He Flirt With Me At Night/C5 You're Still Bullying Me
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He Flirt With Me At Night/C5 You're Still Bullying Me
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C5 You're Still Bullying Me


Yun Qing could not take it anymore and interrupted Anderson. She said somewhat speechlessly, "Alright, alright. I don't care where your CEO graduates and how talented he is. Just tell me, how did he know about my family's matters?"

Logically speaking, a small company like the Yun family should not have attracted the attention of big shots like the Ling's if it went bankrupt. Throughout the entire A City, many big and small companies went bankrupt every day. How could the Ling's care about this?

How could they know that the Yun family was on the verge of bankruptcy?

"It's like this."

Anderson explained again, "The Zhao family that you know is related to the Ling's. We heard that Madam Zhao is anxious about your family's matter."

"Zhao family?"

Was it Mr Yuxuan's family? If it was because of their family, it would make sense.

Yun Qing thought about it thoughtfully and the phone in her hand vibrated. There was news coming in. But this time it was not from Zhao Yuxuan, but her friend Ke Xuan.

Ke Xuan was classmates with her in high school and her father was also a capable assistant in the company. But after they went to college, the two of them separated and Yun Qing's contact with her became less.

But every time they returned to A City and had holidays, they would still arrange to go out and play together. Oh right, ask her or her father, wouldn't he know the reason for the company's bankruptcy?

Thinking about it, Yun Qing opened the message and before she could organize her words to speak to Ke Xuan, when she saw the picture on the screen, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

She cut open the pictures in disbelief. One by one... The people on it were all taken by Zhao Yuxuan naked with Ke Xuan?


Yun Qing felt that something in her mind had collapsed. Her hand went limp and the phone fell to the ground. Before Anderson could take a look, he saw Ling Hanyu walk in after answering the phone.

"Anderson, you go out first."


Anderson walked out of the ward and Ling Hanyu walked to Yun Qing's side. He took a look at her dull eyes and reached out to pick up the phone on the floor. He saw the content on the screen.

"You saw it all?"

He asked her in a low voice.

"I... How could this be..."

Yun Qing only felt as if her heart was ruthlessly stabbed. Why would Zhao Yuxuan treat her like this when she was at her most helpless?

The two of them were childhood sweethearts. He said that he would marry her. His parents also treated her like their own daughter, but why did things become like this?

He had clearly just rushed back from a business trip, and he had clearly said that she didn't need to be afraid with him around.

Two lines of clear tears fell from her eyes again and Yun Qing felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart. Why did he let her know all of this at this time? Did the heavens not think that the blow he gave her was not enough?

This time, Yun Qing did not make a sound when she cried. It was just that her aggrieved and pitiful appearance made people's heart ache when they saw it.

Ling Hanyu took out his other handkerchief and thought for a while. He wiped away the misty tears at the corner of her eyes and said in a deep voice, "Don't cry."

"Dad left, and Mr Yuxuan also disappeared." Yun Qing cried and said, "In this world, I really don't have family. You are a stranger and you still bully me..."

Ling Hanyu heard her words in his heart and felt that the word 'stranger' was a little grating on his ears.

He coughed lightly and tried to distinguish himself. His voice was a little awkward as he said, "How did I bully you?"

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