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C1 Prologue

It was a bracing evening; As always the cool air is flurrying gently which made the surrounding more salubrious and inviting.

Malam or rather, Tahir was seated in fowler position his back placed on the wall he was seated on small carpet spread by his wife in the premises of their house. He adjusted himself a little and then cleared his throat before saying to his wife, "do you think it is possible for us to get the baby from the hospital without getting expose?" he asked his wife who was busy doing the dishes.

She dropped the cup she just washed in the basket and turned to her husband, "Sorry dear i was busy, i forgot to tell you the our target visited the hospital today for antenatal check up.” she said picking another plate to wash.

He was freezed for some seconds before saying "what???” Shockingly, his mouth slowly drop opened, his heart stumbled over it is rhythm, as he swallowed, unable to wet patched throat.

“Calm down, No thing happen, I think heaven is in our "site" she punctuated.

“Oh!” He sighed with relief at the same time placing his shoulders back to the pillow.

Niha smiled beamily and then said "what you are thinking won't happen, everything is in according our plan, the woman we wanted to adopt her baby is still not aware of the fact that she is carrying two babies, not by any mistake did i tell her she is having a monochorionic monoamniote pregnancy", his wife explained in her attempt to confort him.

She snapped! after keeping a plate before adding "if only i will be in charge of her during her delivery I assured you that one of the babies will surely be ours", Niha said confidently.

Tahir hummed, "you see now that her EDD (Estimated due date) is imminenting the frail person in me is awaken", he said with long face which showed how sad and disappointed he is at himself.

Niha parked all the plates she washed and plodded to kitchen, she arrayed each of the lot to it is normal place, she sat close to her husband after coming out of the kitchen, her palm was used by her to wipe her face, "may be it is because i am pretending to be strong but you see the fear I am in is atrocious, we need to fight the weak person in our own self because this might be our only hope.”

“Don't worry i will try the best out of me to be strong", he said after he stand on his feet, i need to go to mosque" he added before taking kettle to ablute before leaving for prayer.

It was so lucky for the couple's plan to go perfectly, for that the Woman they intended to steal the baby from her was brought to hospital in labor while Nurse Niha was in duty. It was the tradition of that hospital whoever is in labor will be given a nurse to take good care of her in her room, the nurse can only call a doctor or other nurses if the woman is in danger.

Esha gave birth to her two beautiful babies they seemed identical but one was definitely darker, she wasn't in her normal state, she’s is some how feeling dizzy , Nurse Niha gave her one baby but her condition couldn't let her take the baby, before Niha could do anything the woman fainted.

Niha gave her some vital sign and then walked toward the window at low step.

Niha’s husband was there for hours waiting for her, he almost gave up.

“The baby is ready,” she said at a very low voice as if she is whispering to a person's ear close to her. He looked around to scrutinize he wanted to avoid eyes so he had to make sure that no body is watching, the window was that wide she opened the glass and pass the baby to him, collecting the baby he moved to parking lot and drove home with the baby.

Nurse Niha took the other baby to Alhaji Fu'ad who is the husband of the woman that just gave birth meaning he is the father of the babies, the man was busy going to and fro tapping his feet in a quick rythm against the floor wondering around the surrounding.

He stopped upon seeing the Nurse, "nurse how is she and the baby hope all of them are in good condition?" he asked anxiously with momental look that contort fear that cross his face.

The nurse smiled, "don't worry sir, she and your baby are fine, i injected her you need to wait for some minutes she will wake up perfectly fine.”

He sighed Happily with relief, "thank you Nurse am grateful!” he said before saying, “may I see the baby?”

“Why not?” she said as she gave him the baby before leaving.

He held the baby tightly and warmly in his hand, he was already full of love for his baby, she was just like his dead mum, her face and skin color, everything.

Abban shakir (Shakir’s Dad) may I see the baby?” Sajan,the nine year oldpleaded stretching his hand toward Alhaji Fu'ad. "But i want to hold her too,” Alhaji Fu'ad said with grin.

“Please Abba!” Sajan pleaded peering directly in to Abba's face with wrinkled forehead, Alhaji Fu'ad gave the baby to sajan and Sajan move trudge to his Dad, while he hold the baby. "Dad we need a baby like this too,” he said to his father.

His father smiled, "but we have Misha.” He looked at the baby in his hand "Yes Dad i like misha too but i want a dark brown baby too". The boy said with affection.

His Dad and Alhaji Fu'ad laughed before Alhaji Fu'ad said, “ok then you can have this one too,” he giggled and then hold the baby tightly on his arm.

Shakir squeezed his face pulling his eyebrows downward and together, "but Abba this is our baby!” he shouted looking at his Dad,

“I mean the two of you can have the two babies Misha and........” before Abba could say anything, Sajan said, “and Aleena!” in a high pitched voice.

Coming back home Nurse Niha burned the fake pregnancy she's been wearing, and later announced to family and friends that they have a new baby which they named Aroush...

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