He Flirt With Me At Night/C4 I Don't Want to Tell You
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He Flirt With Me At Night/C4 I Don't Want to Tell You
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C4 I Don't Want to Tell You

"Then I'll go out, okay?"

Yun Qing was so angry that she could not cry anymore.

"If you don't want your company to be completely hopeless, just leave."

Ling Hanyu found an apple and cut it elegantly. He lowered his head and looked at it seriously. It was very tempting, but what he said always deserved a beating.

"All the shares of your Yun Family were bought over an hour ago."

"What do you mean?"

Yun Qing's mind was in a mess. She did not understand these things in the business world, nor did she understand what it meant.

"It means that your family's bankruptcy is not the will of heaven."

Ling Hanyu's deep voice sounded. If Anderson was here, he would be even more surprised. When had his CEO ever talked so much to a woman? Even his mother had never talked so much.

"It's man-made. Do you want to know who bought all these shares?"

"You... you say..."

Yun Qing could not figure out who would harm their family. Her heart rate sped up and she reached out to cover her chest. She was prepared to hear about the mastermind but the man said something to her.

"I don't want to tell you."


Did he do it on purpose?

Yun Qing glared at him and in the end, she had no choice but to submit, "Sir, have I offended you before?"

Ling Hanyu's hand, which was peeling the apple, paused. Then, he raised his eyebrows and spat out three words, "No."


Yun Qing took a deep breath and politely asked again," Then can you tell me who is the one who bought our company? I don't think you left me here just to play with a kitten, right? "

Then you are right.

Ling Hanyu gave her an inexplicable look. Yun Qing felt her scalp go numb. This man really only wanted to play with her?

"It is not convenient to say who is behind this. Otherwise, the next show will not be good."

Ling Hanyu's thin lips curled up slightly, "Don't worry. Let's first recover and then talk."

After he finished speaking, he peeled the apple in his hand and handed it to her hand.

Yun Qing stared at him dryly, not wanting to eat the thing he gave her. In the next second, Ling Hanyu pinched her chin and forced her to open her mouth, and then the apple was stuffed into her mouth just like that.

Yun Qing had no choice but to pick it up and eat it. Not to mention, this apple was quite delicious.

Anderson quickly bought the food. Ling Hanyu threw it to her and let her eat it. Yun Qing originally said that she was full after eating an apple, but it was a pity that Ling Hanyu brought out the doctor's words.

She had no choice but to obediently eat the food Anderson bought.

After eating, Yun Qing looked at Ling Hanyu helplessly. "Can you return the phone to me now?"

Ling Hanyu looked at her and still threw the phone to her. Anderson brought him a phone number. Ling Hanyu got up and went outside to answer the phone, leaving Anderson to look at her.

Yun Qing looked at Ling Hanyu's back, then looked at Anderson and asked, "Who is your boss? What kind of private hospital is this? Why can't other people come in?"

Because Yun Qing had been studying outside of the city, she rarely returned to A City, except during the holidays.

"Miss Yun, first of all, my boss is the CEO of Ling's Group. The private hospital you are in now is the property of our company."

Next, Anderson explained to her in detail why ordinary people were not allowed to come in, as well as Ling Hanyu's assets.

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