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C9 Shu Xueting

Yun Qing felt complicated when she saw this. No wonder this CEO of the Ling's had investigated her family so thoroughly. It seemed that she did not have any other motives, but that she owed her family.

Ling Hanyu looked at her and saw her keeping her head down like a child who had done something wrong.

"What's wrong? Did you finish reading it?"

A slender finger with a clear finger bone lightly tapped on the chair seat. Ling Hanyu spoke in a low voice, "Now you understand the situation of your family?"

"I understand."

Yun Qing lowered her eyes and answered softly. Then she asked in confusion, " But, since our company has become like this... Why does Ke Xuan's father want to buy it? Could it be to humiliate our family? "

This empty shell company had been bought by him, and it would not be able to turn things around much. Their family and Ke family did not have much hatred, right?

"Then how would I know?"

Ling Hanyu lazily answered her, "Anyway, I only found out that her father has some connections with your company's opponents. I guess he has been suppressing himself and wants to turn the tables."

After he finished speaking, he looked at her again, "What a greenhouse flower. He doesn't know anything."

He was like an idiot.

Yun Qing was scolded by him again, but she could only silently endure it. The situation was different now. She could not directly scold this fellow back.

"Yes, I will learn to see clearly how evil people's hearts are."

Yun Qing smiled at him, but no matter how he looked at it, there was a feeling of gnashing his teeth in that smile. He was very unconvinced in his heart, but he could not do anything about it.

After driving for an unknown amount of time, she was almost drowsy in the car. Finally, they reached their destination. Ling Hanyu carried her out of the car.

Yun Qing looked at it for a long time before realizing that this place was the legendary Ling's Group. It was located in a tall building in the center of the city. It was grand and magnificent.

"Why did you bring me here?" She looked at him in puzzlement.

"I still have work to do."

Ling Hanyu said simply.

Yun Qing was about to explode when she heard him. "What do you mean? Why didn't you say so earlier? Then why did I follow you here!?"

" How would I know? " Ling Hanyu shrugged. A smile appeared on his handsome face. The cunning light in his eyes lit up like a fox and a wolf. "However, if you want to know who Ke family is working with, you can follow me."


Yun Qing finally realized that this guy not only had a poisonous tongue, but was also very evil. He was indeed a businessman. He was really too cunning.

Along the way, Yun Qing followed Ling Hanyu into the company. Yun Qing could feel herself. She had already been burned to the center of attention by the employees passing by.

"My God, the CEO actually has a woman by his side?"

"Wow, how can it be like this, I still have to stand on the CEO's and CEO Xiao Fang's cosplay! Wow, how can it be like this, I still have to stand on the CEO's and CEO Xiao Fang's cosplay!"

"Right, right, right. I stand on the two of them too. Although CEO Xiao Fang was fickle, the industry said that it was Liushui's female celebrity, ironforge's Director Ling! I think Director Xiao Fang's true love must be us, Director Ling! "

" What are you guys doing here? Don't you have anything to do?"

A few female employees were looking at Ling Hanyu's back as they were talking, when a cold and stern female voice sounded, scaring them so much that they immediately shut their mouths.

"Sorry, Secretary Shu, we will go back to work now."

Everyone dispersed like birds and birds. Shu Xuetine only then raised her eyes to look at the special elevator used by the CEO in front of her.

She actually... really brought a woman with her?

Shu Xuetine's heart felt a little painful. It had been so many years and she had been by his side for so many years. It was one thing if he did not look at her, but he actually brought back an unfamiliar woman?

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