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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C10 He is still alive
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C10 He is still alive

Ye Tianxing, who was meditating in the room, had already forgotten about the spiritual room, and was completely immersed in cultivation.

When he said that Ye Tianze was able to stay inside for five hours, it was because he thought highly of Ye Tianze.

But at this moment, there was an urgent knock on the door. Ye Tianxing wrinkled his brow and asked: "Who is it?"

"Young Master, it's me." From outside came the panting voice of a servant.

"Oh, then how is the little wild species doing?" Ye Tianxing asked.

"No ?." "He didn't come out." the servant replied.

"It's been almost six hours, and you're saying that he hasn't come out yet?" Ye Tianxing suddenly rushed out with an angry face: "Are you messing with me?"

"Little... This little one dares not, this little one has been guarding outside of spiritual room all this time, and has not seen him come out. This little one does not believe that Young Master can go ask him, there are still many people waiting outside of spiritual room. " The servant scowled.

Seeing the servant's expression, Ye Tianxing's face darkened, and immediately rushed to spiritual room.

The Plaza was already completely silent. Any expert that could make it here, had already rushed over, and all of their expressions were almost identical, that was shock.

Seeing Ye Tianxing coming over, their expressions were extremely strange. Everyone knew that Ye Tianxing and Ye Tianze were mortal enemies.

Ye Tianze had stayed inside for six hours with a clear intention to surpass him.

"He must have died inside. It's been twelve hours. The pressure inside is not something that a Foundation Establishment cultivator can withstand." An elder immediately comforted her.

"But, the last time he was inside for six hours, there were also people who said that he died inside, but he came out completely unscathed ?" Someone retorted in a low voice.

"Six hours is six hours, and six hours is six hours. Even if he were to refine all the pill and return to the peak of Foundation Establishment, it would still be impossible for him to withstand such great pressure."

"That's right, the pressure on spiritual room is growing bigger and bigger, and there's also the berserk spiritual energy inside. If you can't control it, there's the risk of it going berserk."

Ye Tianxing ignored them, walked straight towards the Celestial Spirit Room's guards, and said: "Open the door, I want to see whether this little wild species is alive or dead!"

"But ?" "When Ye Tianze went in, he returned the Ancestor's Token. He said that he wanted to use up all his time, and if he went in to take a look at it at this time, it would be no good to the Ancestor ?"

"You!" Ye Tianxing was a little angry, he couldn't threaten the guards in front of so many people.

Although his status in Ye Family was very high, he did not dare to be disrespectful to him.

"I've already waited for six hours, so I don't care about the remaining few hours. I just happen to be waiting for the start of tomorrow's big exam." "After all, he might not be alive."

Everyone agreed.

Just as Ye Tianxing was at a loss for what to do, a voice suddenly sounded out, "If you want to know if he's still alive, you don't have to go in and check, right?"

Everyone immediately looked over, only to see a yellow robed elder, suddenly appearing.

Seeing elder, Ye Tianxing's face revealed joy, and he immediately bowed: "Tianxin greets Chief Steward."

"Greetings Chief Steward!" Ye Family s saluted one after another, their faces revealing expressions of reverence.

This person was the Ye Family's Chief Steward, Qiu Huanhuan. She was also the that Ye Family Patriarch trusted the most, her strength was unfathomable, and she was in charge of the Ye Family's formation.

"Didn't the Chief Steward send them to the Full Moon Sect to serve the Young Master Tianhai? Now that Chief Steward is back, doesn't that mean that Young Master Tianhai is back as well? " Someone whispered.

When he thought about his eldest son, an incomparably complex expression appeared on the faces of the younger generation of Ye Family. He was a peerless genius whose talent was higher than Ye Tianxing's, the most talented person in the entire Shitai City.

"Is the Big Brother back?"

"The Young Master Tianhai is still behind with the people from the Full Moon Sect. They will arrive tomorrow." The Chief Steward Qiu said.

"Full Moon Sect." Ye Tianxing's eyes lit up.

Regardless of whether it was an elder or the young generation of the Ye Family, when they heard the three words "Full Moon Sect", they all became filled with reverence.

This was a major power that the entire Shitai City, when put together, couldn't contend against.

"Hehe, with your current strength, it won't be difficult for you to become a disciple of the Full Moon Sect." The Chief Steward Qiu said.

"Chief Steward has overpraised us, we should at least be looked up by others." Ye Tianxing's heart was filled with joy, but when he thought of Ye Tianze, his expression turned cold, and he said, "Since Chief Steward is back, can you open the formation?"

"Isn't that simple?" Chief Steward Qiu immediately walked out of the spiritual room.

