Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C6 Continue to be Wrong
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Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C6 Continue to be Wrong
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C6 Continue to be Wrong

Everyone in the mansion knew that Little Master had become a completely different person after going out for a while. He claimed that he wasn't Bo Ye. He was arguing about going out to find his mother.

After the butler heard the report from the bodyguard, he smiled and waved his hand. "No need to worry. Let me talk to Little Master."

Now the noble Little Master had a hunger strike and locked himself in a small room, trying to scare them.

Outside the room, the old butler respectfully knocked on the door and said, "Little Master, it's time to eat."

"I'm not eating!"

In the room, Tang Cheng stomped his feet in anger.

Why didn't these people listen to him? He had already said that he wasn't Bo Ye, so why did they lock him up and not let him go?

His mother must have found out by now! His mother must be worried about him!

With this thought, Tang Cheng immediately clenched his fist.

The old butler was surprised for a while. He was very excited and quickly continued, "Little Master, I asked the chef to make your favorite Drunken Prawn."

Tang Cheng was stunned for a moment and then refused righteously, "I don't want to eat it!"

There was no movement outside the room. Tang Cheng felt a little strange.

After a while, a tempting taste suddenly came from outside the door. Tang Cheng was so hungry that he could not move. He swallowed his saliva quietly.

There seemed to be no one outside the door.

Tang Cheng carefully opened the door and looked around like a little mouse. He accidentally got surrounded by bodyguards.

Tang Cheng was very angry.

The old housekeeper comforted him. "Little Master, I will take you to see your favorite thing. Maybe you will remember something!"

The old housekeeper let the bodyguards carry him to the playground upstairs. When Tang Cheng saw the playground, he was stunned.

There was a large playground upstairs, with bed rolls and toy cars, slide, Ferris wheel, and swimming pool.

Tang Cheng sat on the ground and felt a huge impact.

Bo Ye was so happy.

Most importantly, the old housekeeper asked his bodyguard to drive a car. It was a Transformer that supported the sky. When he saw that the car could transform into a pillar, Tang Cheng, who was sitting on the ground, was shocked.

Bo Ye's life was really rich.

The old butler carefully asked, "Little Master, what's your name?"

Tang Cheng stood up and clenched his fists. He looked at the Transformer with a firm gaze.

"Bo Ye!"

He had decided.

He would not be Tang Cheng anymore.

Tears welled up in the old butler's eyes. He was finally satisfied when he saw Little Master suddenly come to his senses.

Tang Cheng ran to the Transformer's car. His little face was excited. He imitated Bo Ye's appearance. He put his little hands behind his back and coughed lightly. "How do I play with this thing?"

"Little Master, have you forgotten? Your father taught you personally on your birthday."

Tang Cheng was stunned for a moment, then he shouted, "My father?"

The old butler continued, "Yes, Little Master. Counting the time, Sir should be back soon. However, Little Master, you have caused too much trouble this time. Sir is very angry. Later, you must be obedient and admit your mistake!"

A voice came from outside the villa. The old butler was shocked. "Oh no, Sir is back! Little Master, you must not make Sir angry again."

The old butler hurriedly carried him downstairs. Tang Cheng did not even have time to react.

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