He Loves My Biracial Identical/C5 Love at first sight
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He Loves My Biracial Identical/C5 Love at first sight
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C5 Love at first sight

Walking in a hurry for that she is some minutes late but noticing a car following her make her walk swiftly than before, a sudden fear cross her mind due to sudden negative thought the place was so quiet that a person can be killed and buried without getting any help, may be the car owner realize the fear in her he parked his car and followed by leg.

"Can you please brow some minutes out of your precious time to me?" the man pleaded with his hands, her answer is suppose to be No and keep moving but she don't know how it happen when she said yes and stay and smiling, what is this what are you doing now why the smile her inner self asked but the genuine smile on her face disappear not.

May be his eyes are exaggerating but unfiltered smile took over his body, he had never seen a beautiful woman like this!

He matched some steps closer to her, “please i need to ask you this three questions,” he requested.

She did not say anything but from all indication her answer is why not?

He smiled. “I need your address, phone and your name please,” he pleaded with his eyes.

She smiled delightedly, “but i think two of what you said are not questions so i will answer what i see as a question.”

“My name is Aroush," she said taking some steps away wanting to leave, he was stunned for some seconds she is not only beautiful but have a sweet voice too, he followed her again "ok please your phone number or address i need one,” he besought.

She rolled her eyes and stretched her hand towards his position before saying, “Ok give me your phone.”

He gave the phone to her. “Then, my name is Jad.” He said.

“Nice to meet you Jad.” she said giving back his phone to him.

“Well, this is my destination,” she added pointing an islamic school by their opposite.

"Ok thank you Aroush, you save my number please i saved yours and i will call you later!”

“Ok nevermind,” she said before crossing the road.


Returning back home from school, Aroush changed from her uniform to normal dress and then went to Zia's place after telling her mum she want to go and see him.

Zias mum was sweeping the house compound at the same time listening to radio when Aroush got in to the house.

Aroush greeted her first and the woman said, "what a coincidence he just went out to buy sugar," after she responded to the greetings .

"Ok let me go and find him," Aroush said plodding out, she stood by the door entrance waiting for him, she saw him coming her way as she wait, she smiled and went to him she collected the nylon on his hand and hold his stick, getting back home they went directly to his room, the room is tidy as always you wouldn't think of the room as blind person room, "When are you resuming to school?" Aroush asked as they eat.

"Are you telling me that you are tired of seeing me?” He groaned.

Aroush laughed "how will i get enough of you? I am just curious don't want you to miss me more if i went to school, having school load is like having less time to think about me,” she replied to him.

She did not leave until late at night, he accompanied her home before striding to his best friend’s house, Ejaz.

Ejaz was at his room watching football when Zia met him, "what is with that face you seems very happy!” Ejaz said to Zia who just entered.

"It is nothing i am just happy this way,” Zia said trying to sit.

Ejaz hummed, “you better tell her how you feel before it is too late, i know this your expression is because of her, if you can't tell her please let her go, stop loving her i am just advising.” Ejaz mentioned.

"You most be kidding please tell me how do we stop loving someone?" Zia pleaded.

"I guessed you are afraid of her, assign me to tell her, i see no reason of keeping love a secret.” Ejaz complained.

Zia hummed. “Hmm, don't worry man i am just waiting for a perfect moment and it's almost here i will tell her you don't have to do it for me!”

“I think my friend is being like a real man now.” Ejaz said jokingly.

After telling her mum she is back Aroush went in to her room, it is then that she remembered about the man she met hours ago on her way to school, she doesn't even know where her phone is she have to look for it, may be it under the pillow a sudden thought cross her mind.

She was so surprised to see several missed calls from a new number, she dialed the number without given it a second thought, the owner of the number seems to be waiting for her call with the way he picked her call by just one ringing.

"Hey dear i have been calling but no response," the person that picked the call complained, she smiled that he can even hear the sound of her smiled, “sorry the phone wasn't with me she pleaded, "Then please never ignore my call again please,”he besought.

she tilted her head as if he can see her.

“Ok am sorry,”

"And how was the night?” she added.

He took a deep breath she can even hear it "well my night wasn't so good actually" he lamented langurously.

“What happened?” Aroush asked with shock.

"It is because of you" he said shortly, "what did you say because of me?" she asked stunningly, "Yes that's what I said actually the fear of you not loving me back, and the pain of refusing my calls is antagonizing wallahi,” he swears.

She giggled before laying on bed "this is funny when did we meet, we are not even close enough to miss each other,” she replied carelessly.

He hummed "i knew it you won't believe me and you may not believe in love at first sight but that's what happens to me, you don’t have to believe it but I surely mean when i said i love you right after placing my eyes on you i know you are my soulmate the mother to my own unborn kids,” he said debilitatingly.

Aroush kept quiet without a word, she is not used to this kind of words, "Did you love me?" He suddenly asked, she has to keep quiet again to this question not because she has nothing to answer with but because she thought is good if she can play some hard to get before telling him what she felt though she know from the beginning her answer is yes.

They stayed on phone silently for few seconds may be Jad realized it, she won't say anything so he decided to break the silent by saying "i will let you think about it, take as much time as you needed am not in a rush but make sure the answer is yes" he begged nicely, Ok that's the only words she said, thank you dear have a nice night he said and end the call.

Hanging up the call Aroush threw the phone on bed and jumped to bed in excitement, she just can't believe she will date a man like Jad, handsome and rich, the next day in the morning Aroush done all her house chores before checking her phone she didn't think he will call but be actually does and even send a message.

She smiled before opening the message "I want to be everything to you; I want to be your world. Everything you would ever want in life. Have a Romantic Morning my angel," She smiled again gleefully his phone call stop her from typing a reply and answered the call. They were on phone for more than 2 hours a person will think they know eachother for years.

"Who are you speaking to?” Suddenly her mum asked curiously, Aroush looked at the phone screen before saying is one of my school mate she said after ending the call, her mum peered directly to her face curiously for sevinds "well i won't stop you from dating anyone but be careful of who to date you know better than anyone your Dad want you to finish your degree first!”

Aroush smiled, "you don't have to worry Umma.”

Aroush sent an apology message of ending the call unexpectedly to Jad after her mum left the room. Jad was in his office thinking on why she ended the call like this several negative thought in his mind, may be she is tired of him speaking or may be he said something stupid, he all thougut at once but her short apology message made his day.

From that very day Jad and Aroush got attached to each other, the bond between them seems to get stronger day by day whereas the relationship between Aroush and Zia is some how getting weak.

Aroush changes alot she hardly get time to visit Zia, she is always on phone with Jad and when ever Zia visit her reply to him with is either yes or no, this her change in attitude affected Zia alot he wasn't in his normal self

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