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Falling a sleep become a big deal to Aleena so she decided to go for a refreshing air, that's what she actually did whenever she is down, sitting at the varander watching flowers from per and seeing how the sun washes the flowers with glows make her happy, the premises of their house was designed with different types of flowers, the air in the surrounding is nice and inviting she couldn't think of the reason why she is smiling now, may be it is because she like nature alot.

The man standing not far from her smiled, may be because he hasn't seen her for months but she looked purely pretty to his eye the, dress on her suit her well also the place she was sitting, the girl is totally his type, her dark skin and smiling face is what attracted him the most even so everything about her is beautiful, she has Amazonia figure that sat well in her on her average thing body, her elegant nose and pink lips beautify her face.

Sensing like she is being watched made her turned round to see who is it only to see him standing his hand polded together on his arm, his eyes on her as she thought, when did he arrived she asked herself before shouting "welcome dear", her dulcet sweet voice is what brought him back to his normal sense he smiled and trudge to her, "What are you thinking i have been standing watching you but you didn't notice?" he said with smiled on his face before sitting on one of the plastic chair besides her.

She giggled, "What will i think of am just looking at flowers you know how much i like plant" she said carelessly, before adding when did you come back, I never expect you at this time?", she asked peering in to his eyes, "few hours back i only took my bags home and decided to come here i really missed you", he said grinning.

"Don't tell me you did eat nothing" she said her eyes wide open, His lips made a conner puller as he smiled "look at you what is with that face am not hungry after all" he said as he stretched her nose jokingly with his hand, "Yaya she shouted with furrowed eyes tilting her head, sajan giggled with joy "am sorry dear what will you want me to eat?", he asked politely to calm her down, "We need to go in you have to each something warm" she said after standing on her feet to leave, "but am not hungry" he said squanting his eyes half, opened mouthed , her forehead wrinked and her eyes wet she bend a little and grabbed his hands please Yaya let go you need to eat weather you are hungry or not, just how can a person fly from another country for hours and sai he is not hungry i know you very well, you don't like food" she pleaded with her mouth slightly open. The innocent face she made make him laughed, "Ok then I will eat but until you less go" he Said looking at her hand, she release his hand after saying ok.

"What will you eat then?", she questioned, he shrugged raising his shoulder slightly "am ok with what ever i get", she rolled her eyes "ok let me go and cook make sure you stay" she said trudging to parlor where she moved directly to kitchen.

She wasn't so sure of what to cook but standing before the fridge a sudden idea of what to cook cross her mind, she picked half cooked meat along with fish, she knows Sajan well he is not a fan of food specially heavy but he surely like anything made from yam, she cooked brief beef soup and the fish as side dish, before she is done with drink the pounded yam she asked their house help was ready.

While Aleena is in the kitchen Sajan arranged the plastic chairs and parked her things to her room before going upstairs to greet Mom, Aleena's mum.

Finishing everything, Aleena arranged the food on dining table, she knows that he would be at upstairs so she walked there to look for him, she wasn't wrong he is there busy chattering with her mum, "mum Your boy need to eat" Aleena mentioned looking at her mum, Mum drawed air to her lung and look Sajan with her eyes wide open, "Don't tell me Aleena cook for you?"Mum asked,surprised.

He smiled " yes she did.”

"You must be lucky i couldn't remember the last time she cooked or saw her at kitchen,” mum said a smile on her face.

He hummed. “It’s because i am special, i need to taste the food he said grabbing Aleena's hand "oya sister let go"and he then turned to Mum and said. "I will leave after having the food, Umma must be angry at me by now,” he added languorously and they left the room.

Mum shook her head like why won't she be angry when her son that come back from another country decided to go and see another woman before seeing her? she said to herself.

"can you wait for me i want to go with you" she requested as she walk to dinning area, he smiled "you mean you wanted to see i come with am I right", he asked.

She giggled without any word, "I knew it that's why am here i wanted to Open the bag while you are their, because i know if by any instant i open that bag without you being at the place,” he then hummed without completing sentence.

“Thank you yaya for understanding that's why i like you more than Yaya Shakir,"she said holding his hands tightly.

Serving the food to him, Aleena ran to her room to get ready because she really wanted to go with him for that she don't want his bag to be open not in her present.

