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C11 Chapter 11

King Valdo

The look over Pink's face was priceless when I had told her that I was making love to her once per week for twenty years. I knew she was curious to know everything that happened in the past, but this matter made her more interested to know how I could go inside the pack and the castle and even her room. How I made it work without getting noticed or busted even once.

That wasn’t easy, though. I did a lot to make it happen.

All the werewolves used to fall asleep tiredly; most of their brains shut at least half an hour after 4 am, and that was one of and perhaps their only weakness. It’s where any of their enemies might attack them if only they knew about it.

But fortunately, nobody knows except werewolves, and none of them might risk by saying such a secret thing, or they all may vanish and be killed.

Because I was one of them, I knew it. And sure, the rogues also knew about it. But the rogues never dare to attack the warriors or higher ranked wolves in their slumber time; why? Because they sleep at the same time as them.

Anyway, because I am the alpha and the king of all werewolves, I knew about it. So, it was my best time to go inside and walk freely in the castle and get into Pink's room and sleep tight close to her. I only stayed there for a few minutes and looked at her face daily, but sometimes, I couldn't handle myself from touching her.

For twenty years, I resisted the desire to bite her and make her vampire-she-wolf. Because I loved her.

So, I didn’t want to freak her out and tell her the truth. I only accepted and found it more bearable to say that I risked my life to make love to her because I missed her so much.

And above all, I never reached my climax and never wanted to do it. Because I wasn’t ready to face her. Or in another meaning, I didn’t want to force her to be with me.

I doubted myself back then, and even by now, while I am standing in front of her and she's eyeballing me as if she had never seen me before.

I was partially not the same, and she believed I genuinely have changed a lot. But she didn’t want to say it; she was still a caring and sensitive mate. She didn’t want to break my heart with her words. But she forgot that we were mind-linked, and I could hear the words in her mind. I couldn’t understand her and everything she wanted to say just by one glance at her adorable, charming eyes.

That's why I said the words, “I’ve changed a lot.”

She widened her eyes, disbelieving, but then she admitted and agreed on that, “yes, I believe you are. But—”

She paused, stepped closer, trying to touch my neck gently, which made me shiver in excitement, “but I still love you. so, let me tell you about my condition.”

I kept my eyes on her, touching her bare arm and paying attention to her lips, “yes. You can ask for anything.”

She blew a long sigh and then finally spoke, “before turning me into a vampire. First, I need to think wisely. I can not say that I can live without my children. But it’s not only my demand. I actually think we should make a baby first.”

Once she finished her words, my heartbeat almost ripped in my legs. I stopped breathing; I didn’t think that she might agree with me.

She kept talking and explaining her reason, “because what if I couldn't get pregnant after being a vampire. As I know, vampires can not bear children, can not give birth to kids. So, I don’t want to risk it.”

I totally forgot about this. She was absolutely right.

I leaned in, leaving no gap between our lips, and said before taking her lips into my mouth, “I agree with that.”

She kissed me for a few seconds, but then she pulled her head away, still smiling shyly as a virgin girl, but then she said, “okay, but I need more time alone in my room first. Give me two days to think.”

I hummed, feeling disappointed, but she had all the right, “okay.” I said calmly. I tried not to show how desperate I was away from her. But I didn’t want to stress her.

She cupped my cheeks and kissed me one more time before walking away, “okay. I will tell you my decision in two days. See you later.”

I rushed after her and pulled her arm. I looked deeply into her eyes for a few seconds, then said, “stay in my room then. Maybe it will help you in making the right decision.”

She nodded, “okay.”

And I walked away, giving her glances off my shoulders.

I locked myself in my office for a while, then I decided to never give up. She was my real mate; she was the only I loved. I can not live after her death, and I was immortal. I had to do something to convince her and to prove to her that I loved her and still do.

I walked back to my room, where she was. Supposed to be sleeping. To find her there in my bed. She didn’t turn her body. Her back was to me. As if she didn’t smell my scent, as if she didn’t hear my footsteps.

As I expected, she wasn’t sleeping. But what I didn’t expect was seeing her wearing nothing but one of my shirts.

I smiled instantly.

She suddenly said, making me stunned, “you didn’t wait. So, you better come here and turn off the fires in my body.”

I cleared my throat, still not trusting myself. I walked closer; she slept on her back, looking at me. I stood by the edge of the bed. Watching her slender creamy legs.

She beckoned her finger to me, seductively, “come over here.”

I couldn’t resist; I started taking off my shirt and my belt. Checking her out slowly, and then pulling down my pants and topping her body. Making her sexy body underneath me flashed back a few tingling sensations from the past.

I took her arms in mine, then I asked her while putting her wrist in my mouth, “let me taste your blood. Let me taste it. Either I die poisoned, and you live, or either you feel the pain inside me and agree to be with me.”

And her words shocked me.

“No. I do reject…” she paused….

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