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C2 Chapter 2


My heart was the only sound I was able to hear. My brain was thinking of countless things. I was curious to know the King and what's the purpose of marrying me. He didn't even meet me for once? Maybe he wanted to make me kneel, or he was greedy and dreaming of ruling all the werewolves as he rules the vampires.

I had no idea. But as much as I was curious, as much I was sad by looking at myself in that dress. I wore a dress on my precious day. I just couldn't understand how and why this King knew about the Pink dress?

I sighed in frustration, feeling my brain blocked already. I just couldn't process anything. Especially that I had no idea where we were going. The driver drove the limo in silence. He didn't even try to speak to me. I was glad that he didn't. My mood was terrible as hell, and I was barely restraining myself from not killing him.

He drove for a couple of hours until we passed the borders of my kingdom. That's when my heart almost stopped. I didn't leave the kingdom for the last twenty years. I haven't gone elsewhere since the death of King Valdo.

I felt suffocated all at once. I kept coughing as if I lost the ability to breathe. The driver halted the limo immediately, and got out, turning back to my side, and in concern handed me a glass of water, "your majesty, are you okay?"

I gulped the water directly, still inhaling and exhaling intensely for a few seconds, then I replied to him, "I am okay. I just need more time before getting out of the kingdom borders."

He narrowed his eyes; I guess he didn't understand what happened to me. No one actually can; only if Valdo was alive, he would understand.

The memories suddenly started to roam in my brain as storms. Banging in my skull. I wanted to scream. But I couldn't let out even a whine in front of that creature. I was curious about him, too; he didn't smell like a vampire nor werewolf to me. Which was different.

I gazed at him and grabbed his neck, pulling him close to my nose. I sniffed him deeply, then I said, "what kind of creatures are you? I've never met someone like you."

He coughed tensely. Then he pulled himself back slowly, "your majesty, I am not allowed to say more words. No answers. Now, if you excuse me, I would like to drive because we are late."

He turned his back, but before he could shut my door, I froze him by my question, "Then tell me who can give me answers to my question?"

He smiled and replied smoothly but proudly, "My King, your King."

"How dare you!'' I lost my temper when he said, my King. I groaned, "You. Sit your ass now and drive. Let me see your King, or I might kill you now." I commanded him fiercely.

He bowed his head in respect and started up the limo. He drove faster this time. I think I closed my eyes for more than an hour to not look from my window. I opened my eyes to see mountains and hills everywhere. I couldn't recognize the place. I asked him instantly, "where are we?"

He halted the limo, and I saw a few meters away few men looked like soldiers. Not warriors like our packs. They seemed so mighty. Well trained. The look over their faces and eyes shows how dangerous and presumptuous they are. Fearless in better expression.

I stepped out of the limo, curious even more to see their faces from a close distance, primarily when I’d heard one of them whisper, “our Queen is here.”

For sure, that one wasn't a werewolf; he didn’t know that wolves can't hear very well from miles away. And above all, he had no idea about my 16 power. One of them was reading any werewolf mind.

I stepped closer, the driver bowed his head to me, and them too. I raised my head up, having a glimpse of the surroundings, “since all of you are here and know who I am already, can any of you tell me where the King is?”

They all looked at each other and then knelt down in respect to me, “forgive us. We can’t say anything. The King didn’t give us permission to speak.”

They treated me very royally, and above all, they made the loyal-kneel. They weren’t faking anything to drag me anywhere. I was in the middle of nowhere already. I had zero knowledge about the world outside our kingdom. Only things I’d seen on Movies, Tv shows, or news or even I’d read about in the books. But I didn’t dare to get out of the kingdom since his death. Since I’d lost King Valdo.

Sadness and grimace crept over my face. I was sure. I gulped nervously, looking away, “shall we go and meet the King now?” I wanted to end this waste of time. If he wished to me, then where was he?

They all stood up and guided me to follow them. “please follow us.” as if I was blinded by the whole thing, and I didn’t see the private jet in front of my eyes. It was less than 200 feet away.

I sighed, feeling silly already, “so, we are taking the plane now. To where?”

They only parted away, giving me a path to climb the plane, and then they traced my paces. I shrugged my shoulders and surrendered already because I wasn't afraid. I just started to get bored. They acted like mute somehow. I didn’t get any answer from any of them. And the way was long. And every time I look at my dress, I feel like crying as if the time didn’t pass, and I was only 18 years old!

I sat on the big laser chair, looking out of the small window next to me. One of them handed me a wine glass. I gazed at his hands, “I don’t drink.” I said bitterly. Feeling disgusted already.

He bowed and insisted on giving me the glass; I half-yelled angrily, “I said, I don’t drink.”

He shook his head, placed the wine glass in front of me on the arm-table, and handed me a small note. Looked like the previous small letters. Marked with a royal stamp already.

I huffed, annoyed, and snatched it from his hand and read the letter [didn’t I say, I am your King? And what should a Queen do when her King says something? The Queen should obey. So drink now the wine.]

Serious! How did he even know that I might reject drinking the wine? And if he knew me that well, then why did he insist on making me drink?!

I really started to worry.

I glanced back at the soldier who wasn’t even there. I took the wine glass in my hand. Hesitated at the start to take a drink, but then I took a sip.

The taste was bitter, salty, and weird. For a few seconds, I thought they poisoned me, and it was a trick. But nothing happened to me. I was okay.

I only started laughing for no reason.

And suddenly we landed; I looked down to see the plane landing on a lane in the middle of the mountains and sea. Or maybe the ocean. I had no idea. But it was so deserted and only a castle down there is a huge size that I’d never seen like it ever was.

I mumbled internally after seeing the castle clearly, ‘I think I made a good decision not to start a war. They are obviously rich. Very very rich, more than us..’

We walked, soldiers disappeared, and the driver, who’s already the brave messenger, was still walking me to the castle gates. Until suddenly, a lot of maids appeared in front of me. They all knelt except one. She ran towards me, she looked older. Handed me a small note.

I muttered, huffing and puffing, “where’s the King for god’s sake! Another note?!”

I took it and opened it to read [Go to your room. Take a long-Perfect shower and wait for me naked in your bed.]


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