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C1 Those eyes

I kept looking at the phone in my hands like some sort of torture device. Well,

you would do the same if your estranged best friend invites you to her fiancé’s beach house for a chill out, is this her way of making amends? Or is she trying to butter me up for something?

I replayed the conversation in my head where she promised me a week of alcohol, weed and sexy men seeing as I love all of those so I imagined my answer will be yes to the invitation. My name is lily McLean and I am a freelance writer, I write for blogs and I am in the process of publishing my own book, I am an only child and 23 years old. The week flew by so fast that Friday morning came quicker than expected,

And I didn’t feel ready or prepared especially with Stella hounding and calling me like I took her kidney, so what if I am an hour late? That is not enough reason to run my battery down, it’s not like I won’t be there at all. I wore the simplest clothes I could find, who the hell am I impressing? I had on shorts and a t- shirt, I texted “on my way” as I slid into my car. While I sat in traffic, all I could do is think about how much fun I am going to have in a beach house, I have never been to a beach house before, I am glad I can cross that off my bucket list. My thought suddenly went to the wrong place, I mean what if her new friends don’t warm up to me? What if her fiancé is a douchebag or worse an asshole? This is going to be the first time I am meeting him. Well I will enjoy myself regardless of how this trip turns out, we get to live once, right? I parked in front of a freaking mansion” small cottage my ass”. Suddenly I became nervous, I could feel my palms sweating and I had to wipe them on my t-shirt, scowling at how gross that was as I rang the doorbell. I waited for three minutes and nobody was forth coming to answer the door, I tried calling her but it kept going to voice mail, okay now I am beginning to get mad, who the hell invites someone and keeps them waiting, I am two seconds from walking to my car and hightailing out of here. Sighing, I made my way to turn around and leave when I heard shuffling from the other side of the door, I waited patiently as the door opened and the face that greeted me was that of my best friend, I barely said a word as she hugged me so tight I felt my teeth clatter, I could smell her perfume, the familiar scents hitting my noise as I closed my eyes and lost myself in her warmth. I really have missed her.

She released me and I could see her tear stained face, she has always been the emotional one who wears her heart on her sleeve. It felt so good to see her again after a long time, at that moment I forgot why I was mad at her for abandoning me after she moved out and relished in seeing her glow as a newly engaged woman. I followed her up the stairs as she entered and headed to what looks like a bedroom while I struggled to carry my bag, such a good hostess, huh? I entered the house and paused,

OH MY GOD!!! This is a freaking palace, I thought the house was pretty from the outside but it’s just gorgeous especially with the summer decoration, I love it!!!

I entered the kitchen and I felt eyes on me, I turned to look and;

There he was, the most captivating man I have ever seen staring right me without blinking, his eyes were so intense like he was staring into my soul, like he could read

my mind, I stared right back because I am so stubborn, it’s like being stuck in a trance and it took Stella calling for me to snap back to reality, I waved in greeting before ducking inside the bedroom with the speed faster than a race car, I rushed towards

Stella’s voice in a nearby bedroom, I rounded her to ask “who the fuck is that in the

Sitting room?” she looked surprised for a second before telling me that the “he” in question is ken, kelvin’s elder brother.

She grabbed my hand muttering something about introduction and I panicked, she knew how much I hated meeting new people, sensing that she squeezed me hand in a kind gesture indicating that she was here with me, she took me to sitting room where she made the introductions

‘Ken, meet me best friend lily. He looked up from the screen of his phone to pierce me with those eyes. He kept his eyes on me as he spoke to Stella ’we have met’ the voice alone did strange things to my body, hearing him talk like that melted my insides. Either that or I can chalk it up to the fact that I haven’t had sex in over a year.

I sat down there for a while trying my best not to stare at him and come off as a creep, I stared at the television instead trying my best not to think about the hunk of male sitting in the same room with me, unable to bare the silence, I decided to initiate a conversation so we can get to know each other.

So, nice weather, huh? Jeez, that is the best I could come up with? I wanted to die of embarrassment but he merely lifted his brows while staring at me, come to think of it, he has been staring at me the whole time, I could be imagining things right now. We talked for a bit before Stella decided to drag me out to go hang out with her new friends. Ugh!!! I hate her for dragging me out to go chill with her new friends while this fine specimen was alone and in dire need of my company, she so owes me for this.

I didn’t go out with the outfit I came in, I had to get changed cause her friends (Brittany, Melissa, Nancy) wanted us to look sexy and that includes short dresses, fuck me heels and make up. I drew the line at make-up, I can’t have that spoiling my flawless skin that took me years to achieve, I wore a black leather dress that stopped just above my knee accentuating my tiny waist and curvy bottom, I paired it with my 6 inches heeled strappy sandals also in black and finished my look with a high ponytail. Satisfied with my look I headed to the sitting room where the rest were waiting for me, I grabbed my purse and walked out of my bedroom. On entering the sitting room I noticed the girls fawning over ken and I almost screamed ‘back off’ but all that came out was ‘I am ready to go’ making all eyes turn to me, I shifted from foot to foot as the attention got uncomfortable, ken was looking at me like I was a snack he would like to feast on, my best friend looked at me with a smile on her face while her friends looked green with envy, I just waited for the negative comments that would follow suit, judging by the look on Brittany’s face it was going to be as nasty as the look she is giving me.

“Why are you not on your make up?” she asked before turning to Stella “didn’t you tell her we were going to an exclusive party?” I felt so embarrassed and almost snapped at her when ken came to my rescue “ you look beautiful” and that was enough to get my confidence to sky rocket to the roof. I shyly thanked him before sending Brittany a nasty look. “If you have nothing to say then shut the fuck up” Stella noticing the tension in the room shouted “shot gun” making me groan out loud, silently cursing her for being the worst best friend ever. I headed straight to the door with my head held high while the others followed closely behind. I was almost out the door when I heard Brittany asking ken why he is not coming out with us, and she could stay and keep him company if he wanted, I had already started planning how to get away with murder once I am through with her. Why on earth would Stella invite these bitches out here knowing fully well I had zero tolerance for bitches?

I had no intention of drinking too much tonight but fuck it! A girl has got to loosen up,

I had my weed all rolled up in my bag and I don’t plan on returning home sober at all. I was going to have fun with or without them.

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