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C7 His Father?

A luxury car worth tens of millions drove to the entrance of the villa. The car drove into the villa for about ten minutes before it reached the entrance.

About a minute later, the door slowly opened and a person walked out. He was wearing a black windbreaker and his aura was very terrifying.

"Where's Little Master?"

The man's voice was very pleasant to listen to.

The old butler respectfully stood by the side. "Little Master is already waiting for you in the villa. He already knows his mistake."

Bo Qichen narrowed his eyes and walked into the villa first.

A group of people in black suits followed Bo Qichen into the villa. In the villa, Tang Cheng had already understood Bo Ye's character from the bodyguards.

The moment Bo Qichen walked in, Tang Cheng had already sat up straight. He looked down at his own hands. He looked exactly the same as Bo Ye.

Bo Qichen walked up to him and looked down at him.

He felt Bo Qichen's gaze and his body tensed up.

The assistant wearing gold-rimmed glasses quickly said to Tang Cheng, "Little Master, hurry up and admit your mistake. This matter will pass!"

Tang Cheng was so scared that he did not dare to make a sound.

Fortunately, the maids and stewards in the villa all knew Bo Ye's character. He did not like to communicate with others. Bo Qichen was usually busy with work. Bo Qichen had never hugged him and did not say much to him.

However, Tang Cheng, who looked up at Bo Qichen, was shocked!

He called out in surprise, "Dad?"

Why did this man look so similar to him?

Bo Qichen paused and looked at Tang Cheng sitting obediently on the sofa. He felt a little strange in his heart.

"I know I was wrong."

Tang Cheng lowered his head and gritted his teeth, wondering what was going on.

The assistant at the side quickly said to Bo Qichen, "Boss Bo, Little Master seems to have realized his mistake. He is young, so it is normal for him to do this. In the future, we just need to teach him well."

Bo Qichen looked at Tang Cheng deeply. Tang Cheng was a little nervous.

After a while, Bo Qichen said, "Let's eat!"

Was he talking to Tang Cheng?

This matter was considered over.

After saying that, Bo Qichen walked towards the open-air restaurant on the second floor of the big villa. Tang Cheng heaved a sigh of relief.

While Tang Cheng was eating at the dining table, he was still carefully looking at Bo Qichen opposite him. Bo Qichen knew that Tang Cheng was looking at him, but he did not stop Tang Cheng.

Tang Cheng was very confused.

Why did Bo Qichen look so familiar?

Could it be that Bo Qichen was his father?

They looked so alike, perhaps Bo Qichen really was his father. Most importantly, Bo Qichen was very rich!

Tang Qingge had been overseas for the past five years. In order to raise her two children, she took on all kinds of jobs. But she did not have a diploma, which also led to them not being rich.

Should he stay here and investigate?

Tang Cheng decided to stay and investigate Bo Qichen's identity. He wanted to confirm whether Bo Qichen was his father or not!

Bo Qichen's phone suddenly rang. He had finished his meal. He looked at Tang Cheng, who was eating quietly, and frowned.

He picked up the phone and pressed the hands-free button. He said coldly, "Speak."

Tang Cheng's assistant said respectfully, "Boss Bo, the shooting of the The Legend of the Demon has begun. Tomorrow is the audition for Demon Princess's role. As an investor, you actually do not need to attend tomorrow. Boss Bo, are you going tomorrow?"

Logically speaking, Bo Qichen would not go to such an occasion.

Tang Cheng suddenly remembered that Bo Qichen was the young tycoon on the Forbes Rich List!

Bo Qichen was very rich!

At this moment, Tang Cheng remembered that the The Legend of the Demon was the TV series that her mother wanted to audition for. Although Tang Qingge did not have a diploma, she was a real actor. Since young, Tang Qingge had learned all kinds of performances from her mother. It could be said that Tang Qingge's dream was to become an actor.

Moreover, his mother seemed to want to audition for Demon Princess.

He wanted to help his mother!

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