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C10 Chapter 10


Even if Valdo refused to explain what happened to him in the last twenty years, I wouldn’t leave. I wouldn’t blame him. I wouldn’t hate him for being in this shape. I saw nothing wrong with him. I didn’t see him as a beast or monster, as he mentioned and called himself. I only felt his heart; I felt the aches, I felt the love deep inside his heart.

I wished for a second chance to take off all the pain away and replace it with happiness. I would do anything to make him smile again.

When he said, “until now, I couldn’t wait.” I realized what he meant by that. It was the same as me, I couldn’t wait anymore. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to be with him.

Being in front of your mate and not able to touch was impossible. The affection was too strong between us as if years didn’t pass.

But I wanted to think for a while. It wasn’t easy for me to leave everything behind. Mostly when Valdo repeated his offer but with explanation this time, “pink. I need you beside me. I love you, but I am not sure if you still love me like the old days.” he said. And I felt insulted and despondent! How could he think that years might change the love in my heart, even one gram!

I adored him more with every day passed by!

“and?” I raised an eyebrow.

He shrugged, “you need to think either to be with me and build a new life, which means giving birth to new kids and turning you into a vampire-she wolf and forgetting your other life.”

“forgetting my kids?” I raised an eyebrow. I couldn’t handle the idea. How could he think I could break the bond between my children and me?

He cleared his throat and muttered, “unfortunately, yes.”

“how? You became that heartless?” I didn’t mean to insult him. But I was so confused, shocked by his words. He was the father!

And unfortunately, I was wrong. I made a mistake.

He explained, shaking his head in disbelief because I accused him, “it’s not as you think. I miss my children so much. But I have to choose between you and them. So, I choose you over them.”

He said, in half angry-tone.

I narrowed my eyes, paying attention to his words, “what do you mean?”

He swayed his head, right and left, and walked around me, explaining the misery, “I struggled for years to control my yearning and my blood-thirst and my desire to kill until now. So, it would be impossible for you to learn how to control yourself and your desire too. That's why we, unfortunately, must stay away from them for their safety. To protect them from us. Not only our children but our people too. Our pack. We can keep our eyes on them and protect them but not for so long. It’s not easy and never was. I kept my hands off the wolves because of you and my kids. But only God knows if I didn’t love you that much, I wouldn’t keep my hands on any creature, and I am sure.” Valdo ended his words, and the reality hit my brain. I processed his words in my brain as fast as his speed in telling me.

But I realized that I needed more time to think and to investigate or in another meaning to make sure that our bond and our love was strong as in the old days.

So, I decided to play along a bit. It was worth it and funny, after all.

“Okay, I need more time. But first, we need to give birth before deciding anything or turning me into a vampire-she wolf.” I said instantly.

His words melted my heart, especially when he knelt suddenly in front of me, he held my hand in his “anything for you, my queen. It’s enough for me to see you happy. If you want to leave me now. I am so ready.”

I cleared my throat, looking deeply into his eyes; I sighed and smiled heartily, “let’s go to your room now. We need to make a baby. Unless…” I lingered my words in the air.

He stood up excited, his heart beating drumming in his chest, “unless what?” he asked me in curiosity.

I stood on my toes, trying to reach his face; I wrapped my arms around his neck, “unless you have someone else warming your bed.”

And in less than ten seconds, he lifted my butt up, then carried me in bridal style, walking in considerable paces to his room… to see nothing but me everywhere. I mean, my pictures everywhere.

I literally was everywhere. Before I could form a question, he eyed me and whispered huskily into my ears, “I am obsessed with you. I always was, and I always will be.”

He kissed the back of my neck, making me swoon, then he said, “I didn't touch another woman. Ever. except you....”

I giggled, “yes, the last two days. You tricked me.”

He coughed and pulled away. I turned my body to look at him, “did you do that before?”

He scratched the back of his neck, “mmm. Yes. while you were sleeping in your bed.”

I blinked, in disbelief, “you really did! How many times?”

He scrunched his nose, smirking, “one time.”

I giggled, “oh. I think that one time. I was sleeping deeply and…”

He cut off my words, “I mean one time per week for the last twenty years.”

Oh, my goddess!


Hello, lovely readers… I hope you’re enjoying every chapter as much as I am enjoying writing this book. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments sections or reviews. It’ll help me to improve the story-line or the plot. Also, it recharges me to write more and faster. Keep reading.

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