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C8 The Truth

Yun Qing shook her head. There was a self-deprecating smile on her lips, "I don't know. Never. I don't have the right to blame him."

Yun Qing was a very grateful person. Since junior high school, Zhao Yuxuan had been protecting her at school. Many times, she could not feel any warmth at home. It was Zhao Yuxuan's mother who made up for it.

Their family treated her like family. She would not beat down all the friendships just because of Zhao Yuxuan's betrayal.

In terms of love, perhaps she and Zhao Yuxuan weren't suitable at all. Perhaps they were more suited to be siblings.

Yun Qing knew that he was on a business trip outside the province and knew that something had happened at home. She also rushed back very quickly and protected herself as usual.

But from now on... she and him could not continue walking together anymore.

Deep in her bones, Yun Qing did not want to have a falling out with him and start a fight. She did not want Mama Zhao to worry too much and even more did not want to fulfill Ke Xuan's wish and make herself a woman who would splash water for not being able to obtain love.

Yun Qing thought for a long time before finally opening her phone and sending a message to Zhao Yuxuan's mother saying that she was safe.

Very soon, mama Zhao called her.

"Qing, where are you? Yuxuan told me that he couldn't contact you. Child, what do you want to tell Auntie? Auntie is still here. "

When Yun Qing heard this familiar voice of concern, she felt warmth in her heart.

She adjusted her emotions and said, "Auntie, you don't have to worry. I'm fine. Don't worry. After I settle the matters at home, I will come to see you."

"What are you looking at!?" Mama Zhao sighed and said, "My poor child. From now on, our home will be yours. You can stay here and let Auntie take care of you, okay?"

"No need, auntie."

Yun Qing felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. She tried her best to adjust her voice and continued, "I have friends who can help me. It's not a big deal. If you are worried, I will go and find Mr Yuxuan tomorrow. It's just that I still need to do some other things now. "


Mother Zhao could not force her, so she could only say, "Good child. Then remember to call Auntie if there's anything. Got it?"

"Yes, I got it. Thank you, auntie."

After ending the call with Mama Zhao, Yun Qing finally let out a sigh of relief.

She held the phone in her hand and pondered in her heart. She did not know where her father and stepmother went or when they were going to hide. And...

"Mr. Ling, since you know so many things, you must also know where my father and the rest are, right?"

Yun Qing looked at him with expectation.

Ling Hanyu listened to her on the phone the whole time. When he heard her ask him, he said, "I know, but I can't tell you for now. Your father definitely won't want you to see him now. Just settle your mind."

As he spoke, he took out a document from the side and gave it to her.

Yun Qing took it and looked at it for a long time. There were many things that she could not understand because it was for business. However, she understood what was behind it.

Because of the bankruptcy, the company's employees dispersed. Fortunately, they did not owe a huge debt. They owed more than a million. However, this was already covered up by the mortgage of their villa and other businesses in Cloud Dragon Mountain.

This actually meant that... Currently, the Yun family company was just an empty shell company, and she had no home to return to.

When she saw the end, her heart couldn't help but tighten. It turned out that the Yun family had signed a contract with the Ling's. But because the Yun Clan was bankrupt, the person in charge of the Yun Clan's group was also gone. Therefore, the Ling's had abolished the contract.

If her father was still here, he would probably have to compensate the Ling's with a large sum of money for the breach of contract.

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