He Flirt With Me At Night/C6 It's like Riding a Roller Coaster
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He Flirt With Me At Night/C6 It's like Riding a Roller Coaster
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C6 It's like Riding a Roller Coaster

Yun Qing couldn't explain herself, so she just cried.

Ling Hanyu had never comforted anyone in his life. Other than telling her not to cry, he could not find anything else. In other words, he could only lend her his shoulder to lean against her.

Yun Qing cried as she saw Zhao Yuxuan's caller ID on her phone. She immediately hung up and turned it off again.

To her, Zhao Yuxuan was basically the person she relied on the most in this world. Yun Qing had once thought that if he did not like her, he could also be her brother for the rest of her life. However, he confessed to her when she had a crush on him and even said that he wanted to marry her...

If he could not do it from the beginning, why would he give her hope?

Or even if he did not like her, could he not just tell her directly? He had to use this method to hurt himself.

The more Yun Qing thought about it, the more sad she became. The more sad she became, the more she cried. She directly made Ling Hanyu's shirt wet with tears.

Ling Hanyu did not stop her. He just let her cry. When she finally finished crying, he said faintly, "See. Am I not bullying you? Instead, I am comforting you?"

Yun Qing looked at his wet clothes and felt embarrassed. She could only softly thank him.

"By the way, the person you are talking about buying my company. Is it Ke Xuan's father?"

Yun Qing suddenly reacted and looked up at Ling Hanyu. There was shock in her eyes that she had guessed, as well as a trace of hope and confusion. There was still a last bit of hope in her heart. She hoped that it wasn't their family.

Who would have thought that Ling Hanyu would look at her with some surprise? He raised his eyebrows. "After crying for a while, I even let out the water in my brain."


Yun Qing felt that with this guy by her side, it seemed like everything was not as sad anymore, right? She was also about to be angered half to death by him.

"I... God is playing with me?"

Yun Qing suddenly felt that she was like the female lead in a novel at this moment, what family bankruptcy father passed away and her best friend and boyfriend betraying her together...

"What about you?" Yun Qing suddenly looked at Ling Hanyu. "What is your purpose? I don't believe that you are just sending me to the hospital with a simple conscience. You rich businessmen can't get up early without any profit."

"Oh, what do you think I... have in mind for you?"

Ling Hanyu looked at her with disdain. "Miss Yun, may I ask if you are rich or have sex now?"


She clearly knew that this man's venomous tongue was very poisonous, but Yun Qing still could not help but be angry when she heard it, "Then what exactly do you want to do!"

"The reason is that I don't want to say it."

Ling Hanyu replied, "But there is one thing that I can tell you very seriously. Your father is not dead, and your stepmother did not run away with anyone else."


After being stunned for half a minute, Yun Qing's mind went blank for a moment, and then she reacted and looked at Ling Hanyu.

"You, you're telling the truth?"


On this day, Yun Qing felt like she was sitting on a roller coaster. Her mood kept going up and down like this. Her heart disease should have been caused like this, right?

"But, the housekeeper at home clearly said... She clearly... Who was the one lying?"

"It was clearly your father and the others."

Ling Hanyu looked at her. "Idiot, they knew that when the company had a deficit, it could not be saved. They could only take the risk and think of this. You don't know, right? Your dad bought you an insurance policy. "

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