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C13 Conditions

Ye Yunyao looked at Ling Yang in surprise when she heard what Old Mrs. Ye said. Did Ling Yang really hit the nail on the head?

Ling Yang smiled proudly at Ye Yunyao. "See, my wife. They came to beg you to come."

Old Mrs. Ye shouted at Ye Haichao, "Apologize to your sister!"

Ye Haichao looked at Old Mrs. Ye and said hesitantly, "Grandma, you already said that you want me to be the director of Ye's Group!"

Old Mrs. Ye slapped Ye Haichao's face and said angrily, "How dare you say that! If you didn't ask me to change my mind, I wouldn't have lost the cooperation of Diyang Group!"

"Are you going to apologize?"

Old Mrs. Ye's attitude was very tough. Ye Haichao could only look at Ye Yunyao helplessly and say, "Yunyao, I'm sorry. I was wrong."

Old Mrs. Ye smiled at this time and said, "Yes, Yunyao. Haichao knows he was wrong. Just forgive him. Quickly call the Diyang Group's Yin Yuexue back. She just said that she wants to abolish the Diyang Group's cooperation with us!"

Ye Yunyao did not expect things to turn out like this. Earlier, she only saw Yin Yuexue leave the hotel, but she did not know the specifics.

Immediately after, Ye Yunyao took out her phone and said, "I'll try."

After all, Yin Yuexue's status was too high. Ye Yunyao did not dare to guarantee that Yin Yuexue would listen to her words.

Ye Yunyao dialed Yin Yuexue's number. After the call was picked up, she carefully asked, "Hello Vice President Yinn. May I ask if you can come back and continue to attend the banquet?"

Yin Yuexue on the other end of the phone smiled. "If the person in charge of Diyang Group is still you, Madam Ye, I will come back and continue to attend the banquet."

Because Ye Yunyao set the phone to speaker, Old Mrs. Ye and the others heard what Yin Yuexue said.

Old Mrs. Ye quickly said, "Yunyao, quickly tell her! Grandma made a mistake just now! The new director of Ye's Group is you, and the person in charge of cooperating with Diyang Group is also you!"

Ye Yunyao nodded and said, "Vice President Yinn, my grandma made a mistake just now. The person in charge of cooperating with Diyang Group is me."

Yin Yuexue said, "Since that's the case, I will immediately return to attend the banquet."

After hanging up the phone, everyone looked at Ye Yunyao with surprise.

They did not expect that Ye Yunyao could change the mind of the Vice President of the Diyang Group, Yin Yuexue, just by making a phone call. She would come back to continue attending the banquet!

Ye Haichao, who was at the side, thought angrily, Ye Yunyao, it must be you! Join Yin Yuexue to scheme against me! It is to prevent me from taking over the position of director!

Ye Yunyao did not expect things to turn out like this. Yin Yuexue was actually so polite to her.

Ye Yunyao looked at Ling Yang and was very confused. Where did Ling Yang's confident look come from? He seemed to have known that things would turn out like this.

Ye Yunyao really felt that Ling Yang had changed recently, but she could not tell exactly what was different.

A few minutes later, Yin Yuexue's car appeared in front of the hotel again.

Everyone returned to the banquet hall and Old Mrs. Ye pulled Ye Yunyao onto the stage.

Old Mrs. Ye picked up the microphone and said with a smile, "I was wrong earlier. Actually, taking down the Diyang Group's cooperation this time is Yunyao's credit! Yunyao paid the most!"

At this time Yin Yuexue stood up from the stage and said, "Let me make it clear that the Ye's Group taking down the Diyang Group's cooperation this time is all because of Ye Yunyao alone! She did it alone!"

Old Mrs. Ye on the stage hurriedly nodded, "Yes! It was all done by Yunyao alone! That's why she is the new director of Ye's Group, and she is fully responsible for cooperating with Diyang Group!"

Ye Yunyao smiled happily when she heard this. Her previous grievances and sadness had disappeared at this moment.

There was a round of applause from below the stage.

This night, Ye Yunyao became famous in Huaitai.

Everyone thought that with Ye Yunyao, the Ye family would become stronger and stronger.


The next morning, Ye Yunyao went to the Diyang Group early in the morning and started working with it.

Today was her first day in office, so she had to take it seriously.

As usual, Ling Yang was doing housework at home.

At ten in the morning, Ling Yang received a call from his mother-in-law, Liu Lan.

Liu Lan sounded very anxious on the phone, "Ling Yang, come to Jianan Road quickly!"

Ling Yang asked, "Mom, what's wrong? What happened?"

Liu Lan said, "If I tell you to come, come quickly! Don't ask so many questions! "

After hanging up the phone, Ling Yang sighed helplessly. After tidying up, he went out.

Ling Yang took a taxi to Jianan Road. As soon as he got out of the car, he saw Liu Lan and a few older mothers standing at the door of a company. They were holding a banner in their hands.

Ling Yang went up to take a look and saw that the banner said, "Liar! Give us back our money!"

Ling Yang quickly asked, "Mom, what's going on?"

