Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C1 Nine meridians blood
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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C1 Nine meridians blood
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C1 Nine meridians blood

"Slut!" Ye Tianze woke up to find himself lying in an unfamiliar but dark room, feeling weak all over.

Immediately after, a strange memory appeared, "This is fifty thousand years from now, I ? I have been reborn! "

50,000 years ago, the four clans of the Great Wasteland were side by side. All living things were food, and Ye Tianze led the Human Clan to battle in the battlefield to get rid of the slaves. In the end, they became the fifth clan to stand side by side with the four clans.

He was Human Clan's first generation Human Emperor, his honorary name was Taiyi.

But he never would have thought that in the final battle, which concerned the life and death of his race, he would be betrayed by his most beloved woman, causing the Human Clan to lose.

"We actually became Sinner!" Ye Tianze felt sorrow in his heart.

The memories in his mind told him that the historical Taiyi was a proud and complacent Sinner who had lost his elites.

"I'm dead, and you still want me to live with your shame for ten thousand of years? You're really cruel!" Ye Tianze's eyes were filled with killing intent, "But I remember that you slut cultivated the nine generations of longevity technique, now, it should be your ninth life!"

"Since the Heavens do not stop me, and want me to come back again, then in this life, I will definitely call you Jiusheng!"

After a long while, Ye Tianze gradually calmed down, he knew that it was unrealistic to seek revenge on this woman.

Only by recovering his strength would he be able to trample that woman beneath his feet!

Following the gradual assimilation of his memories, Ye Tianze found out about his life's background.

Coincidentally, the body in this lifetime was also called Ye Tianze and was born in the Heavenly Dragon Country, the Shitai County.

But in the Ye Family, he basically did not have any status, because he was her mother, the wild species born when he went out to train at the age of eighteen.

His mother gave birth to him and disappeared.

Although he had been bullied since he was young, Ye Tianze still relied on his own hard work to awaken the spiritual blood.

But he did not expect that his fate would not change because of this. Instead, on the second day after he awakened the spiritual blood, the Ye Family had taken the spiritual blood away from him.

"No wonder body are so weak!" After clearing up the mess, Ye Tianze's heart turned cold, "Since you have given me your body, I will wash away your hatred and humiliation for you!"

Following that, Ye Tianze looked at the body. He did not know what was going on, but he was shocked when he saw that there were actually nine different colored lights flashing in his dantian.

Among them, eight of them were faintly discernable. If not for the fact that their past life was Human Emperor, Ye Tianze would not have noticed them.

"This is ?" Nine Vein spiritual blood! " Ye Tianze was as surprised as if he had been reborn, "No wonder my spirit was stolen, I can still live on."

The nine beams of light were indeed the legendary Nine Veins spiritual blood, the brightest of them was the cyan colored light, it was the wind spirit blood that had its spirit stolen after its awakening, but it was incomparably weak.

The remaining eight spiritual blood that looked into the void did not awaken.

It had to be known that was just an ordinary person who had experienced countless hardships in order to become a Human Emperor, but his foundation was still unstable.

If his past life had a Nine Veins spiritual blood, why would he need to fear that one strike from the Flenser Sword!

"If he knew that I was still alive after stealing my spiritual blood, this Ye Family would definitely think of a way to silence him. Even if he didn't know that I was still alive, when he thought back to it later, he would still send people to exterminate his corpse!" Ye Tianze thought about the situation he was in, "I need to recover as fast as possible!"

"Blood Surge!" Ye Tianze immediately activated the Heaven and Earth Spell, and the eight spiritual blood that had not awoken immediately started to surge.

The Heaven and Earth Spell was created by Ye Tianze's past life, which seized the fortune of heaven and earth, transforming the yin and yang of nothingness. The past life had caused countless expert in the great wasteland to tremble.

Even if the eight spiritual blood had not awoken, with the help of the Heaven and Earth Spell, it was not difficult for them to create another pool of blood.

But there was a side effect, which would cause the eight spiritual blood that had not awoken to enter a weakened state.

But he knew that the wind spirit blood that had been stolen was even weaker. If he used it, he would definitely damage his foundation and be unable to recover.

