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C3 Chapter 3

A third point of view

The queen strolled as if she was wandering, but checking with her eyes, the surroundings more like counting the maids and the soldiers around. All that Pink was thinking of was the mysterious King who didn’t show up till that moment.

And the way he was talking to her in commands as if he owned her already. It was more than curiosity. Pink herself had strange feelings. The smell in the castle belonged to humans, vampires, and werewolves, but also, there was a peculiar smell she’d never heard, but it made her heart crumble. Her eyes almost pictured every face she met in the castle.

She was still hoping to see her future husband… the King of rogue and vampires—the one who ruled his packs and his kingdom by first of iron.

She also wondered about his age. Suddenly, she laughed out of nowhere, which made her stop in her steps. All the maids look at her confused, “what does that mean? Is he that ugly? How old is he? Thousand years?” Pink words were in a scoffing tone, which turned into full anger when he didn't show up, “I am not fucking slave! I am the queen of all werewolves! Come here now or I will leave.” Pink threatened.

And still no reply, the King didn’t appear.

She was confused, narrowed her eyes, and gazed at one of the men in front of her, “where’s your King?! is this a joke?”

The man bowed his head again and only uttered, “I am sorry, my queen.”

She groaned and stormed in her full steps climbing the stairs, “show me my room. Let me end this shit now.”

But once the maids opened the door, the queen cemented in her place amused. There was something about that King! He knew more than anyone knows about Pink.

All the rooms were Pink. Starting from the color of the walls to the sofa to the small desk and the armchair. There were even some dolls that reminded her of the old days. Sure, she had no interest anymore in such childish things. But looking at such Pink things and dolls made her heart flutter in her chest.

But she wondered, how and why and who is he?

One maid handed her another note, and then they all left her in the room, even without asking her if she needs something else.

But everything was already there; there was a small bar- her favorite liquor was there. And there was a desk, biles of papers and pens. Which was her favorite hobby. She likes to write daily, something like dairy. And there was her favorite fruit on a small table, ‘dragon fruit.’ and only dragon fruit!

She didn’t know if she should smile or get scared. It’s more like having a stalker! He knows a lot about her.

She slammed her butt to the edge of the bed. And decided to open the small note to find out [Pink. No one called you Pink for twenty years. But I did today. Now, go and take a shower, then don’t dry your body. Go to bed, check the nightstand next to you,]

That recent note alarmed something in her head; no one dared to call her Pink for twenty years. Only called her, by highness or queen or luna. So, he was right. Whoever he was, he was smart.

That’s her thought. But she was still annoyed that he treated her like a baby girl, commanding her dominantly as if she's a slave, not a queen. And above all, she didn’t even see his face. She wasn’t going to accept him as her husband, but she wanted to know him to find a way out of that trap.

She was exhausted, and she was badly in need of a good shower. A long-body mirror made her stop and take a look. As if she became so young again! She even twirled in her Pink dress several times. Wondering internally, ‘what’s happening to me?’

Sure, she was the same. There wasn’t magic or anything. But by wearing her mating dress made her feel younger. She missed her mate more than anyone could think. She’d been dying every night without him.

She didn’t know what really happened to him. And all the pain he had suffered.

Pink took off her dress, placing it carefully on the couch and walking only in her underwear to the shower room. There was nothing special, it was nice but no jacuzzi, nothing impressed her — just a casual bathroom and shower room attached to it.

She immediately jumped in the bathtub after taking off the last pieces of her clothes. And checked the water, relaxed under the lukewarm water letting the water release the stress.

But suddenly she heard a door crack then an emphatic slam. Which made her jump off the tub without even covering her body with anything. Because she realized there was nothing for her to wear!

Not even a robe. Not a shirt, not a towel to dry her body.

She opened the shower room door slowly to take a look. There was no one except a wine glass on the night-stand next to the end. She walked closer. To see a new note under the glass. She almost stabbed the floor with her feet, annoyed.

‘Is he playing with me?’ she growled internally.

She grabbed the note, to read [ Drink the wine and sleep naked on your stomach. Don’t cover your body. Don’t forget to put the blindfold on your eyes. It's on the bed.]

Pink felt like a toy, but she kept doing what that insane King says. She gulped all the wine, slept on her stomach naked on the bed, and wore the blindfold. Waiting for the King to show up.

He came, but she was sleeping… In a night of deep-slumber. Because he drugged her.

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