Liu Lan did not answer Ling Yang. She just said, "You're finally here! Come, help me shout the slogan! I shouted the slogan all morning. My throat is already hoarse."

Ling Yang was at a loss, but he could only shout the slogan with the older mothers beside him.

Ling Yang took this opportunity to ask the older women next to him. Only then did he know what was going on.

It turned out that this company operated some products with high interest rates and high returns. These old women and Ling Yang's mother-in-law, Liu Lan, used all their money to buy this company's products.

Now that it was time for dividends, this company did not give them any dividends and did not even refund their capital.

Thus, they demonstrated at the entrance of the company.

Ling Yang asked Liu Lan, "Mom, how much did you buy?"

Liu Lan looked around and said guiltily, "One million."

"One million?!" Ling Yang opened his eyes wide and said in surprise.

Liu Lan frowned and said unhappily, "Can you keep your voice down? Do you want everyone to know about this?"

Ling Yang looked at Liu Lan and asked, "Mom, why do you have so much money?"

Liu Lan said, "I used all my savings to buy this company's products over the years."

"All my savings?!"

Lower your voice! "

At this time, an old woman walked over and looked at Liu Lan and asked, "Liu Lan, is this your son-in-law?"

After saying that, she looked at Ling Yang and said, "He doesn't look very good. He is wearing cheap clothes all over his body."

The other old aunties also came over. "That's right. He's not even as good as my son-in-law."

"Liu Lan, why did you marry your daughter to such a person?"

Liu Lan looked at Ling Yang angrily. "Look at you, trash! You did not live up to your expectations at all! You don't have a future!"

At this moment, a Mercedes-Benz G-car stopped in front of Ling Yang and the others.

The window rolled down. Ling Yang saw that the person sitting in the car was Lee Tiankai.

Lee Tiankai looked at Ling Yang and said disdainfully, "Yo, Ling Yang, are you here too?"

Ling Yang asked, "Why are you here?"

Lee Tiankai laughed. "This is my company. Why can't I be here?"

Ever since Ling Yang had ordered the Diyang Group to cut off their cooperation with the Lee family, the status of the Lee family had dropped rapidly.

In order to ensure the survival of their family, the people of the Lee family had no choice but to find other ways to earn money. This company was one of the methods of the Lee family.

Ling Yang frowned. "Your company?"

Liu Lan and the group of old aunties rushed forward and surrounded the car. "Okay! It's you, liar! Hurry up and return the money to us!"

Lee Tiankai quickly got out of the car, followed by two bodyguards. He said with a look of annoyance, "Go! Get away from me! Old thing!"

Liu Lan grabbed Lee Tiankai tightly and said, "Hurry up and return our money to us!"

Lee Tiankai frowned. "When did I owe you money?"

An old woman stared at Lee Tiankai and said, "It's your company. You tricked us into buying your products! Promise to give me dividends! Now, not only did you not get any dividends, you didn't even give us the capital back! "

Lee Tiankai was stunned for a moment, then he laughed out loud. "Oh, so it's you idiots."

After that, Lee Tiankai said proudly, "You gave me the money, and now you want us to return it to you? Old things, do you think this is possible? "

Liu Lan wanted to say something but Ling Yang stopped her and said, "Mom, it's okay. This is useless! Why don't you call the police and let them handle it?"

Lee Tiankai laughed. "Haha, call the police? Do you know who my backer is? Hong Woo, Master Hong! "What's the use of calling the police?"

Liu Lan was stunned on the spot. Master Hong? That was the famous underground emperor of Huaitai! No one dared to provoke him!

Lee Tiankai suddenly thought of something. He stared at Ling Yang and asked, "What did you call her? Mom? Could she be Ye Yunyao's mother?"

Liu Lan nodded and said, "I am! What is it! "

Lee Tiankai looked at Liu Lan and smiled. "Ah, aunty, we are really fated. I am Lee Tianze's brother, Lee Tiankai."

Liu Lan suddenly understood. No wonder she felt that this man looked a little familiar. He was Lee Tianze's older brother!

Liu Lan smiled and said, "Tian Kai, since you are Tianze's brother, then you are Tianze's brother. Then we're family. Look, can you return my money? "That is the savings of my family for so many years."

Lee Tiankai smiled and did not say anything.

Liu Lan continued to please him and said, "My Yunyao is now the director of Ye's Group and has a good relationship with Diyang Group. If you help me with this, then in the future, if you need any help, I will help you. I will definitely help you!"

Lee Tiankai said, "Auntie, I can help you, but I have one condition."

Liu Lan quickly nodded and smiled. "Okay! Tell me! As long as you return my money, I will agree to any condition!"

Lee Tiankai looked up at Ling Yang and said slowly, "Let your daughter divorce this trash and then stay with me. I will return the money to you."

"Furthermore, not only will I return your principal to you, I will give you double the dividends!"

Lee Tiankai smiled. Although the Lee family did not cooperate with the Diyang Group now, Ye Yunyao was the director of the Ye's Group now. Moreover, she had a very good relationship with the Diyang Group.

If he could be together with Ye Yunyao, it would allow the Lee family to return to its former strength and become stronger.

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