He Loves My Biracial Identical/C2 Unfortunate coincidence
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He Loves My Biracial Identical/C2 Unfortunate coincidence
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C2 Unfortunate coincidence

The library was free of disturbing noise, the tranquil silence in the library was what made it more pleasant for students to read and for others it is the best place to sleep snuggly.

Aleena was among the students that find library as the most convenient place to study for exam.

Looking at the clock on the wall made her look at the watch on her wrist to reconfirm what she saw, with the way she raised to her feet suddenly and start parking her things on table you can quickly realize it, she is late may be she didn't realize it because she was really enjoying the library or may be it is another reason.

She is already 10 minutes late, rushing out of the library is what she chooses to do, as she thought at least if she can run she may be she will be able to reach the exam hall before 12.

It was unfortunate for her to plunge over a man as she rushed out. The books on her hand scattered on the floor as she crumpled. today seemed to be her bad day, she is already seeing her books on the books scattered on the floor and the man was just standing like a stone without any attempt of helping her.

“Hey, can’t you help me after pushing me is it necessary for you to stand like this and watch me?” she asked boiling with rage, one of the men beside him bent over to help her while the other man turned to leave.

The man that stayed bent and started gathering the books on floor spoke. “Am sure my friend didn't push you, may be you are mistaken.

“Uh, what!" she said as she widened her eyes and pressed her lips together she scowled, "so it is my mistake, is that what you are trying to tell me?" she mentioned angrily.

The man snapped, "well i didn't mean to blame you but at least you need to know this my friend can't push you if only you walk properly just how can you be running? A woman is needed to walk calmly.”

Aleena humped.

This man wanted to test her patience!

How could his friend push her and he is here telling her nonsense? What exasperated her the most is seeing the man that pushed her walk away.

Picking up the last book Aleena tramped to the man "hey molester! Wait you need to hear this!" she shouted.

Her legs quarked, her intestines twisted as her heart pounded, she just couldn't believe her eyes, the moment she placed her eyes on him fear cross her face, the man looked at her although he has sunglasses on his face that, she can't see his eyes but still she see it clearly he is vexed, "are you here to beat me, is calling me a molester isn't just enough for you?" he asked boiling.

Aleena gathered the remaining energy in her to step aside without adding any word whilst the man hissed and slunk away, he headed directly to the library and the other man that helped her followed him.

She tapped her head disappointedly. “What did i just do? just what type of coincidence is this? how can i meet him like that?” she said to herself, she watched them until they are out of her sight before she sighed woefully and rush away.

Entering in to the library, the man asked the security man to guide him to people with deformity site, he sat angrily he is already boiling to the extent that he can't wait for his friends, today was actually the first day of his life where he met a person and a woman who behave in an obnoxious manner toward him without his fault, he so sure that he is not in her way not even push her.

Ejaz who was sitting not very far from his friend, trudged to him as he know how his friend is if he did not confort him he will remain like this for the whole week until he can forget about the girl, Ejaz place his hand on the shoulder of Zia.

"Please Zia i beg you to let everything be bygone i have been watching you from where I am reading, you seems to be thinking of what happened you know how young girls are please let it slide.” Ejaz pleaded in his attempt to confort his friend.

Zia's eyes were slightly closed and his eyebrows were bent upward, he seems to be relaxed though his facial expressions said it all, "why me, just why is that because I am blind?"

Zia grumbled his face contorted with rage. Ejaz took a deep breath and then expelled the air, "am sure the girl wasn't aware of you being blind so please let it go we have to study hard we have lot to cover for the exam thinking or being angry won't help", Ejaz pleaded as he grasped Zia's hand.

The exam room was quite you couldn't hear any sound than the sound of turning papers, majority of the students are busy with their paper while Aleena was lost in thought, thinking of what happened few minutes ago, she just couldn't think of the reason why she didn't apologize to him, her fear is that what if he despises her? She just couldn't imagine her life being hate by the person she loves the most, if not for pride that stopped her from confession her love to him she would have already for long proposed.

Submitting the paper Aleena rushed back to the library only to find out that the man and his friend are not their, the decision she made is to go polical science department to check on him it was unfortunately for her to not find him, he wasn't at the place she thought he might be so she left the school after calling her driver to come and picked her with the decision of coming to that same point she always see him after the semester break.

It was a big room off white color was used to paint the room, the floor were made of off white tiles arrange in a proper pattern, the bedroom was tidy Enough to show how the owner care about it, the bed is big enough to accommodate five people located in the middle of the room besides the bed is side drawer and opposite to it are four Wardrobe paint the same color as the bed, there's not much thing in the room but everything in the room was super rich and lavish, on top of the bed is Aleena laying down, by just looking you can say she isn't sleeping and something is definitely wrong, she keeps changing position from right lateral recumbent to prone position and then to fowler position.

Aleena rose up from the bed to where calendar is hang on wall, she hissed the time seems not moving at all, may it is because she is counting and waiting, she just don't know why semester break have to be this long, the sound her stomach made make her matches some steps to where fridge is that's at the sitting room it 2:0 Am , particularly heavy food isn't her choice.

She just took fresh milk and two Apple then returned back to her room, after eating a little of what she took from the fridge she then dozed off, may be hunger was another reason for her not sleeping earlier.

Aleena later wake up to find herself laying on the carpet, the fact that she missed the prayer on time, waking up by 7:00 annoyed her, later after praying she went to her brothers room Shakir and greeted him before going back to her room knowing that by now her mum must be still be praying made her not to go her and her Dad isn't in the country.

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