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C1 Bankrupt

"Qing, the family went bankrupt... Your father died because he couldn't take it anymore and jumped off a building... Your mother ran away with someone!"

Yun Qing would never have thought that so many changes would occur in the family while she was traveling abroad.

She was still muddle-headed as she sat on the plane. She did not care about the pain in her body caused by the car accident.

The flight attendant on the plane saw that her expression was not right and even asked if she was feeling unwell and did not need help. Yun Qing shook her head and refused.

Finally getting off the plane, her emotions collapsed and she could not help but squat at the airport entrance and cry. The phone on her body rang and Yun Qing wiped the tears off her face. The person who called was Zhao Yuxuan.

"Mr Yuxuan..."

Yun Qing picked up the phone and cried loudly, " What happened?"

"Qing, don't worry. I know everything about your family. Wait for me. I will be going back to A City soon. Be good, don't cry. "

Zhao Yuxuan comforted her for a while on the phone. Finally, Yun Qing calmed down and hung up the phone.

On the other side. C City.

Zhao Yuxuan hung up the phone with Yun Qing. There was no trace of the gentleness on his face. Instead, there was a trace of irritation between his brows.

"What's wrong, Yuxuan?"

The woman with a good figure on the bed wrapped around him and asked gently, "Are you unhappy?"

Zhao Yuxuan replied, "Yes, Yun Qing's family is in trouble."

When Ke Xuan heard this, a trace of disdain flashed across her eyes. She relaxed her tone and said, "I should have expected this. How long can that empty shell company last?"

"Such a big matter. I want to go back and see her."

Zhao Yuxuan said and took the clothes and wanted to put them on, but Ke Xuan stopped him. She said willfully, "You are not allowed to go back to accompany her."

"Don't mess around."

Zhao Yuxuan frowned, "Xuan, we agreed that we were just playing. You also know that my family, especially my mother, likes Yun Qing the most. In the future, she will marry into the Zhao family. She is the only woman."


Ke Xuan was extremely unhappy. She turned her head and angrily replied, "Okay okay, you can leave! Don't come looking for me after you leave! "

"Stop messing around. Take this car and drive it."

In order to placate her, Zhao Yuxuan conveniently gave her the new luxury car he had bought here.

"Then you have to come back as soon as possible."

Ke Xuan said unhappily, "I will miss you!"

"Okay, got it." Zhao Yuxuan said and kissed her on the face. Then he put on his clothes and walked out without looking back.

Ke Xuan watched his back as he left. She slowly took out her phone and looked at the picture she took on the phone. The corners of her mouth curled up slightly. Huh, the family is bankrupt? Yun Qing, what are you going to use to compete with me?

In A City.

Yun Qing left the airport. Her mind was in chaos and she did not know where to go. She just walked along the roadside.

Not far behind her, a black Bentley slowly followed.

"President, I think this lady's condition is not right."

The secretary, Anderson, and the man in the backseat said.

Anderson was the president's secretary of Ling's Group who had been hired for more than ten years. From the previous chairman to the current president, he was the one who had been guiding the higher-ups.

A while ago, he and the current CEO of the Ling's went overseas for a business trip. Because he was in a hurry to take a plane, he accidentally bumped into a girl on the way. However, she did not ask for compensation or go to the hospital. She just ran away.

They did not have time to make up for it. They did not expect to meet her again after returning to the country.

"Follow her."

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