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C2 Where To?

The man in the backseat had a handsome face and a pair of long and deep eyes that were so deep that one could not see his emotions. His tightly pursed lips made him look like a person who should not be approached.

Ling Hanyu looked at the slender figure not far away from the front of the car and narrowed his eyes. It was her.

Yun Qing walked all the way until she finally could not hold on any longer and fell beside a tree.

"CEO, should we..."

In the Bentley, Anderson wanted to ask if his CEO needed to call an ambulance for the young lady. In the end, he saw that there was no one in the backseat. After taking a closer look, he saw that the person had already gotten out of the car.

Anderson immediately chased after her.

"CEO, let me do it. You..."

He wanted to say that it was inconvenient for her, but in fact, he had a mysophobia. Before he could say anything, Ling Hanyu had already picked Yun Qing up.

Anderson's dark green eyes widened. He had followed Ling Hanyu for so long, but he had never seen him have such close contact with a woman.

While he was surprised, he quickly collected his emotions and followed Ling Hanyu into the car.

"Go to the hospital."

Anderson ordered the driver.

The driver consciously sped up and drove towards the Ling's private hospital.

In the hospital.

When Yun Qing woke up, she did not know how long she had been unconscious for. She smelled a faint smell of disinfectant and only then did she realize that she was in the hospital.

"Miss, you're awake."

Anderson stood in front of the bed.

Yun Qing looked at him and a trace of surprise flashed across her eyes. Why was this place a foreigner?

"Hello, did you send me to the hospital?"


Anderson smiled and said, "Miss Yun, you might not remember, because we had met once overseas before. I accidentally hit you with my car, but you ran very fast. You didn't give me a chance to get to the hospital. The doctor who fainted earlier said that you were emotionally agitated and that you didn't have breakfast, which caused you to feel dizzy. You only need to stay in the hospital for another two days to observe it."

When Yun Qing heard this, the corners of her mouth curled up a little self-deprecatingly. "Thank you, but I don't think I need to be hospitalized."

There was still a bunch of things waiting for her to deal with at home. Her father was gone, and her stepmother ran away with someone else. In the huge Yun family... there was only her.

"But, how do you know my surname is Yun?" Yun Qing reacted and asked.


Anderson was slightly hesitant. Speaking of which, he was also curious. He had only met Miss Yun Qing once overseas and had not had any dealings with her yet, but his CEO already knew the girl's name?

"It's like this. Your phone is out of battery. When I took it to charge, I accidentally saw a message pop up from the phone."

Anderson explained and even took out the phone that had been recharged and handed it to her.

"Oh no."

Yun Qing took the phone and suddenly remembered that Zhao Yuxuan was going to return it. If he could not find her, he would definitely be anxious to death.

When she opened it, she saw that it was indeed Zhao Yuxuan and his mother Mei Yu who had sent her WeChat messages.

"Thank you."

Yun Qing immediately pulled out the infusion line in her hand and quickly said to Anderson, "But I really have something very important to do. I can't stay any longer! Don't worry, I'm fine now. "

After Yun Qing said that, she did not give Anderson a chance to react and ran towards the door. In the end, the door opened and was blocked by another black wall.

"Where are you going?"

The man's low and cold voice came from above her head. Yun Qing heard it and could not help but tremble in her heart.


The man's shocking imposing manner made Yun Qing unable to explain her thoughts for a moment.

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