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C2 The club

Finally, we were in the club and I could feel the familiar buzz of loud music travel through my body and I loved it. I walked straight to the cute bartender to order drinks because I am pretty sure I lost the girls when we came in and knowing Stella, she probably went with the more popular crowd. I ordered scotch on the rocks as I sat at the bar, the bartender winked at me as he placing my drink right in front of me. Sadly he is not my type, my type is the man with blue eyes cold like Antarctica, and if only he came with us then my night would be better than this. I drank from my glass as I thought of how best to get him in my bed before one of this blood sucking demons Stella calls friends snatch him up, I imagined him laying me flat on the kitchen counter while he devours me like I am the last snack on earth and he has been starving, I want to slide my hand across his hard chest, his abs and his treasure trail while tracing it with my tongue, I groan inwardly as I feel my panties dampen, the thought of him shirtless gets me so wet. I lick my lips grinning at how I found my latest assignment “seducing the fuck out of my blue eyed man”. Earlier I got to know that he was single and that cemented the assignment in my head. If I want him in my bed then I am going to have to invite him in it

The environment was too loud for the kind of thoughts I was having especially knowing that he was all alone in the house and I could hop into my car and proceed with my plan instead of hanging out here, I took three more glasses of scotch before going to the ladies room, I lit my smoke there while thinking of an escape plan to tell stella so she doesn’t suspect the real reason I want to go home, feeling myself going to the cloud nine, I decided to look for stella and explain what terrible headache I am having but before that I headed to the bar to order more drinks for myself. That is where Stella found me to tell me she and the girls were going to another party and if I wanted to come,

“Hey, we are going to another party downtown, you want to come or go home cause I know you dislike the girls?” my inner self was doing a cart wheel in my head as an opportunity presented itself, “yeah I will be heading home, I can feel myself getting a headache from this” she hugged me before following the posse out the door,

I quickly finished my drink before heading out to my car, I drove back home. I was finally back to the house and I could say I am glad I did because those damn eyes haunted me during the drive, I trudged upstairs to my bedroom, I laid on the bed as I thought of ways to make him want me desperately enough to chase me. I changed to my sexiest night gown with the matching robe and went to the sitting room to hang out, there he was sitting in a chair with his head bent over his laptop working on something, I said a quick hello to him as I sat opposite him and pretended to get busy with my phone, I could feel his heated gaze on me and I knew why, my gown was tight and brought out every curve of my body for the human eye to see. Feeling satisfied with his reaction to my appearance I headed to the kitchen to get water, I was bent over the fridge when I felt the door close making me smile into the refrigerator, turning around I asked him if he wanted anything but he kept staring at me with his unwavering eyes, my blood boiling as he undressed me with his eyes, he took a step forward making me step backwards, this reminds me of a predator stalking his prey especially the look in his eyes like he wants to devour every inch of me, I almost moan out loud as the thought crossed my mind, he took another step making me back up against the refrigerator door there, making me tilt my head up to look at him in question waiting for him to kiss me or say something at least.

“Could you move? You are blocking the door’ he said as he pointed to the refrigerator.

I was shocked but mostly embarrassed, I can’t believe I read this wrong. I moved out the way hurriedly leaving to my room as I muttered a quick good night to him. I didn’t stop walking till I reached my room, what the hell was that all about? I have never been embarrassed like that, I paced my room thinking of how I am going to avoid him and forget this ever happened, I mean that is the only way we can be civil for the rest of the week and I am going to ignore his existence. I can’t believe I misread his attitude for attraction, damn!

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