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He's Bright With Stars/C7 Get out of My Way
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C7 Get out of My Way

It seemed that the young master of the Shen family didn't know Mu Ting Chen. After all, he had been a tyrant since he was young. He didn't even know how many people were capable of suppressing him.

"Who the fuck are you? How dare you cause trouble in my territory?! Do you know who I am?! "

Mu TIngchen's expression was always the same. He was too lazy to bother with Young Master Shen, who was making a ruckus at the side.

He just walked straight towards Ye Fanwei. With his calm face and dark eyes, everyone couldn't help but feel a chill down their spines.

He seemed really angry.

"Where's the wound?"

Ye Fanwei was startled by the cold tone of his voice. After a long while, she shook her head. "I'm not injured."

"Then get up and go home."

Mu Tingxiao was not a soft-hearted person to begin with. Furthermore, he had heard the conversation in the room earlier. He knew that this girl was willing to sell herself to Madam Ye, and was extremely infuriated.

However, when he looked at Ye Fanwei, a hint of gentleness appeared in his eyes.

He sighed and stretched out his hand towards Ye Fanwei. "Can you do it?"

Ye Fanwei had just raised her hand when the huge palm in front of her was snatched away by someone.

"Ting Chen, why are you here? "I heard that Weiwei was here, so I rushed over to find her. If I knew that you would come, I wouldn't have taken this risk by myself."

Mu Chen frowned and immediately withdrew his hand.

For a moment, he didn't seem to remember who the person with the thick makeup was.

"I'm Henna. What's wrong? Why can't I remember him?"

Mu Tingxiao casually glanced at her and replied, "I thought you were a waiter here."

Li Hanna's face was ashen. She clenched her teeth, not daring to say anything.

"Hahahaha." Young Master Shen laughed out loud, not caring about Li Hanna's feelings at all.

"He walked over to Mu Tingxiao, still looking as sloppy as ever." You are Mu Tingxiao? "You've only just grown a bit handsome, and yet you've already made my Sister Henna so infatuated. Let me tell you, Hanna liking you is your fortune. Don't be so shameless if you're given face …"

Mu TIngchen's patience had run out.


Just one word, and Fang Ze understood. A few of his men quickly appeared and quickly took control of Young Master Shen.

What was stuffed into his mouth was a smelly rag that he had found somewhere.

Young Master Shen opened his eyes wide, but did not dare to move no matter how he struggled.

Everyone in this room was a well-known figure in A City, but when facing Mu Ting Chen, they seemed like ants beneath an elephant's feet.

The door was kicked open, and the room was in a mess. Logically speaking, the person in charge of charm had long since stepped in. However, nobody had appeared for so long, allowing Mu Ting Chen to do whatever he wanted.

Ye Fanwei had long since risen to her feet and looked on from a distance. Although all of this was going to benefit her, her fear of this man only continued to grow.

Just how powerful was he?

As he was lost in thought, his wrist was pulled out by a big hand. Soon after, he was pulled out of this hellish place.

At the Charm Club's entrance.

Ye fangwei discovered that Mu Tingxiao wasn't the only one who brought people from the private box. There was a car parked outside, and beside that car were dozens of men waiting in unison.

Mu Tingxiao raised his hand as he replied, "I did."

He clearly wanted to smash Charm, but his tone was as relaxed as saying, "It's time to eat."

She did not want to cause so much trouble. The fact that Charm could establish a base in A city and serve countless nobles must mean that Charm's background was very powerful. If she were to ruin it like this, the consequences would be unthinkable.

She tugged at the sleeve of the man beside her.

"Uncle Mu …" Forget it. "


Mu Tingxiao said as he brought Ye Fanwei into the car.

The car window slowly closed, while the subordinate at Charm doors were still waiting for Boss Mu's final command.

"Director Mu, are we still going to smash it?"


Ye Fanwei was speechless.

What a stubborn fellow.

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