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C7 Chapter 7

A third point of view

She lost her consciousness, he used the few minutes to wear a mask. Then he tried to wake her up. She looked at him, confused.

Only his eyes appear. The same body features. His eyes on her. she looked deeply, her head up in grace. until she heard him saying, "would you honor me with this dance, babygirl?"

She gulped nervously, knowing that it’s Valdo's voice. The same eyes, but the scent was a bit confusing to her.

Her heart trembled, beating fast, "Valdo! is that you? it can't be you. I am dreaming." she couldn't trust her ears. Until Valdo took off his mask. And started telling her the whole story behind his disappearing.

He first pulled her hand, kissed her forehead, and sighed, “if only you know how much I missed your voice?”

She smiled, cupping his cheeks with her delicate hands, still convinced that she’s dreaming, “is that you! Really! But you died?”

He pulled the chair for her and asked her gently to have a seat, “please, have a seat. I will tell you everything.”

She couldn’t take her eyes away from him. She thought internally, ‘even if it was a dream, I would like to make it last forever.’

As her mate, he heard what was roaming in her mind, so he replied in evidence, “it’s not a dream, and I still hope it lasts forever.”

She remembered how he made love to her, which made her stiffened a bit, “but if you’re real, then why did you drug me and sleep with me? Why didn’t you come and show up in your kingdom and tell me everything? Why are we here now?”

And then he partially shifted into a monster, not the same werewolf she had known. His eyes turned red, then he shifted back into his human shape again, “because as you’ve seen now. I am not the same, Valdo. Something happened that day, twenty years ago, and the result was this. I became a different but unique creature.”

He sighed, feeling sad that he had wasted twenty years from their lives before facing his mate, his luna.

He sat in front of her, not daring to look deeply into her eyes; she sent him blaming looks. She wanted to ask him, ‘how could you live away for such a long time?’

He knew how much she needed him.

He knew how many days she slept crying because she lost him.

But he did it for her sake. To save her from himself.

He spoke, “can we eat first?”

She furrowed her brows, “Valdo! Look at me.”

She couldn’t understand how he could just say, let’s eat first after twenty years!

She wanted to jump and kiss him badly.

She repeated, “Valdo! Look at me.” but this time, her voice was shaking, the tears rolled on her cheeks, her heart was burning. She had been yearning and hoping for a miracle, and she didn’t even think it might happen.

He stood up immediately and walked to her, pulling her up and hugging her tightly until he heard her bones cracking; he smiled awkwardly, “Sorry.”

He wiped her tears with her fingers softly, “I still love, and I've been waiting for a long time. I thought it’s better to stay away and protect you and the kingdom without being closer. I thought I could hold on to the pain in my heart. I am sorry I couldn’t.”

She pulled him into a strong, passionate kiss that lasted for minutes as if she was bonding her soul with his as if she was recharging her body with his love. She missed his touch, his face, his body; the way she felt with him was beyond descriptions.

They both broke the kiss to only speak in the same second, “I love you, mate.”

But Valdo came back to his senses, he stepped backward and left her hands, he said, “please, you must choose now. Either be with me forever and be immortal or leave me forever and forget about me and start a new life with another Alpha.”



“Tell me first, what happened to you! And why would I forget our people and our children? Why don’t we go back? Why are you asking me to be immortal?” she bombarded him with too many questions. As much as she adored and was excited about that moment, but she was scared. The look over his face was different.

She didn’t know that he was scared more than her.

He was scared to hurt her.

He had doubts about his ability to control his new powers. After twenty years and everything was deadly. He suffered at some night to stop the yearning for blood. He was thirsty to kill. He was thirsty to drink human and other creatures' blood. Even when he walked into her room and made love to her, he was yearning to bite her neck. It was hard for him to resist that kind of new passion and thirst.

He wanted to make him safe, and his only two options were either to make her immortal or let her go forever.

She gazed at him, daring to step closer, but with every step close from her, King Valdo stepped back. He motioned to her, “stop. Don’t come closer. Please stop. I am afraid I might hurt you.”

And his words squeezed her hard.

She almost said in a gentle, lovely voice, “Valdo, you would never hurt me. Tell me what happened.” she was dying to know.

She needed to. Even so, she loved him but choosing between him and their children was hard to swallow or process.

He nodded, “okay. I will tell you everything. But I have to go for a few minutes first. Stay here.” he commanded her.

He wanted to go and wash his face, drink some blood to satisfy and fulfill his desires, then come back and talk to her. He definitely struggled to meet her.

It was the most challenging thing ever.

Once he turned his heels away, she froze him with her words, “I wish I died that day. Because I died twenty thousand times every day being away from you. I am sorry. But I have to end my life now.”

And she grabbed a silver fruit knife from the table, he felt it without seeing what she was trying to do. In flashlight speed, he was in front of her, snatching the knife away and pressing her to his chest, “No. No. Please don’t.” and finally, the tears welled in his eyes. He thought his human part died the day he was turned into a vampire-wolf, but he realized that his feelings were only locked waiting for his mate to revive it again. All the flames and sparkles of love also appeared as if he was newly born.

She whispered, “I have one condition.”

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