Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C9 You're Seducing Me?
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Having Triplets With Potent CEO/C9 You're Seducing Me?
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C9 You're Seducing Me?

In the suite.

Tang Qingge keenly heard the sound of bathing coming from the bathroom in the room. She was stunned.

The next second, the bathroom door opened and the hot air came out. Tang Qingge stared at the man who walked out of the bathroom.

The man's upper body was naked and his black hair was stained with water vapor. His knife-like face was so handsome that it was suffocating. It was a pity that she could not see his face clearly due to the lingering smoke. However, his chest was muscular and strong, and the lines of his muscles looked especially strong. Especially since his muscles were still stained with water droplets, it made Tang Qingge feel hot and hot.

All of Tang Qingge's reactions disappeared under this man's cold gaze.

The alarm in Tang Qingge's heart rang loudly. She stepped back, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

"I should be the one asking you this question."

The man's voice was low and cold, but it was especially pleasant to hear.

Tang Qingge was stunned. "I'm here to audition. "

Tang Qingge racked her brains but could not utter a complete sentence.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Tang Qingge, who had appeared in front of him. Her face, which had not been put on makeup, was as white as jade. Her beauty was natural and natural. Her facial features were delicate and delicate, and her red lips were tender and tender.

That man's eyes were slightly deep, and his ink-black pupils contained a profound meaning.

"You want to seduce me."

His tone had no doubt, and was almost certain.

Tang Qingge heard the man's words. She gritted her teeth angrily and said word by word, "This is impossible. I don't even know where this place is!"

This man's words really made people hate him!

" This is my personal room. "

The man calmly stated this fact.

This was his personal room? But, it was that person who brought her here.

Tang Qingge immediately reacted. The way she looked at the man was filled with disdain. " It was clearly you who asked someone to bring me in. And I want to ask you why you sent someone to bring me in? Downstairs is Demon Princess's audition in the The Legend of the Demon. I'm here to audition. But I was brought here by your people for no reason!"

Tang Qingge was about to die from anger!

What was going on?

This man was too annoying.

Bo Qichen's eyes flashed. He looked at Tang Qingge's red face. His gaze fell on a small surveillance camera in the green plant. He narrowed his eyes. Indeed, no one would dare to bring people in privately in this presidential room, but there was one person who dared to do so.

He walked to the door and opened it.

Tang Qingge was stunned.

"Didn't you come to audition?"

Tang Qingge angrily stared at the man. She stomped her feet and ran out.

She was really unlucky. She met a crazy person on the first day of the audition!

In the monitoring room, Tang Cheng was holding the surveillance video and was about to be stunned. His mommy did not know this man. Could it be that this man was not his father?

In the next second, the camera zoomed in on a handsome face. Bo Qichen narrowed his eyes and stared at the camera. He opened his mouth and said, "Bo Ye."

His father was angry!

Tang Cheng quietly sat in the monitoring room and continued to pretend to be autistic, waiting for Bo Qichen to come.

When Bo Qichen came in, Tang Cheng was looking at the sky 45 degrees. His expression was slightly melancholy.

His father would not settle accounts with him based on his appearance, right?

Bo Qichen knew that Tang Cheng wouldn't answer, so he just sat by the side and stared at the monitor screen. When he saw Tang Qingge appear in the screen just now, his gaze became even deeper.

He had to admit that even without makeup, Tang Qingge was still beautiful and attractive. But he did not know why Tang Qingge would attract Tang Cheng.

Tang Cheng was getting bolder and bolder. He actually dared to scheme against him.

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