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C3 Fresh start

I stayed in my room for the rest of the night and the whole of the afternoon claiming a headache when stella came to check up on me, she stayed a bit with me informing me that her fiancé was back home and she needed to introduce us but it can wait till I am ready since I feel sick, yes I lied to her face to avoid a situation, sue me. I had my bath two hours later when I decided I was ready to face the crowd, I changed to a pair of sweats and an old t-shirt I had and headed to the sitting room, I met stella and her fiancé cuddling on a lounge chair and ken was on his phone, I rolled my eyes at that because he is always on his phone and it is very frustrating. I felt him look up as I enter the room but I keep my eyes and smile planted on the couple in front of me, Stella’s face lit up as she saw me, she stood to make the introduction,

“Kelvin, this is my best friend, lily”. I know you want to put a face to the name and here she is, she said as I lifted my head and smiled just as kelvin pulled me into his arms for a brief hug, he smelt nice just like his brother maybe the good genes runs in their family, I am so happy my best friend get to marry someone as handsome as kelvin. We get into a conversation about the government and politics before drifting to the entertainment industry, the whole time we were talking and having fun ken did not contribute a single thing and it irritated me so much because I really wanted him to talk, his voice is deep and sexy, the type of voice used for dirty talking, I wanted him to talk dirty to me with that voice and I would do anything for him. I was so deep in thoughts that I didn’t hear my phone ringing till Stella nudged me’ hey, Hugh is calling you’ now that brought a different kind of smile on my face, Hugh is my closest male friend and such a huge supporter of my dreams that trait alone made me adore him so much.

“Hey baby” he hated it when I called him that but I can’t help but tease him

‘You know I hate it when you call me that?’ his voice rang in my ear making me sigh at how much I missed him, we talked a bit about school and when I am coming back, I noticed ken no longer paid attention to his phone instead he had his eyes on me the whole time but I didn’t care anymore and just listened to Hugh tell me how much fun he had without me.

‘Why would you have fun without me I thought we were a team’? I whined on the phone, pouting even when I know he can’t see it, ken’s eyes dropped to my lips and the room got tighter, I had to get out of here fast, I believe I muttered something like ‘excuse me’ and went straight to the veranda to continue my call. ‘Baby girl when are you coming back? Hugh asked on the phone. ‘I don’t know yet but the arranged time was for a week for me to be here’ ‘well hurry and get back here, we need to hang out as we normally do’ he said and I know deep down, I would blow this shindig if Hugh asked me to come right away, between him and stella who has been my best friend for years, Hugh has been there for me more times than I can count which is a thousand times more than what stella did in our fifteen years of friendship, I sighed again on the phone quickly ending the call with Hugh with an I love you and tucked my phone in my pocket, I stayed there for a while so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t hear anybody come in to stand beside me, I was so absent minded that I didn’t notice ken call my name, I crashed back to reality when I felt a solid hand pull my arm, I blinked at the figure in front of me for several seconds before I stuttered an apology for being absent minded.

‘I am sorry, I didn’t mean to go out like that’ he said he understood and he does that often too, I stood shocked for a minute because this is the most he has said to me since I arrived here.

I am not trying to be rude but why are you talking to me? He has been nothing but aloof to me and now he is striking up a conversation. He apologized claiming he has been through the worst break up ever and he came here to relax and get away from public eyes and he didn’t mean to be rude. He asked if we could start over and be civil, of course I jumped to say yes while doing a happy dance in my head because operation ’seduce the fuck out of him is back’ and here to stay. But this time I am going to use reverse psychology to trick him, making him think I am not attracted to him and have him chase me. That is so genius! I was lost in my head that I didn’t get the question directed to me till he snapped his fingers.

Huh! Sorry, please repeat your question, I urged him. When he repeated his question, it became my turn to be shocked.

New chapter is coming soon
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