He Loves My Biracial Identical/C6 I do not suits a blind person
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He Loves My Biracial Identical/C6 I do not suits a blind person
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C6 I do not suits a blind person

Reading at the same time watching flowers whenever she is bored is her habitual habit, Aleena was at the Veranda mimicking reading when Sajan get in to the house he watched her for some minutes and then moves to her right after placing his eyes on he he knows that she is not reading something is off with her.

The scene of his perfume inform her of his present she turned round to check who is standing, "Yaya welcome" she said after seeing him, he stride closer, does the bags arrive" she asked desperately "Aleena and problem you just need to wait you will see it very soon" he replied to her back, "any way what is wrong with you seems like something is bothering you?" he asked with care, "Am just thinking about the bags nothing more she jokingly replied, Sajan laughed "ok then Am here to say goodbye am leaving to Uganda next week God willing" he added.

"What are you leaving this soon?" she asked her eyes wide opened, "yes i have to go back for some urgent matter" he mentioned. She looked at him one of her eye slightly down ward with one of her eyebrows slightly upward before saying "Aren't you running becouse in that your bags their is nothing that belongs to us."

He laughed boisterously in a high pitch voice "Aleena you and Misha are the funniest people on earth, why will i run? Let’s say it is true nothing in Your name is in that bags why will i run?" he asked laughing.

"Because you decieved us!” She answered shortly.

"Wow deceitful," she said chortling before raising to his feet "am not here for you and i didn't decieve you guys will have to bleave me if the bags arrive" he said plodding to the door entrance of their main parlour.

Mom (Aleena's mum) was at dining area sitting on dinning table having her breakfast she is the type of person that eat breakfast after 12pm Sajan entered the parlor while she was eating so she asked him to eat with her but he said no he was full.

Mom smiled, "i know you very well you refused to eat because you were thinking it was made by house help,” he smiled without saying anything, mom smiled back, “well you are not wrong she cooked it," Mom mentioned.

"The person you are here for is at the verenda or may at garden if she is not at the verenda.” Mom added swallowing the food she chewed,

“I’m not here to meet Alina i am actually here to seek for a favor, please that soup you used to prepare for me when ever am traveling am here for it am leaving for Uganda next week." Sajan said his eyes slightly down rubbing his head.

Mom smiled "so now that you need soup you come to me i Thought Aleena and Misha know how to cook ask them to do it for you. He smiled please Mom I like the taste of yours more" he begged.

“Ok then i will do it for you, you come back day after tomorrow.”


Aroush has been preparing for school resumption since last week all her things are ready only few things remain she wanted to asked her Dad for the money but she know how he is struggling to feed them, her mind is telling her to ask Zia but she know now the bond between them is not that strong to ask for money she couldn't remember the time she saw him at their house and Whenever she decided to visit him a call or message from Jad will stop her she will forget until it is late, she was in her room busy chattering on phone with Jad when Zia come in to the house her attention isn't outside her room so she did not know Zia is in the house.

Zia met umma first after coming in to the house, he greated her and asked about Aroush where about, "She is in her room i don't know what is wrong with her these days she hardly come out of her room,” umma complained.

"I will ask her," he said trudging to the room, "peace be open you.” He said while entering in to the room, Aroush who was laying down in a prone position her legs slightly raised, pressing her phone answered with "please be open to you too come in" and then she seat well.

"They sat silently for minutes while Aroush is chatting on WhatsApp with Jad before Zia begin at last with a sudden question after clearing his throat with the kind of voice he called her name made her keep the phone "Aroush! Please by any chance did i do something wrong to you that i don't know?” He ask languidly.

She kept the phone and pay more attention to him, "why this question what did you see, did by any chance you think i can changed?” she asked.

He hummed, "no it is nothing but still i am sorry, he apologized,” please steepling his hands together, "i mean it when i said i am sorry, please Aroush stop avoiding me, yes punishing me this way wasn't a good idea," he besought.

She waved her two hands. "Wallahi it is nothing you will always be a special person to me, i don't even know how i change and if you think it is because i stop visiting you are wrong, that's because am not too well,” she languidly said.

He kept quiet for a bit for he wanted to analyze her voice since he can't see her face but her voice sounds so real that he can't understand if she is actually lying, it is difficult to understand her true feeling through her words may be by her actions he thought, so keep that aside and say, “ok we need to go now or else we will be late.”

She look at her phone on bed and then asked, "where are we going, can't we readjust the schedule to tommorow?” Aroush asked. Well, she actually don't want him to impede in this her beautiful time where she is chatting with Jad-she knew by now he must be waiting for her reply.

His mouth made corner puller as he hummed. “Hmm and i said you changed but you are hesitating.”

"Let's go Yaya," she said after she draped her veil over her head, he did not say anything but followed her . They walked together to the road she is by his side you could never say it that he is blind you will only think of the sun glasses in his face as a glass worn just for fashion. It is after he informed the taxi driver of their destination that Aroush heard of where they are going to.

Curious she look at him. “Yaya what are we going to at Sahad store to do?"

“You will see when we are there." He replied grinning.

“Ok sir!” she said jokingly.

Zia was so happy in the sense that his face can't hide it, the way they keep discussing over different issues made his entire day that he wished she could never change again because he liked it that way.

Reaching Sahad store he asked her to pick whatever she wanted, she is so happy that she couldn't help jumping delightedly. Aroush thanked him after hugging him unexpectedly and gleefully.

She took a basket and gave to him while he is holding the basket Aroush dropped whatever she took inside.

Three days later Zia asked his best and only male friend Ejaz to help and drive Aroush to school. So, they went together; the three of them to University of science and technology located at wudil where Aroush is studying Food science and staying at hostel.

Zia helped her drop her things from car while Ejaz took it to her room at hostel. Aroush felt bad watching them leave she knows very well she will surely miss them specially Zia.

Turning back to leave she saw her best friend, Sarah coming her way she ran to her happily coming closer to each other they hugged themselves before Sarah said.

“What is with this excitement you seems different person the Aroush i know cried whenever her Zia drop her at school what is with the happiness?” Sarah asked looking at Aroush curiously.

"It is love I don't know how to put it but it is surely love I am happy because it is the time for me to meet my love, i finally met the love of my life, i didn't tell him of my address because of my Dad he may ask him to never see me again and i am not ready for that but you see at here at school we can see each other openly," she said screwing her face up.

Sarah squeezed her face nodding her head.

“How will i believe you, Aroush, is in love with someone not Zia? is that even possible?” Sarah asked surprisingly.

Aroush inhaled air before she exhaled. “Did i ever tell you am in love with him, or did you think woman like me suits a blind person? Besides, to me Zia is like my biological brother."

"Please Aroush stop kidding yourself i know you are aware of his feelings for you, maybe it is because he is blind that's why you turned a blind eyes to him." Sarah said.

Aroush rolled her eyes and then squeezed her lips.

“Well, to be sincere what i believe is we can only love if we can see, so i will never believe it that Yaya Zia love for me is something different from a love for his sister.”


“Please let's go to my room, you need to help me arrange my things.” Aroush cut Sarah after grabbing her hands.

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