Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C8 It's Good to Have a Father
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Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C8 It's Good to Have a Father
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C8 It's Good to Have a Father

Bo Qichen had already opened his mouth to refuse to appear at the audition tomorrow, but all of a sudden, a small hand grabbed onto his clothes nervously.

Bo Qichen looked at him quietly. Under the pressure of this kind of gaze, Tang Cheng felt a huge pressure.

Tang Cheng grabbed him and didn't say anything.

There wasn't a trace of impatience between Bo Qichen's brows. He asked in a deep voice, "You want to go?"

Tang Cheng's face was tense. He was so nervous that he didn't dare to nod or shake his head.

But the little guy clearly showed that he was very interested.

It was rare to see him interested in something.

Bo Qichen half-closed his deep eyes and looked at the other end of the phone. His voice was always low, but it was sexy and seductive. "Go and prepare the audition list for tomorrow."

Tang Cheng's eyes lit up and he was secretly delighted.

Was this the feeling of having a father?

It felt really good to have a father (money)!

The next day, at the audition.

Tang Qingge spent the whole night with Bo Ye. She only sent Bo Ye back to his residence in the morning, then rushed to the audition venue.

"Sorry, may I ask if the number plate is here?"

"What's your name?"

"Tang Qingge," said Tang Qingge.

The staff stopped and looked at the woman in front of him. The staff was shocked.

Tang Qingge smiled, "What's wrong?"

"No, I didn't." The staff had seen many beautiful women on set, but this was the first time they had seen a beauty as beautiful as Suyan. Her face was fair and flawless, and her bright eyes were charming. When she smiled, it was as if she was mesmerizing.

So he couldn't control himself for a moment.

Thinking of what he had to do, he immediately stood up and said, "You want a number plate, right? You're also auditioning for this role?"


" Then come with me. I'll bring you there. "

The dozens of women behind her looked at her and that staff member indignantly. Tang Qingge heard them muttering softly.

Tang Qingge raised her eyebrows. She did not expect that she would actually be given preferential treatment!

But she was also not a person who did not know how to appreciate favors. Hence, she raised her hand and placed the broken hair behind her ear and lightly laughed, "Okay, thank you!"

The staff member's face turned red and he stuttered, "It's nothing."

Tang Qingge walked in and the staff member directly brought her to a room. In the room, she could only see a very short distance. She could only see that it was very spacious, about two to three hundred square meters. The decoration in the room was also very elegant.

It didn't look like a lounge, but more like a presidential suite?

She frowned. Why did the staff bring her to the suite?

"Ms Tang, what are you looking at?"

The assistant suddenly called Tang Mengqian. Tang Mengqian was so frightened that she dropped the script of the The Legend of the Demon in her hands. Without time to think, Tang Mengqian immediately rushed out of the car to look for the person she just saw.

Why did the figure at the door look so similar to Tang Qingge?

But this was impossible. That slut Tang Qingge was clearly dead!

Could it be that she saw wrongly?

"Ms Tang!"

Tang Mengqian clenched her palm tightly and her nails were only barely able to suppress the shock from earlier. She calmly turned around and said gently, "I'm fine. Let's go in. The audition is about to begin. I look forward to Demon Princess's actor appearing in this audition. We still have a long time to spend with her in the future. Why don't we get to know this person first? "

" Ms Tang, you're really too kind. "

Tang Mengqian smiled faintly. She was the kind little flower that everyone in the entertainment industry praised.

"Go in!"

In the monitoring room, a child's bright eyes looked at the monitor screen of the lounge. The moment he saw his mother enter the lounge, he became nervous.

After a while, when he saw his father appear in the screen again, he became even more excited!

He was about to know whether this person was his father or not!

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