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He's Bright With Stars/C9 Sudden Bad News
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C9 Sudden Bad News

The moment his lips and teeth met, the man's desire was completely ignited.

Ye Fanwei didn't even have time to ask what the meaning of his last sentence was. He was thrown into the bottomless swamp of desire.

Her rejection persisted until he gripped her fist and pressed his thin lips against her ear.

Word by word, he said, "From today onwards, you can only make deals like this with me."

Ye Fanwei was stunned. Her expression relaxed and her face flushed red.

When he asked for her, he let out a sigh of satisfaction from his mouth. Ye Fangwei's hands were still pressed against his chest, but her resistance had been unconsciously weakened. He kissed between her eyebrows, his teeth pulling at her lips.

Just like that, in the man's rhythm, the most secret shame had unwittingly taken over her heart.

The night was dark, and the interior of the carriage was extremely stuffy.

Ye Fanwei felt powerless as she leaned into Mu Ting Chen's embrace, her body softly trembling in pain.

She raised her hand to open the window.


Suddenly, he wrapped her small hands in his hands and placed them on his lap. He said gently, "The wind is strong tonight, I'm going to catch a cold."

She didn't speak. She just slowly closed her eyes.

Her body slowly turned from being boiling hot to being bone-chilling cold. Such a trade made Ye Fangwei feel dirty.

She finally experienced the taste of sorrow.

What was sadness? Sad was unable to resist.

In this quiet atmosphere, Mu Ting Chen's gaze never left the girl in his embrace.

She closed her eyes. Within the dim and gentle light, her five-black hair was drenched with sweat. Her eyelashes trembled slightly. Her fair skin made her seem even more pure and clean.

He had only wanted to try to enter her life, but it had only just begun and he seemed to have lost control.

No matter what, he was still her father's sworn brother. He was also her elder brother.

Yet they did such a thing.

Mu Tingxiao sighed. After so many years, he finally understood the feeling of helplessness.

He originally thought that he could take control of anything, but when he faced this girl, he couldn't help it.

Time slowly passed. The weak Ye Fangwei finally had some strength left in her. She slowly sat up.

Keep your distance from that man.

"You can go to the hospital now."

Mu Tingxiao seemed to be worried as his voice turned gentle.

"You look really bad, I'll get Fang Ze to send you back to rest, and I'll take care of the hospital."

Although her voice was pale and weak, it was still filled with certainty.

"I want to stay with my mother."


Fang Ze had been waiting outside the car. When he returned, his eyelashes were covered with a layer of white frost.

As the engine started, Mu Tingxiao quietly shook Ye Fanwei's hand.

His hand was very hot, seemingly hotter than the temperature of his lips.

"Our transaction has ended, right?" Ye Fanwei pulled back her hand, her eyes extremely cold. "That's why I ask you to behave yourself."

When the car stopped, Ye fangwei never looked at Mu Ting Chen.

Look at how ugly his face is.

Kang Ren Hospital.

It was still dawn, and there was no one in the corridor. Mu Ting Chen didn't come with her, but headed straight up to the quiet and oppressive environment. Ye Fangwei could even clearly hear her heartbeat.

Time and again, it seemed like a bad omen.

At the door of the ICU, looking at the empty sickbed, his heart suddenly missed a beat.

"Where's my mother?" She randomly grabbed a nurse, pointed at the bed, and said excitedly: "Where are the people here?!"

"You are a relative of Bed No. 7?" The nurse flipped through the book in her hand. "Ye Fanwei?"

"Yes!" "It's me, where's my mom?!"

"What's the matter with you? Your mother was in such a dangerous situation, yet you didn't stay in the hospital? "We can't get through to your phone either, we can't get through to you at all!"

Ye Fanwei's voice was trembling and hoarse. She tried her best to calm down as she asked, "I ask you, where is my mother?"

"There was a sudden situation last night. It was useless trying to rescue her and she left. You …" My condolences. "

These words were like a heavy hammer that smashed into Ye Fanwei's heart. She felt pain. Other than pain, there was no other feeling.

She followed the nurse numbly down to the ground floor and saw her mother's face under the white cloth.

At that moment, she wished she could leave this place with her mother.

His internal organs were all massaged together, and he was in so much pain that he was at the wrong place.

After a long while, she raised her hand and pinched her own face. She was so numb that she didn't feel anything anymore.

Was this a dream? So this was just a nightmare …

"Ye Fanwei!"

The man's voice suddenly pulled her out of her trance. "This is not a dream. No matter how hard you pinch yourself, it's useless."

Mu Chen frowned. Just as he came down from the Principal's office, he saw Ye Fangwei viciously pinching him in the corridor.

He held her hand, unable to feel the slightest bit of warmth. Feeling flustered, he directly pulled her into his embrace to warm her.

"There will be me in the future."

Ye Fanwei found this funny. She curled her lips and asked him coldly, "What do you want?"

Mu Tingxiao was slightly taken aback. With a slight frown, he slowly let her go.

"What did you say?"

"I'm asking you what you want." Ye Fanwei said each word clearly, "You suddenly returned to your home country to help us, mother and son, and now you're pretending to care for me. What are you trying to do?"

Her hostility was so obvious that Mu Tingxiao felt as though he had been bestowed a kindness to an ungrateful bastard.

Her black pupils were rippling, and the gentleness hidden in the depths of her eyes was disappearing bit by bit.

He approached her with a faint smile and spoke faintly.

"Ye Fanwei, you climbed onto my bed first."

These words were like a knife, viciously stabbing into Ye Fanwei's heart.

She clenched her hands tightly as her shoulders tensed. Countless shameful scenes flooded her mind. In the end, her face turned as pale as a sheet of paper as she glared at Mu Ting Chen. Under her immense grief, she gradually calmed down.

"So you already knew, that's why you were just trying to humiliate me."

"Mu Ting Chen, you're really inhumane!"

Mu Tingxiao frowned as he stared coldly at the stubborn girl in front of him. His anger finally broke out, bit by bit, from his cold eyes.

"Humiliate you? Do I look so free? Wasting his time to humiliate a little girl? Ye Fanwei, you think too highly of yourself. "

Ye Fanwei's face was pale as she staggered backwards.

With a helpless and self-deprecating tone, he said, "Yes, you are the high and mighty Mister Mu. You came close to us because you showed mercy. You have no purpose."

The sarcasm in his words was too obvious. It had completely drained the last of Mu Tingxiao's patience.

The man's stern face was overcast and extremely gloomy.


He coldly left these two words, then resolutely left.

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