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C4 Bet

The two pieces of news released by the Diyang Group had completely shaken the entire Huaitai.

When everyone heard that the Diyang Group had a new chairman, they finally understood why the Lee family was chased out by the Diyang Group.

It seemed like the new master of the Diyang Group was not interested in a family like the Lee family.

However, who was this Young Master Ling? The Diyang Group was a billionaire, and the richest man in the Huaitai wasn't as rich as him.

Suddenly, countless families had the idea to befriend the new chairman of the Diyang Group. Perhaps he could even replace the position of the Lee family!

On the other hand, the fact that the Diyang Group wanted to invest a billion yuan project also shocked the construction and renovation industry of the entire Huaitai.

Countless companies wanted to participate in this investment, including Old Mrs. Ye of Ye family!

Old Mrs. Ye was very excited at this moment. This billion yuan project was a good opportunity!

If the Ye family could get a contract from it, then the entire family would benefit!

Thus, she immediately ordered everyone to gather at the family meeting tonight to discuss how to obtain the Diyang Group's new project!

That night, in the Ye family Villa.

Because Old Mrs. Ye requested everyone to be present, Ling Yang also came.

Before he came, he had already thought that Old Mrs. Ye wanted to discuss how to get the Diyang Group project.

Ling Yang could use this opportunity to help his wife Ye Yunyao get the project.

After arriving at the Ye family villa, Ye Yunyao's cousin, Ye Haichao, saw Ling Yang and immediately mocked, "Ling Yang, you are really shameless! You still dare to come and see Grandma!"

Ye Yunyao's tone was cold as she said, "Don't talk nonsense! Grandma asked everyone to come. Ling Yang is my husband. He is also a member of the Ye family."

Ye Haichao smiled in disdain. "Him? He is also a member of the Ye family? He is just a son-in-law!"

Ling Yang coughed and said to Ye Yunyao," Forget it, wife. Let's go in. Don't let Grandma wait too long."

Ye Yunyao nodded and no longer looked at Ye Haichao. She brought Ling Yang in.

Ye Haichao looked at their backs and his face gradually turned gloomy.

After entering the meeting hall, Ling Yang and Ye Yunyao found a seat in the corner.

Very quickly, Old Mrs. Ye walked in and the family meeting officially began.

Old Mrs. Ye sat in her seat and knocked on the table. Her voice was loud and clear as she said, "Ye family has been waiting for an opportunity these few years. An opportunity to turn us into a first-tier family! Now, this opportunity has finally come!"

"I believe all of you have heard. This time, the Diyang Group has given us a billion yuan project. Whoever can get a contract from it will definitely gain a lot!"

Although Old Mrs. Ye's words were very tempting, the people sitting below did not make any movements. They did not seem to be moved.

In fact, the Ye family had wanted to cooperate with the Diyang Group for a long time. However, the Diyang Group had ignored them for such a long time. Now that the Ye family wanted to join the Diyang Group's investment project, would the Diyang Group give them a chance?

Old Mrs. Ye saw that none of the people present were speaking, so she said angrily, "Why aren't you guys talking? Don't you have the confidence to take a small part of the billion yuan project?"

Everyone looked at each other but no one answered Old Mrs. Ye.

Old Mrs. Ye's expression became even more furious at this moment. She said loudly, "Let me put it this way. Whoever can negotiate 30 million yuan from the Diyang Group will be the director of the Ye's Group!"

When Old Mrs. Ye finished speaking, everyone present was in an uproar.

The old lady had always been in charge of power alone, so she had never set up a director position in the group. After all, the director had a lot of power. Almost only the future successor of the group was qualified to be the director.

Now that the old lady had used this position as a reward, she definitely hoped that someone could discuss the project with the Diyang Group. This was enough to show her desire for the Diyang Group project.

However, although the position of director was good, it was not so easy to get it.

In the eyes of the Ye family, it was simply impossible to form a partnership with the Diyang Group and get a 30 million share! Even if Old Mrs. Ye personally went to the Diyang Group, the chairman of the Diyang Group would not see her and would not cooperate with her.

The family meeting hall was silent.

Old Mrs. Ye saw this and angrily questioned, "As members of the Ye family, all of you, Could it be that no one is willing to contribute to the Ye family?"

After saying that, Old Mrs. Ye looked at Ye Haichao and said, "Haichao, I will leave this matter to you."

Ye Haichao quickly said, "Grandma, even Lee Tianze's family was chased out by the Diyang Group. Our Ye family is weaker than the Lee family. How can we get the contract from the Diyang Group?"

Old Mrs. Ye immediately scolded, "Trash! You deny yourself before you try! You are even more trashy than that Ling Yang!"

Actually, Old Mrs. Ye did not know whether she could succeed or not, but she was not willing to be the master of a third-tier family. She really wanted the status of Ye family to rise!

And this time, the Diyang Group's cooperation project was the only chance!

Therefore, no matter how difficult it was, she was not willing to give up!

