short cyan skirt, but her makeup was very heavy. She looked like a woman who deliberately created an 'enchanting' image.

It was just that the woman's skirt was splashed by the coffee in her hands. The other women who also participated in the audition handed her tissues and asked with concern, "Xu Qing, are you alright? What happened just now?"

That woman was so angry that she looked at her skirt that was worth more than ten thousand dollars getting dirty. She then looked at Tang Qingge's face, which did not have any makeup but was so beautiful that it seemed natural. A trace of jealousy flashed through her eyes. She raised her voice, "Apologize to me!"

Tang Qingge, who was at the side, had nothing to do with it. She paused slightly and pointed at herself. "Are you talking to me?"

"Who else are you? Why did you suddenly bump into me? There were so many pairs of eyes on the scene. When I passed by you just now, you deliberately bumped into me. My dress that was worth more than ten thousand yuan was dirtied by you! "

Everyone gathered around and whispered to each other.

"Did she really hit you?"

Xu Qing was a little angry, "It was her! The audition was about to begin. Could it be that it was me who splashed myself? The requirements for the audition were getting lower and lower. Do you think that you can do whatever you want just because you have a good-looking face?"

This woman is so pretty, doesn't that mean she doesn't have a chance?

Xu Qing pointed at her nose and said with a sharp voice," Apologize to me immediately and compensate me 100,000 yuan! "

Hearing Xu Qing's request, the scene fell silent for a moment.

Tang Qingge's eyes darkened when she heard this. When this woman called Xu Qing walked over with coffee in her hand, she clearly avoided her. That cup of coffee was accidentally spilled on her, but now she was framing her!

"What if I don't?"

She slowly spoke, her expression calm.

Everyone was stunned and Xu Qing's expression changed, "Tang Qingge, not only did you do something wrong and not apologize, you also have such a tough attitude!"

Surrounded by a group of women, Tang Qingge was facing the sky, but she was the most beautiful among this group of people. So when it came to the matter of unanimous opposition, this group of women did very well!

A woman suddenly took the resume from Tang Qingge's hand. After opening it, she first looked at her academic qualifications with disdain before saying to Tang Qingge sarcastically.

"Look, her resume has been developing overseas for the past few years. Since you have developed so well overseas, then why did you come back?"

"Let me see, you are wrong! She did not develop overseas, but overseas as a group worker! Tang Qingge, her degree is only high school! What a joke. Which one of the people present did not graduate from a famous university? You, with your high school degree, actually dare to participate in the audition!"

" No wonder you're unwilling to apologize. You dare to come to the audition with such a low degree of education! I think not only do you have a low degree of education, there should be a problem with your character as well, right? "

The group of women started laughing after they finished speaking.

Tang Qingge's face became gloomy.

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