Head Over Heels/C1 Prologue
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Head Over Heels/C1 Prologue
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C1 Prologue

Odd Encounter.


I was walking to find the restroom here at the club we went to with friends, I'm drunk and I know it.

I saw a guy, he also looks paralyzed. He can't walk properly because he looks drunk. Like me, he also just held on to the wall while walking.

"Hey, Mister." I touched the man with his back who almost fell down as well.

I feel dizzy, my vision is blurred, and I also fall rocking while walking. What's in that wine? Why does this affect me?

The man turned around. "Oh!" He chuckled and held my arm. I almost fell down!

He leaned me against the wall while holding onto my wrist. I closed my eyes as I chuckled. "You know what? You're handsome," I chuckled.

He chukled as he lean his face close to my ear. "Thanks, sexy," he whispered seductively.

I scoffed. "C- can you show me, where's the restroom?" My eyes were still closed when I asked him.

When I opened my eyes, he's smirking while looking at me.

The door slammed open as we entered a room. He slammed the door shut and quickly leaned me against the wall. He's kissing my lips while I'm leaning on wall. I was holding him tightly behind him as he pressed a kiss on me.

I loosened his necktie as he was busy kissing me. I also slowly removed his belt.

He caressed my chest. I let out a soft moan, he took the opportunity to enter his tongue inside my mouth.

He looks so hungry, he almost took over my entire lip. Even my tongue he did not miss.

I deliberately clung to his neck as he lifted me up, I quickly wrapped my thighs around his waist as we continued to kiss.

He took my heels off.

He slowly squeezed my seat as he lifted me up. I felt electricity all over my body as he squeezed it.

He sat me down at the table, his kiss falling from my lips down to my neck.

I didn't realize that my top was gone, I only noticed it when I felt him holding my rich breasts.

I pushed him hard, I immediately left sitting at the table and crushed him with a kiss.

We got to bed, this man was on top of me. He took off everything that's covering my whole body.

"Fuck, you're so sexy," he compliment my body in a husky way.

He stood in front of me and one by one took off his clothes. I secretly picked up the necktie he had thrown on the side of the bed. This will be exciting.

Her six pack abs popped up in front of me now, when I looked it down, shit! It's like I want to step back!

I drank a lot, that's why I have the courage now. But I felt nervous when I saw that! Shit! This is my first time doing this!

He suddenly open my thighs widely. He licked my womanhood using his wet tongue. I felt a tickle in my femininity because of what she did.

He's playing with my sensitive bud using his wet tongue. "Ah!" I moaned loudly. The speed of his tongue was immediately terrible! I'm not prepared!

As time goes on, he gets more and more into my femininity.

I don't know where I'm going to stick. This is too much!

He suddenly inserted his middle finger inside my womanhood. "Ahh!" I moaned loudly. Fuck! It hurts!

The bedsheet was almost punctured because I scratched it.

He's playing with my sensitive bud using his wet tongue while his middle finger are thrusting inside and out of my womanhood. He's so fast!

I felt warmth in my femininity. "Fuck! I- I'm c- cumming!" I moaned loudly.

He chuckled. "It's delicious. Taste like a expensive wine, huh?" He said. Teasing me.

It's my turn.

I pressed a kiss to him to swap our position. Now, I'm on top of him.

I grabbed both of his hands and tied them with his own necktie that had earlier been cup holding.

"Hey, what's this? Oh man! Seriously? Do you have to do this? You're so unfair!" He then complained when I tied his two hands.

I lean my face close to his ear. "I'm not unfair, you'll love this I promise," I said and licked his earlobe.

I positioned myself in front of him. I was sitting on his body as he lay on bed.

I slowly introduced his manhood into my courtyard. "Ah!" I moaned loudly.

He himself entered it into my yard. It was as if his pet had reached my intestines too long.

My eyes watered because of what he did. It hurts!

"You're so slow, miss," he chuckled.

I saw him quickly remove the necktie tied to his hands, he adjusted his seat.

He grabbed my cheeks. "H- hey, are you okay? Does it hurt you that much? I'm sorry," he worriedly said.

"I- it's my first time doing this," I admitted.

"Oh, really? I'm sorry. I didn't know. Do you want us to stop?" He asked. I can see it through his eyes that he's worried.

I hugged him. "No. We can continue. We're here anyway," I said. My voice almost broke.

"Hey, look at me." He grabbed my cheeks and made me look at him.

He kissed my forehead. "After this, you'll see me again. I promise," he said.

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