That's Aleena a 19 year old, beautiful girl and the only female daughter to her rich parent and their second daughter while Sajan was the first son to his parents having four younger siblings, his parent and Aleena's parents are friends for long which made them like family, Sajan was 28 year old and the age mate of Aleena's biological brother Shakir, Being in love with Aleena is his source of joy and happiness, at first he was confused but he later realized his true feeling for her is a genuine love, his plan is to confess to her on her 20th birthday, Coming towards him with the scene of her perfume made him turn around just to see her in her beutiful dress it is a red material the dress sat well in her body the beaming smile on her face was so attractive that he can't take his eyes on her he knows that this girl was the real definition of perfection.

"Leg go she said in her sweet voice" he put his eyes down trying not to look long at her and smiled with his face turning redden before walking out and she followed him, "I just forget are you not going to Yaya shakir?” she asked after sitting in the car.

“Nope if he actually want to see me he should visit" sajan said closing the car door for her before turning around to sit at driver’s seat.


Sauntering slowly to the house premises from his room fell with his stick the way to go, "zia where are you going?" he heard his mum's voice asking.

He smiled and turned to where he heard the voice from "i want to go and check on Aroush am curious on why she isn't here by now, we need to go to the market on time,” he languidly lamented.

“Ok then but you still have time" Umma replied to him paying more attention to what she is doing, He use his armpit to hold his stick before he can use his hand to Check time, he uses his hand to feel on the Braille watch on his wrist, "it is 2 pm it will be better if we can leave before 3 pm, i have to go you know that girl if she didn't see me ready and waiting she won't get ready on time" Zia mentioned, He walked in a slow steps to Aroush’s house getting in to the house with saying "peace be upon you the people leaving in this house", Ummi answered from her room with "peace be upon you too" Aroush rushed out of the kitchen holding spoon her face pasted with smile, “Yaya i am sorry for keeping you waiting!” she apologized politely.

He smiled back as if he is seeing her face. "Don't worry dear you can take as much time as you needed, where is Umma?" he asked turning his head as if he can see her around.

Umma who just step out from her room said " i am here my son, i bet you are tired of waiting i just don't know why Aroush is too slow" umma complained, "that's why am here may be if she is seeing me she can try and do everything quickly" he replied back to Umma.

"Umma Please spread a mat for him let him wait am coming" they had Aroush voice from the kitchen, Both Umma and Zia laughed before Umma said jokingly "so that you can waist more time?", Waiting for Aroush wasn't actually something new to Zia he sat on the mat comfortably with Umma beside him she soart bean as they keep chattering with him, few minutes later sabrin serve food to him.

"Yaya please eat before i get ready,” she said.

She wore a black gown, she never wear a make of on her face but still she looks gorgeous and amazing, am ready we can go she mentioned, Ok "umma we are going", he said turning to where he can sense Umma sitting, "ok safe trip" umma prayed.

Aroush took his stick and keep it in her room for that Zia never walk with stick when going out with Aroush or Ejaz, these two serve as his eyes, Zia bought himself only school bag while almost all of the things the bought is for Aroush and he paid for it only few of it belongs to his Mom and Aleena’s Mom.

Returning back, Zia stay at the door entrance where Aroush went inside and kept what they bought then took his stick out, she accompanied him home before going back to her house happily, she likes it whenever she is with him, It is the same thing to Zia his best moments are the time he was with Aroush infact he loves the girl so much, fear is the only thing that stop him from confessing, he think it will better to live like this than for him to confess and get rejected he is not lucky enough to endure the pain of being rejected.

‘Be brave man her answer is definitely yes!’ that's what another person in him keep telling him.

"What are you smiling for?” he heard his mum's voice saying, he smiled again "it's nothing am just listening to Radio" he replied her.

She hummed, "you better tell her what you feel about her, in love the earlier you say your mind the better" she said while looking at him.

“Now Not actually i will try and gather my whole courage to tell may be on her 20th birthday or on my graduation day by then she is a final year student,” he thought before he shakes his head a little and then said, “mother , you need to understand she is just a sister to me.”

"Just a sister" Umma smiled

“Well, if that’s what you say i will believe it."

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