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C6 Danger

Kang Ren Hospital.

Ye Fanwei waited for a long time, but there was no reply. Her phone lit up again and again, then turned dark again. It went down with her heart.

Even when his mother was sent from the emergency room to the intensive care unit to observe, there was no news from his cell phone.

Ye Fanwei thought to herself, she's such a fool, how could she have any hope in that person? He should be merciful enough to help pay for his mother's medical expenses, so how could he continue to meddle in this troublesome matter?

Through the glass, she could only look at her mother, who was covered with tubes of fluid. Ever since her father had disappeared, the two of them had been dependent on each other, and her mother had been her most important person.

As long as there was a sliver of hope, she would not give up.

Ye Fanwei took out her phone from her pocket. Her fingertips were trembling from the exertion. There was only one person she could ask for.

Li Henna.

"Beep, beep, beep."

He waited for a long time before he got through. As soon as he picked up the phone, he heard a loud music. Li Hanna's voice was also unclear, as if she had drank a lot of wine.

In the confusion, Ye Feiwei told him her request. She had heard that Li Da Kai knew a very good doctor in M Country, so she wanted him to help her contact him and send her mother to M Country for treatment.

Her voice was trembling, and she tried not to cry.

"As long as you are willing to help me, I will do anything!"

Li Hanna thought for a while and then asked with a smile that was not a smile, "Are you sure? You can do anything you want? "

"Yes, anything is fine for me to do."

"Alright!" Li Hanna seemed to have thought of a great idea. She couldn't help but laugh on the other end of the phone, "Come to the Charm Club now, I'll be there in half an hour. If I'm late, don't blame me for not saving you."

"But right now, I …"

Ye Fanwei wanted to say that she had to stay at the hospital with her mother, but before she could finish, she hung up.

Li Henna was her last hope. Although they had betrayed her in the past and played her round, now, no matter how small the hope was, Ye Fangwei still had to give it a try.

Since she was already like this, what else could she be doing?

At twelve o'clock at night, Yevlenmeyer left the hospital and took a taxi to the Charm Club, leaving the nurse to take care of her mother.

Charm was a place for the young masters of the upper class to amuse themselves. Most of the well-known people in A City were frequent customers there.

Seeing that the car was getting closer and closer to their destination, Ye Fangwei's heart tightened.

She had no choice but to muster up her courage.

Unlike the neon light outside and the enchantment inside, there was a sense of gloom and depression surrounding him.

Each room had a different sign on the door. After turning left and right a few times, Ye Fanwei was finally brought to the door of a private room.

She was pushed inside and when she looked up, three men and three women were sitting on the dark red sofa.


The door was closed behind him.

Ye Fanwei looked around and gradually understood everything. She couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Li Henna sat next to the man in the middle. Her makeup was so heavy that it was hard to tell what she looked like.

"Speak, what did you call me here for?"

Ye Feiwei stood in the middle of the room, her eyes stinging from the light that shone down on her.

"This is one of the Four Young Masters of A City, Young Master Shen." Li Hanna slowly stood up from the sofa and walked to Ye Fanwei's side, taking her arm affectionately, "Don't say that I don't care about sisterhood, but I will introduce you to such an excellent young master Shen. If you follow him, forget about the doctors in M Country, even the stars in the sky will be picked for you!"

Li Henna reeked of alcohol and wondered if she was still conscious.

Ye Fanwei felt a bit of regret in her heart. She shouldn't have rushed over so impulsively.

Young Master Shen sat in the middle of the sofa with his legs crossed, looking like a popinjay.

"Come here."

Ye Fanwei was unwilling, but Li Hanna pushed her from behind and shoved her into Young Master Shen's arms.

The surrounding laughter rose and fell, everyone was looking at her, Ye Fanwei felt as if she was being roasted.

"The Ye Clan's daughter has fallen to the point of being a chicken?" Young Master Shen's voice was thick with sarcasm, "That year when your father rejected my company's cooperation, did he ever think that one day, his daughter would also fall into my hands?"

As the sound of her voice faded, Ye Fanwei's heart sank.

This was revenge!

She was so anxious to believe in Lee Hanna again!

When Young Master Shen visited the Ye Family that year, he suffered a blow to the door. Li Hanna brought her here at this time, which pleased Shen Shaohua, and also took the opportunity to humiliate him. It was despicable to the extreme!

Ye Fanwei focused her mind and pushed Young Master Shen's arm away from her leg. She said coldly, "I'm not selling myself. Since Young Master Shen has such enmity towards our family, there's no way I can help. I'll be taking my leave first!"

The moment he got up, he was pushed down by the shoulders and sat back down heavily.

"Where do you think this is? Come at will? " Li Henna chuckled. "Ye Fanwei, accept your fate!"

"Li Henna! Our Ye Family has never let down your Li Family! Why do you have to hurt me time and time again! "

"Causing you harm?" Li Henna bent down and lifted Ye Fanwei's chin as she spoke into her ear, gritting her teeth, "If it weren't for you, I would have already been engaged and annulled by Mu Tingxiao. The Mu family would have taken me for a fool and I wouldn't have let you off!"

"What does this have to do with me?!"

"You don't need to quibble. Although I don't know what you said to Mu Tingxiao, I can confirm that you won't have the chance to say anything to him in the future."

After Li Hanna finished, she slowly stood up and immediately put on a smile. She said to Young Master Shen, "Young Master Shen, if you like this gift, don't forget what you promised me."

"Isn't that Mu Tingxiao? I'll get someone to knock him out and send him to your house." Young Master Shen boasted shamelessly because he had no idea of Mu TIngchen's origins.

As for Li Henna.

She hadn't intended to give up her position as the Mu family's young mistress.

The clock ticked, and as they spoke, Ye Fangwei aimed at the opportunity and pushed aside the man beside her, doing her best to dash for the door.

Just as one of his legs was about to reach the door, his arm was suddenly grabbed by the power behind him and suddenly dropped down.


She turned uncontrollably and was knocked to the ground.

With his face burning hot, the man who looked like an enraged wild beast said, "You want to run, motherf * cker? "Today, I will let you know what it means to beg for death!"



At the same time Ye Weiwei's collar was torn apart, the door was kicked open.

Mu Ting Chen stood at the entrance of the private room, his face hidden in the dim light as a domineering aura emanated from him. Just by standing there, he was able to shatter all the schemes in the room.

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