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C9 Chapter 9

A third point of view

King Valdo hesitated to start telling pink everything; he wanted this moment to last forever. He felt safe with her.

But he had to. He wouldn’t force her to stay with him. He loved her, and he always sacrificed for her happiness.

He kissed her upper hand gently and intertwined his arms to her, “come with me.”

She walked side by side next to him. She didn’t ask for anything. Pink also wanted their moments to last forever.

She was happy as a baby found her precious piece of candy. She was excited, as if she was getting mated for the first time. She was thrilled as if she delivered her first baby ever.

All these feelings were drumming her heartbeats. She didn’t look away; she smiled from ear to ear awkwardly.

While he walked hesitated and his blood rushed in his brain, his veins bumped out of his skin, he was worried. It could be the last days with her.

He breathed deeply once they reached a small room on the second floor of his castle. He turned the doorknob and opened it, “come with me. We need to start from here.”

King Valdo wanted to give her some evidence first for his talk. So, he showed her this room where she found everything.

Pink gasped once her eyes landed on the fake-old gardener face on one of the shelves. And some other clothes. She looked around; it seemed like a makeup room. Even so, Pink had no doubt in King Valdo's story or words, but Valdo felt like proving everything for her. He owed her reasons, apologies, and evidence after twenty years of being away. Even so, it wasn’t his fault but still — he had to do so.

She roamed in the small room, checking everything and smiling widely, she even grabbed the face and tried it, laughing and joking, “and I every time saw you, I asked myself why this old-man gardener never changed his clothes! Valdo, you sure deceived me.” she laughed lightly. Still, it broke her heart that something separated them.

She inhaled sadly and stared at him, “isn’t this the right time to tell me what happened to you?”

She stepped closer one more step and gazed at him, “don’t you think you owe me an explanation?”

He nodded, but she didn’t give him a chance to speak. She kept talking while closing the gap between them, “you should also explain to me why you sleep with me after all these years? I mean before meeting me and telling me the whole story. And why do you want me to give birth to another child? We do have three! And alpha and two princes.” A lot of questions struck her brain, and she needed an answer after another.

But everything comes on time. He only wanted to start from the day they killed him… the day everyone thought they killed him.

He spoke without introduction, letting his heart pull away from the painful memories.

"I got bitten by a vampire. When a vampire bites a wolf, the wolf dies poisoned by the dirty blood immediately. But since I am lycan and strong, this didn't happen to me. They thought I died until they sent me to the grave. I woke up and started growling; I'd a strong fever. I knew something was wrong with me. That's why I asked them to lock me there by chains." he sighed.

Then he trailed off his words, explaining to Pink, "the wounds healed, and I figured out I am alive, but the strong bite with my strong wolf blood turned me into something I'd never heard about. a vampire wolf! That's why my shape hasn't changed since then. I didn't get older." his chest started getting up and down. He was nervously reacting to the memories. The transformation wasn't easy on him. He had deadly pains and aches all of his body for days. He kept screaming and hitting his head to the wall from time to time to lose consciousness to stop himself from killing any innocent creatures-souls.

He realized how dangerous he became that night; he knew that he had zero self-control on desiring blood back then. That’s why all he cared about was protecting his luna ‘pink’ from the new deadly himself. The creature that he couldn’t understand back then. From the creature, he’s still fighting inside him till that moment.

Pink tears flew like rains on her cheeks; the bond between them was still more potent than their beliefs. As much as he was feeling the pain in his heart, as much as the same pain squeezed her heart.

He kept saying, continuing his miserable story that he wanted to end sooner and not later, "so, I left and didn't want to tell you that I am alive. Because practically I wasn't. I was afraid to hurt you. I kept my eyes on you. But when I heard that vampires and rogues decided to unite and take the werewolves kingdom and kill you and kill my kids. I decided to protect you and the packs without appearing."

He walked away, trying to calm himself down. Remembering how many times he fought and got into battlefields against princes and alphas, or warriors or bloody criminals to protect pink and his kids.

He remembered when he bit the first rogue wolf and killed him. He remembered when he drank all the blood from the vampire king till the last drop of his lifeless body.

He remembered how many times he locked himself in a dark room, punishing himself for ending someone's life even if that one was a criminal or bad guy or rogue or killer.

He did his best to keep his human part alive, but after twenty years, there he was, thinking he's nothing but a monster creature. He felt he didn't deserve to be with pink.

Pink placed her hands softly on his back, which made him startle a bit and come back to his senses; he said his last few words in his story, making the last twenty years seem like twenty days. But he couldn't speak. Further, he wanted to hide the worst side of his new- shape- his new life as vampire-wolf. He didn't want pink to hate him. "I made my own warriors, my own pack. Fought them. And with my unique powers, I ruled them all. That's why none of them stepped inside the werewolves' kingdom for 20 years." he paused.

Then he turned his body and looked at pink; he tilted her chin up and muttered huskily while looking desirable to her pink lips, "until now. I couldn't wait."

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