Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C5 Mom You've Got the Wrong Child.
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Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C5 Mom You've Got the Wrong Child.
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C5 Mom You've Got the Wrong Child.

Tang Qingge did not mind. After she received a call, she quickly held a child's hand and walked out. She said, "Uncle Lu is waiting for us. Let's go!"

Bo Ye looked at the hand Tang Qingge held. He did not want to let go for a moment.

So he was led away by Tang Qingge.

"Mom, you got the wrong child!"

Tang Cheng almost fell asleep inside. He was so anxious that he immediately ran out of the bathroom. Then he looked at the family of three who were about to leave the door and shouted.

"I am Tang Cheng! I am your treasure! Mommy! " Tang Cheng was so anxious that he shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Little Master, please follow us back to the lounge."

The bodyguard immediately intercepted Tang Cheng, who had rushed out of the bathroom. Tang Cheng was so scared that he stepped back and said, "I am not Bo Ye. Don't catch me!"

The bodyguard used a business-like tone and said, "Little Master, please don't cause trouble!"

Tang Cheng ran out angrily and said, "I already said that I am not Bo Ye. Don't stop me. My mother left. My mother knows me. If you don't believe me, I will take you to her! "

The bodyguards looked at each other. They were surprised at what Bo Ye said today. Then, they spoke in a business-like tone, "Mr. Bo said that if you don't listen and continue to cause trouble, then... Then we will knock you out."


Tang Cheng's vision suddenly darkened. Then his neck hurt and he quickly lost consciousness. In the end, he was carried by the bodyguard on his neck.

Before Tang Cheng fainted, he only had one thought: He was kidnapped!

Lu Jingxi arranged a place for Tang Qingge to stay. He even pulled the three of them back to their current place with care. Candy had been staring at Bo Ye all the way.

Bo Ye hugged the Magic Cube and did not move, but Candy just looked at him.

One second, two seconds.

Candy suddenly pointed at him and shouted, "Mommy, big brother is blushing!"

"Do you have a fever?"

Tang Qingge immediately held him in her arms. She looked at Bo Ye's face with suspicion.

Bo Ye's body stiffened. Although he was autistic and did not have any other reaction, his eyelashes trembled slightly and he held the Magic Cube in his hand tightly. He exposed his nervousness.

Would she recognize that he was not her child?

Tang Qingge blinked. She felt that the little boy in her arms was too quiet. She felt that it might be caused by his fever, so she hurriedly used her forehead to test his body temperature and said worriedly, "His forehead is a little hot. Could it be that the temperature in the car is too high? Jingxi, lower the temperature a little."

She did not recognize that he was not Tang Cheng.

Bo Ye quietly let out a breath.

Lu Jingxi immediately lowered the temperature. He asked Bo Ye with concern, "Cheng, if you are not feeling well, tell me."

"Yes, brother, fever will make your head hurt. If a child is not feeling well, tell him. You can't lie to him! Otherwise, mom won't like children who lie to others! "

You can't lie to him.

Bo Ye held the Magic Cube tightly in his arms. For a moment, his body was tense. He looked up at the woman who was looking at him with concern. He felt like he was a thief.

Because the voice in his throat had not spoken for a long time, he felt a little dry and hoarse when he wanted to speak. "I..."

"Baby, what's wrong with you?"

Tang Qingge looked at him with concern.

She would call him baby, and her little sister would also smile at him. These were all things that he did not have, but Cheng had.

Bo Ye lowered his eyes.

At this time, Cheng should have already been taken away by the bodyguard uncle. They wouldn't hurt him, but they would treat him as Little Master, so they had changed their identities.

Let them change their identities, just like this one time. If Cheng wanted to change his identity in the future, he would return it to Cheng.

"I'm not feeling well."

He was embarrassed and panicked. He was still blaming himself in his heart, so his face immediately turned red.

As expected, Tang Cheng was not feeling well.

The strange feeling in Tang Qingge's heart immediately disappeared, and she turned into worry. To be honest, the quiet Cheng made her heart ache even more. In the past, Cheng was so lively and cute, but now he was so hot that he did not want to talk anymore!

Tang Qingge immediately let Lu Jingxi drive back to the place where he lived and put Candy down, then she immediately took Bo Ye to the hospital.

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