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C3 Five Years Later

Five years later.

In Capital International Airport.

"Look, is that a supermodel? Her figure is perfect!"

"Her skin is so white, and her figure is too good! She is truly a goddess! Who among you dares to go up and ask her for her phone number? "

In the lounge chair of the Capital International Airport, a woman was wearing a short white skirt. She wore a white lotus-leaf-collar on her upper body. She crossed her legs and played with her phone with a charming face. Her curly hair draped casually behind her back, making her snow-white skin look even fairer and more attractive.

Not long after, a pair of cute children in exquisite clothing ran over from the side!

That little girl wore a small red dress, and her face was pink and cute. Her big round eyes were bright and lively, and she smiled sweetly. Two dimples were revealed. The little girl threw herself into the woman's arms and giggled, "Mommy, big brother doesn't care about hygiene. He doesn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom!"

It turned out that she already had a child.

That woman was Tang Qingge five years later. When she saw Candy and Cheng pouncing towards her, the corners of her mouth finally revealed a smile.

She picked up the little girl, which was Tang Tang. Her name was Candy.

She smiled and asked softly, "Candy, how did you know that big brother did not wash his hands?"

Candy's eyes flashed. She looked very much like Tang Qingge. "I saw it! He didn't even use handwashing fluid!"

The boy standing beside her had a pair of long and narrow eyes under his sword-like eyebrows. His gaze was sharp and threatening. His eyes did not look like hers, nor did he look like her. But he was indeed her child.

He pinched Candy's face in exasperation. "I washed my hands. It was clearly you who did not see it! Stupid sister!"

This was her son, Tang Cheng.

Candy pouted as she was pulled.

Five years ago, she was stabbed by her stepmother and discarded. She survived a great disaster and gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses. The other child of the triplets died prematurely. She only had these two children left. At that time, she already hated the world. But lying in the hospital, she heard the two children crying loudly beside her. She had no choice but to pull herself together!

Even if she did not know who the father of the children was, these were her children!

Reality proved that her children were the most adorable angels in the world.

"Cheng." Tang Qingge gently called him and touched his head. She smiled gently, "I remember I told you there were a lot of bacteria in your hands. How about this, my hands are also dirty. The three of us can go wash our hands together, okay?"

The two children immediately became excited, "Okay!"

The world of children was just that simple.

In the airport VIP lounge.

Unlike the lively atmosphere outside, the atmosphere inside was heavy.

A row of bodyguards stood at the side. On the sofa sat a quiet boy dressed in an expensive suit.

The boy was handsome, but unfortunately, he didn't like to laugh. He looked cold. A five-year-old child should have played leisurely, but he quietly sat on the sofa. He lowered his head and played with the Magic Cube. He could play with the Magic Cube for the entire day without saying a word. He was a reserved Little Master.

Beside the boy sat a similarly noble and imposing man. He put one hand on the table and looked at the documents. His attire showed his noble identity.

However, his body emitted a threatening aura. His facial features were as handsome as a god. His side face looked as if it was carved out of a knife. He had sword-shaped eyebrows and starry eyes. His eyes were long and narrow, sharp, and filled with coldness. His nose was straight and the color of his thin lips was light. However, there was an attractive curve on his tightly pursed lips.

The little boy sitting beside him suddenly stood up. He didn't even say a word as he carried the Magic Cube outside.

The bodyguard stood at the side, not daring to move.

The sound of him tapping on the keyboard echoed in the air.

After a while.

Although he didn't look up, all of the little boy's actions were carried out right under his nose. He opened his mouth and said, "Watch him."

"Yes, sir."

The bodyguard followed the noble Little Master out.

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