Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C4 Two Identical Little Boys
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Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C4 Two Identical Little Boys
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C4 Two Identical Little Boys

In the bathroom.

The two little boys looked at each other. Cheng felt very magical. He tilted his head and playfully poked Little Master's face with his little finger.

Little Master frowned but did not say anything. He was a bit cold.

Cheng walked around him in surprise. He was surprised. "Why do you look like me? Am I looking in a mirror? But our clothes are different! "

Bo Ye also noticed this, but he was smarter than Cheng. He knew that he was not looking in a mirror.

Cheng noticed that Bo Ye didn't speak. He just hugged the Magic Cube and looked at him.

"What's your name?"

Bo Ye didn't want to speak, but when he faced this boy who looked almost exactly like him, he was actually curious. He also had a strange feeling.

He did not hate Cheng. Instead, he felt a sense of familiarity.

He pursed his lips slightly, "Bo Ye."

Cheng showed his small teeth and stretched out his hand in a friendly manner. He patted his chest heartily and said, "My name is Tang Cheng!"

Bo Ye looked at his small hand. He only glanced at it and did not do anything else.

Tang Cheng was not angry. Instead, he walked around him happily. He blinked and thought of an idea.

"Come over here. Let's change our clothes."

Bo Ye frowned.

"My mother is waiting for me outside. I have decided to test her. We look so alike. If we change our clothes... She definitely won't be able to recognize me. If she really recognizes the difference between us, then she really loves me! "


This unfamiliar word caused a strange feeling to surge in Bo Ye's heart. He had a vague expectation of the mother that Cheng had mentioned, so he did not object to Cheng's suggestion. He cooperated with Cheng and changed his clothes.

After a while, the two children completely changed their identities.

Cheng looked at the boy opposite him who was wearing a white sweater and casual black pants. He smiled happily with his little white teeth exposed.

At this moment, Tang Qingge called his name outside, "Cheng, are you done?"

"Bo Ye, quickly go out and see if my mother can recognize you."

Bo Ye was pushed out by Cheng.

When Bo Ye stood in front of the stranger, his whole body was tense. The first sign of autism was fear of strangers. At this moment, he suddenly regretted agreeing to Cheng's request.

"Cheng, have you washed your hands?"

Tang Qingge's gentle voice suddenly sounded above Bo Ye's head. He froze and slowly raised his head. Facing the light, he saw a very beautiful woman gently calling him.

This was just like the scene in his dream.

Bo Ye's pupils shrank and he almost blurted out two words, "Mother."

If the bodyguard was here, he would definitely be amazed. Little Master, who had said less than ten words in five years, actually opened his mouth to speak, and even called his mother.

This was too unbelievable.

Tang Qingge smiled after hearing that, "Quickly come and let me see if your little hands are clean."

Tang Qingge squatted down and looked at Bo Ye's clean little hands. She rubbed her nose and even kissed his cheek. She smiled and said, "Your hands are fragrant. You are really awesome!"

Bo Ye's face became hot, as if he was coveting someone else's mother. A strong sense of shame enveloped him.

He called Cheng's mother mother.

But he was very attached to her, so he reluctantly withdrew his hand.

Bo Ye felt a hand gently caressing his head, as if there was a magical force that slowly softened his heart. He blinked and looked at the gentle and beautiful Tang Qingge in front of him.

She was so beautiful. So this was Cheng's mother?

Why didn't he have a mother?

"Brother, why aren't you saying anything?"

Sugar came out and looked at the silent Bo Ye. Bo Ye was originally disappointed that he did not have a mother, but in the blink of an eye, he looked up at Sugar. The little girl in front of him was very cute. When she smiled, two dimples appeared.

Bo Ye felt bloated in his heart. He had a bitter feeling. He lowered his eyes and grabbed the Magic Cube in his hand.

Why didn't he have a mother and a sister?

He only had a father.

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