She originally thought that Ye Haichao, as his eldest grandson, could accept this mission without hesitation, but she did not expect Ye Haichao to reject it.

Ye Haichao was also very depressed. Who would be willing to accept such an impossible mission? He might have been chased out by them before he even walked into the Diyang Group's main gate.

When the time came, not only would he fail the mission, he would also be ridiculed by others.

After Old Mrs. Ye finished scolding Ye Haichao, she looked at the others. "What about you guys? Don't you guys dare to accept this mission?"

Ling Yang nudged Ye Yunyao and whispered, "Wife, you should accept this mission."

Ye Yunyao hurriedly said, "Am I crazy? Diyang Group will not cooperate with a small company like Ye family!"

Ling Yang smiled and said confidently, "Don't worry, you will definitely be able to talk about this cooperation!"

Ye Yunyao asked in surprise, "Really?"

Ling Yang nodded affirmatively. "Yes! I think you can do it! Take this opportunity. Your position in Ye family will improve a lot in the future."

Ye Yunyao did not know why, but at this moment, she actually believed Ling Yang's words.

She stood up and said to Old Mrs. Ye, "Grandma, I am willing to give it a try!"

Ye Yunyao's words made everyone present shocked speechless.

They all thought that Ye Yunyao must have gone mad!

The Diyang Group was the biggest company in Huaitai. How could they cooperate with the Ye family? It was not the right time to show off!

Ye Haichao mocked from the side, "Yunyao, do you think you can work with the Diyang Group?"

Ye Yunyao's cousin Ye Qingling also sneered and said, "Sister, what is your identity and what is the Diyang Group's identity? Don't bring any trouble to our Ye family if you go and talk so recklessly."

Someone added, "That's right! When she is chased out by the Diyang Group, our Ye family will become a laughing stock in Huaitai!"

Ye Yunyao blushed when she heard their words. She felt ashamed in her heart.

Ever since she married Ling Yang, her position in the family was getting lower and lower. She was getting less and less valued. She was almost pushed out by the Ye family. Even her parents were being mocked by others.

She felt that if she could discuss this project with the Diyang Group, her status in the family would definitely rise. At that time, her parents would no longer be ridiculed by others.

But now, being mocked by so many people made her doubt herself.

She looked at Ling Yang gloomily, not understanding why she had listened to her words just now.

Old Mrs. Ye heard what everyone said and was very angry.

She had asked several times but no one dared to accept this mission. Now that Ye Yunyao took the initiative to stand out, this group of people was beating Ye Yunyao up again.

Although Old Mrs. Ye did not like Ye Yunyao very much, at this time, she really felt that Ye Yunyao was willing to contribute to Ye family. Unlike others, she would only run away.

Especially Old Mrs. Ye's most beloved grandson, Ye Haichao. It was too disappointing!

It was precisely because of this that Old Mrs. Ye's attitude towards Ye Yunyao improved a little.

So she immediately said, "Since the others don't dare to agree, don't speak anymore! The collaboration with Diyang Group this time, leave it to Yunyao to discuss!"

Ye Yunyao could not back down at this moment and could only reply, "Grandma don't worry, I will definitely do my best!"

At this time, Ye Haichao mocked, "What's the use of doing my best? In the end, if I fail, it will be a disgrace to the Ye family!"

Ling Yang asked with a sneer, "Ye Haichao, what's the purpose of you attacking Yunyao like this? Do you think that the Ye family is not qualified to cooperate with the Diyang Group? "

Ye Haichao did not expect that Ling Yang, this piece of trash, would dare to speak up during the family meeting.

Seeing that Old Mrs. Ye was about to get angry, Ye Haichao immediately explained, "That's not what I meant. I just feel that Ye Yunyao will not be able to negotiate this cooperation."

Ling Yang smiled and asked him, "Then what if Yunyao can talk about cooperation? "How about we make a bet?"

Ye Haichao sneered. "Come on, let's make a bet. I will be afraid of you. "Tell me, what do you want to bet?"

Ling Yang said, "If Yunyao makes a contract and you kowtow three times to me in front of everyone, I'll kowtow three times to you and say I was wrong. If Yunyao can't make a deal, I'll kowtow three times to you and say I was wrong. What do you think? "

"Hahahaha!" "Haha! Fine, I'll bet with you!"

Ling Yang nodded in satisfaction and said, "Everyone here is a witness. Whoever goes back on their word will die!"

"Okay!" Ye Haichao did not know that Ling Yang had set a trap for him. Instead, he felt that it was impossible for him to lose.

Therefore, he laughed and said, "The whole family will witness it. I will wait for you to kowtow to me!"

Ye Yunyao was shocked and gave Ling Yang a look with all her might. However, Ling Yang did not react at all.

Old Mrs. Ye did not care about this kind of bet. The only thing she cared about was whether the Ye family could enter the Diyang Group's cooperation list.

If they could enter, so what if Ye Haichao knelt down for Ling Yang?

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