Under the control of the Heaven and Earth Spell, the eight spiritual blood s fused into their limbs and bones, immediately producing the freshest blood, which replenished the weak body.

Ye Tianze's face, also gradually turned red.

However, when the eight spiritual blood returned to his dantian, their light was even weaker, so much so that he could no longer see them clearly.

If there was a pill, recovering wouldn't be difficult.

However, his strength had stabilized at the fourth level of Foundation Establishment. He was no longer falling like before.

Two hours later, noisy footsteps came from the outside world. Ye Tianze opened his eyes and revealed killing intent. "However, it will save me the trouble of looking for you!"

"Young Lord, his blood is almost gone, the corpse should be smelly by now, if I go in to check, isn't that too much?"

"What do you know? Ancestor will be coming out soon, if he's still alive, I'm afraid he won't be able to escape punishment even if I report him to Ancestor."

"That's right. Even if he dies, I'll have to dispose of his corpse!"

"Where did the three of you get all this nonsense from? Hurry up and f * ck off. Let's see if you're dead or not." A cold voice was heard.

He was the Ye Family who stole Ye Tianze's spiritual blood, Ye Tianxing.

Seeing a few of his subordinates walk in to check, Ye Tianxing turned around. He had the same thoughts as his subordinates, he did not think that Ye Tianze could survive at all.

It just so happened that Ancestor came out of seclusion and his father wanted him to personally come and have a look. If the person was dead, then he wouldn't rest until he had taken care of the corpse, and if he didn't die ?

However, just as he turned around, he heard two loud bangs followed by a series of miserable shrieks as two of his subordinates heavily crashed beside him.

Ye Tianxing turned around, and was shocked, only to see Ye Tianze holding one of his subordinates in his hand, walking out of the room.

"You're actually still alive!" Ye Tianxing did not dare believe it.

It had to be known that after Ye Tianze's spiritual blood was snatched away, he was already half dead, and his limbs were ice-cold.

However, the person standing in front of him, had a ruddy complexion and even defeated his servants.

"Sorry to disappoint you." Ye Tianze sneered.

After a long while, Ye Tianxing finally calmed down from his shock and said coldly: "Release my people now, or else, this Young Master will call you ?."


Ye Tianze broke the servant's neck, threw him to the side, and said: "What do you want?"

Seeing his own subordinates killed by Ye Tianze without even being able to call out, Ye Tianxing was a little dazed.

Normally, Ye Tianze didn't even have the courage to look him in the eye, let alone kill his servants. But now, not only did he face him squarely, he had even killed his subordinates in front of him.

Seeing this scene, the two people who had just gotten up turned pale with fright.

After being silent for a long while, Ye Tianxing finally recovered from his shock and angrily said, "If I don't tear your little wild species into pieces today, my surname will not be Ye!"

"Hahaha ?" Ye Tianze suddenly laughed out loud, his blood flowing down his throat, he roared: "Ye Tianxing, you stole my spiritual blood and destroyed my dao, even if I don't come today, I will still step onto clan and seek revenge."

"Since you've come, don't think about leaving!"

His voice was loud and resounding inside and outside the Ye Family. The busy people of the Ye Family all looked towards Ye Tianze's direction.

"This is ?" the voice of the little wild species Ye Tianze? "

"Spirit Plunder? Young Master Tianxin stole Ye Tianze's spiritual blood? "

"Such a desperate situation, he actually wants to fight the Young Master Tianxin!"

"There's going to be a good show this time, if Heavenly Star really takes Ye Tianze's spiritual blood, according to the clan rules, this is going to be ? However, he is after all from the direct line of descent, and is extremely talented! "

Hearing the voice, the person immediately rushed towards Ye Tianze's small courtyard.

"Good, good, good!" Ye Tianxing trembled in anger, "Little wild species, do you think I wouldn't dare to kill you just because you lured all the people from clan here?"

Ye Tianxing's face was sinister, "Even if the Ancestor comes out, I will kill you!"

With that said, Ye Tianxing stabbed towards Ye Tianze's chest with the spear in his hand.

He did not realize that Ye Tianze's eyes were not filled with panic. Not only did he not panic, he even revealed a look of disdain.

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