He Loves My Biracial Identical/C7 It happens again
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He Loves My Biracial Identical/C7 It happens again
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C7 It happens again

For the last 6 weeks Aleena was having a mixed feeling sometimes happiness and whenever she remembered about the unfortunate event that happened between her and the person she can't stop thinking about at the library entrance her mood will change everything will become dark to her.

After an antagonizing night, Aleena woke up the next day with the intention of visiting her best friend, she wanted to seek for some advice over what is bothering her she wanted to have something to do on their resumption date.

She had her breakfast after taking shower and wore her traditional wrapper which she looks good and beautiful in, and everything she wear.

Her brother, Shakir and her Mom were together discussion about life and how time passes quickly when Aleena went to tell her about her going to Sakna's house, seeing her coming Shakir hide something in his back and before hiding he make sure she saw hin hiding, she swiftly stride to him, "Yaya what did you hide?” She asked with curious face.

He raised his eyes and look at her with serious face,”what will i hide?" He asked feigning ignorance.

“But i saw you hiding it, any way it is okay.” Aleena shrugged.

She then informed her mom of going out and watched her mom for her answer praying in a low voice that she didn't say no.

After thinking for seconds her mom said. Okay you better come back on time I don't want your Dad to blame me for anything." Mom added.

He saw her snicking but he pretended to be talking to their Mom, "What is this, is it what you are hiding?" Aleena dropped the plate and left her mum and brother laughing this is it he just want make fun of her for he knows she doesn't like grapes.

From her mother’s room she went directly to parking lot where she drove the car to gate, she greeted the gate man respectfully and he opened the gate for her.

At Sakna's house before getting in she greeted the gate man with respect and he responded happily, he likes the girl because of how she always respect him although he is just a gate man, opening the gate she drove to parking lot and keep her car, coming out she saw Sakna from per spreading sorghum to her pigeon she smiled knowing how her friend love birds specially pigeon and turkey. They ran to each other cheerfully. Sakna was so happy to see Aleena at her place because Aleena wasn't a visiting type person.

She left Aleena at the garden and trudged inside to keep her bag and greet Sakna's mum, Mama was cleaning the center table she smiled upon glancing at Aleena.

“Who am i seeing? She asked.

“Is that you Aleena? Are my eyes healthy?” Mami said jokingly.

Aleena smiled and greeted her.

“We have a special guest today.” Mami said with care before Aleena left for Sakna's room and kept her bag.

She later Joined Sakna's in spreading the sorghum to the birds.

“ i am actually here for some tips and advice i am confused i don't know what to do with my feelings,” she said as she spread the sorghum.

“Is it about him, i mean the unknown person you are crushing or may be i should said in love with?” Sakna asked looking at her friend Aleena.

Aleena nodded. “Yes dear my problem is him now after what happened i find it very difficult to be happy.” Aleena complaint with wet eyes.

Sakna smirked. “Then you need to go and apologize then try the best you to get closer to him then use the opportunity to reveal your heart. It is simple dear.” Sakna said confidently to encourage her friend.

Aleena shook her head squeezing her nose

“Who...me? Telling a man i love him first? That will never happen! Even over my dead body! I can apologize but confession? No! I have a pride.” she said with low energy.

Sakna spread the last sorghum before saying, “and you call your feeling love? Funny! i think if it is actually love as you said you wouldn't hesitate confession, no can you think of pride.” Sakna replied.

“I’m telling you by God i swear it is love i know my feeling i know what i feel i love him,” she lamented.

“Okay who do you love, what is his name? i sometimes ask myself how can i just love a person by only knowing how he looks like not that i know how he mingle nor do i know his name is that even possible?” Aleena said as they walk towards the chairs in the garden.

Aleena glared at her furiously, “what do you mean?”

“Ok then why not we go to him together? i can help you ask his name and told him how you feel.” Sakna said ignoring her best friend question.

Aleena smiled, “are you mad? Sakna this is my business and i will take care of it!”


The next day Aleena did not go back to sleep after prayers even after knowing that the lecturers don't come to school at first day of resumption but still she decided to go to school on time.

At school she asked her driver to drive her to faculty of education that's the habitual place she use to see him she wanted to apologise this early morning may be she will have some relief. It was unfortunate for her not see him, she decided to go to her project supervisor and come back later she thoughtaybe he’s late.

May be it is because to day is the first day of resumption and still morning but the offices are closed not even the secretary are in the office so she decided to wait for like 2 hours.

The Secretary of her project supervisor did not come until after 10am, he told her his boss will not be at office until 2am.

She went back to faculty of education but still the man she wanted to meet isn't there, she sat on one of the students chair where she usually sit to wait for him after telling her driver to leave she will call him when she is done.

May be he is not coming to school today because Aleena waited for him for hours, it’s when she checked her watch and see it is 2pm she called her project supervisor to check if he is in the office, the lecturer said after picking the call don't tell me you have been waiting for me since morning.

“Yyes sir i am still at school may i come now?”she asked.

The man took a deep breath, “why will you wait you should at least call, any way i am not coming to new campus so you can mee me at faculty of live science at old campus you look for Dr Nawas office i am there.” She thanked him and hang up the call.

She tapped her forehead after sighing she just forget her driver left and if by any chance she is late that her supervisor won't take it easy on her she had no choice than to troll to Students bus stop, she is not use to that bus infact she couldn't remember when last she entered the student bus but at least she is calm seeing there's isn't the long line today.

She bought ticket and enter in to the Marcopolo, Aleena was so annoyed after entering into the car, the seats are full she has to stand she just can't imagine herself standing while car is moving the most annoying part is hearing the driver's voice saying people at the back should please adjust more people need to enter.

To her eyes and to every normal person the car is full,, she is already boiling with indignation, she don't know how it happen but find herself on another man's body she was pushed by the people trying to adjust themselves for others to enter.

“This is not fair, how can you push me like this? At least, since you knew beside and behind me are all males you can at least give me some space for me to stand comfortably,” she winced in a boisterous manner.

The whole people in the car supported her and the man she fell on his body gave her his seat, it when she sat that she recognized the man that pushed her, the man she has been waiting for.

Ejaz standing beside Zia grabbed his hand and helped him out of the car he knew if by any chance they stay on that car the pain exploding on Zia's head can make him collapse, Zia hate it people judging him over misunderstanding.

She watched them not knowing what to do when the car start moving.

Zia kept quiet for a while before saying, “is it that girl? i mean the girl at library?” he asked annoyingly.

“No it’s not her. It’s someone different.” Ejaz replied back to him.

Zia smirked.

“I know it's her but why does she decide to disgrace me always? Why me? Is it because i am blind?” He asked bitterly. Particularly, he’s not referring the question to Ejaz. It’s just rhetoric. And full of pain....

New chapter is coming soon
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