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C10 Fang Yuhuai

Ling Hanyu brought Yun Qing upstairs. When the two of them were in the elevator, the quiet atmosphere made Yun Qing feel a little uncomfortable.

Since she was young, the ones she had come into contact with the most were Zhao Yuxuan and his brother Hsiao Yun. In the past, when she was studying, it was usually the four of them walking together. She, Ke Xuan, Zhao Yuxuan, and Hsiao Yun.

Other than the two of them, Yun Qing did not have much contact with other men overseas. It was not because she was conservative or anything, but because her personality was too depressing.

Basically, if someone came to talk to her, she would be able to talk to them to death in less than a few words.

Yun Qing was often said by her classmates and roommates that she was a straight girl, but she did not expect that one day, a person who could kill the conversation would also come into being.

With Ling Hanyu's words, he definitely did not have any friends!

In the end, not long after she thought this way, reality slapped her face. After the two of them exited the elevator, they met a person in his office.

"Hey, young Master Ling, why did you only come back now?"

Faang Yuhuai was originally sitting in Ling Hanyu's office seat, but when he turned around and saw a weak girl beside his good friend, he was instantly shocked.

Yun Qing curiously looked at Faang Yuhuai and found that this man was far more handsome than the one in the camera.

Faang Yuhuai was a popular young man in the entertainment industry and had millions of fans. He had a handsome face and smiled. He also had a bit of ruffian air about him. Every time, he would win the hearts of countless girls.

Yun Qing did not expect to see a big star here. She knew Faang Yuhuai mainly because her classmates and roommates were all chasing him.

"Damn it, Ling Hanyu, where did you get such a cute girl?"

Faang Yuhuai jumped down from his seat and walked to the two of them. He looked at them and saw Yun Qing clearly crying. He could not help but scold, "Beast, tell me, what did you do to a girl?"

"Look at her face. What can I do?"

Ling Hanyu said impatiently, "Take her to the lounge to rest. I have something to do."

What do you mean by her appearance? Yun Qing felt that she was not considered a great beauty, but she was still a young girl with fair skin, white nose, and a pair of spirited eyes, right? This damn bastard, why does he always have such a venomous tongue every time! She was a girl!

Unfortunately, no matter how unwilling Yun Qing was in her heart, she could not say it out loud. She could only follow Faang Yuhuai to the lounge in a depressed mood.

"Little cutie, do you want to drink milk tea?"

Faang Yuhuai asked her thoughtfully.

"No need." Yun Qing refused with a wooden face, "I don't like these."

"OK, then what do you like?"

Faang Yuhuai smiled kindly and said, "I'll let them prepare it, okay?"

Yun Qing heard him and looked at him strangely. "What do you want to prepare? Why is it so troublesome to drink water? Just plain water is enough."

Are you alright? Why was this fellow speaking so devilishly?


Faang Yuhuai didn't know why, but he felt that there was a faint shadow of that beast on this cute little girl in front of him.


Faang Yuhuai sat beside her and returned to his normal tone. He smiled and said, "Let me introduce myself. Faang Yuhuai, young lady, what's your name?"

"Yun Qing."

Yun Qing simply gave her name and sat up straight. She looked at the vase on the table in boredom.

It was gone just like that? Gone? Faang Yuhuai looked at her with a few more glances. It was one thing for this girl not to scream and go crazy after seeing him, but she actually turned a blind eye to his considerate interaction?

As expected of the girl who followed Ling Hanyu out. What a strange girl.

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