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C4 First Aid

At 10: 30 in the night, Mother Ye had already been in the operation room for half an hour. The empty corridor only required Ye Fanwei to pace back and forth in pain.

"Creak —"

The door to the operation room opened and the doctor's face turned grim.

"Relatives of patients, please sign here first."

Ye Fanwei took over the cardboard. When she saw the words "notice of illness and danger", she almost lost her balance and fainted.

"What …" How could this be? "

"The situation is getting worse. All we can do is try our best."

"You are the best hospital, how can there be no solution!"

Ye Fanwei's heart clenched. She couldn't pick up the pen. She felt that once she signed, her mother would really be gone.

Tears streamed down his face, blurring the words on the board. The hospital was silent, but the doctor's voice was cold and emotionless.

"Miss Ye, time is of the essence. Please sign as soon as possible so that your mother can have more hope."

In the end, it was still …

Ye Fanwei —

It was the first time in her life that she had felt such pain when she signed her name.

The lights in the operating room came on again, and Ye Fanwei sat on a bench in the corridor, suffering.

In her pocket was the name card Fang Ze left her. She hesitated for a long time before entering the number on her phone's dial, then deleting it. After repeating this many times, she finally didn't have the courage to call.

"Uncle Fang Ze, I'm sorry to disturb you. My mother is currently in emergency treatment. I just signed the medical notice, so I really don't know what to do."

Kang Ren Hospital was already the best hospital in A City. If the doctors here couldn't do anything, Ye Fangwei could only hope that Mu Ting Chen would have better resources.

On the other side.

In the center of the city, the tallest building in the bustling city was the Mu Family's office building.

In the CEO's office.

A tall and straight man stood in front of the window. The red wine cup in his hand swayed slightly. He looked at the bustling night scene and slightly frowned.

For the entire night, his eyes were filled with that pair of stubborn and spirited eyes, as well as the special smell on her body.

It was a very, very light fragrance of milk.

Someone knocked on the door. A respectful voice came from outside.


"Come in."

Fang Ze handed the phone over, saying that it was from Miss Ye.

For a time, the silence in the room was oppressive.

Fang Ze was a little unsure. Actually, he didn't need to trouble Director Mu with such a small matter. However, from what he had observed these days, that girl seemed to have a different meaning to him.

Fang Ze didn't dare to be negligent.

"What did the academy say?"

The man's voice was calm and dignified. Like his people, it was above all the clamor of the world.

"The academy said that this is a terminal illness. The only thing we can do is delay time."

Mu Tingxiao sipped a mouthful of red wine and spoke calmly:

"Contact the dean of Manchester and tell him that I will visit him in the near future."

Fang Ze was startled and his eyes widened. "You aren't thinking of sending Madam Ye to the Manchester hospital, right? That's the private institute of the military of M Country. Isn't that a bit too …"

Too much fuss, Fang Ze wanted to say, but he didn't dare.

He quickly changed his tone. "Although you are sworn brothers with Mr. Song, you have helped them a lot after you came back. Furthermore, you helped them out when something happened to the Song family back then. Why …"

"Do your job."


"Let's go to Kang Ren Hospital."

"..." "Yes."

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