With a slight wave of his hand, all the spiritual room s immediately lit up, and following that, a thick wave of spiritual energy rose.

After a long while, the light and light from the spiritual energy slowly faded, but Chief Steward Qiu started to frown.

"Are you looking at Celestial Spirit Room?" Chief Steward Qiu asked.

"Is he still alive?" Ye Tianxing said.

"Alive." The Chief Steward Qiu said.

"How is this possible!" Ye Tianxing opened his eyes wide.

The Plaza was in a state of shock, everyone's expression was marvelous. They would never have dreamed that Ye Tianze was still alive.

"Twelve hours. He stayed inside for twelve hours!"

"Could it be that there's a problem with the spiritual room?"

"Six ?" "Six hours ?" Ye Tianqing, who was sitting blankly at the side, crumbled in his heart. It was as if he had been slapped twice, making him appear extremely powerless.

Chief Steward Qiu wrinkled his brow: "What's going on?"

When he arrived, he only heard a few words, and didn't understand much about the situation. He was very curious to know who the person was that had attracted so much attention.

"Reporting ?" Reporting to Chief Steward, the person inside is called Ye Tianze, he is ? " An elder immediately recounted the recent events.

"Ye Tianze?" He looked at Ye Tianxing, and not only did he not blame him, he had a face full of thought, "His spirit was stolen, yet he has such strength?"

"The Ancestor gifted the pill." Someone said.

"Is it just a pill?" Chief Steward Qiu's face was full of doubt.

The Plaza was silent again, they also had their own suspicions. Just a pill, could it really make Ye Tianze this strong?

"He must have used some special method to avoid the pressure of the spiritual room!" Ye Tianxing said with a cold face.

He refused to believe that Ye Tianze was able to resist the pressure of the spiritual room with his own strength.

"As long as the formation is not broken, the pressure will not decrease." The Chief Steward Qiu said.

Once he said this, the crowd fell silent once more.

The meaning in his words was very clear. Just now, when he had activated the formation, it was equivalent to examining it.

Ye Tianxing's face was extremely ugly, but he was unwilling, and said: Can Chief Steward open the door and take a look?

"Yes." The Chief Steward Qiu wrinkled his brow and said, "Since he entered using the Ancestor's Token, then even if it is the Family Head, it cannot be opened so easily."

Although he thought highly of Ye Tianxing, he would not go against the Ancestor for Ye Tianxing.

"Is there no other way?" Ye Tianxing asked with a cold expression.

"Wait." The Chief Steward Qiu said, "He has the time to cultivate until tomorrow morning. Whether he is dead or alive, we will see for ourselves tomorrow."

"I don't believe that he can surpass me!" Ye Tianxing said.

The Plaza became quiet again. Time passed minute by minute, and the sky had already darkened. Although some people had left, more people had rushed over.

"Seven ?" "Fourteen hours." A clan elder held the time and said in a low voice.

"Woosh." Everyone's gaze landed on Ye Tianxing's face, only to see that his face was darken. Anyone could tell that he had started to become nervous.

He stole Ye Tianze's spiritual blood, forged a perfect wind spirit blood, and took the opportunity to step into the fifth stage of the Awakening Realm. The spiritual blood boiled earlier, and only managed to persevere for twenty hours.

But Ye Tianze's spiritual blood fell from his Awakening Realm to Foundation Establishment Stage Level 4, and he started to cultivate again. He was still in the Foundation Establishment Stage, but he stayed inside for fourteen hours.

The difference in their circumstances was like heaven and earth.

If it really surpassed him, then it would be like giving him a slap in the face in front of everyone in Ye Family.

"To be able to endure for fourteen hours is already his limit. I'm afraid he won't even have the strength to make it out." An elder said.

Everyone immediately agreed.

However, time did not stop just because of the agreement of these elders.

Sixteen hours ?

Eighteen hours ?

Until the time was left unnoticed and after the tenth hour, the outside of Plaza was completely quiet, but Ye Tianze still did not come out.

Everyone's eyes immediately fell on Chief Steward Qiu, and now they could only hope that Chief Steward Qiu would tell them that Ye Tianze was already dead.

"He ? Still alive? " Ye Tianxing asked with a trembling voice.

"Sigh ?" Chief Steward Qiu sighed, and immediately checked.

He was also a little curious, and did not even think that Ye Tianze could live under the pressure of twenty hours.

But when he felt the aura from the Celestial Spirit Room through the formation, his expression froze.

"Still alive?" Ye Tianxing asked.

Chief Steward Qiu looked at everyone and said, "Alive."

"Hiss ?" The people on the Plaza sucked in a breath of cold air.

"This... "This ?"

"Twenty hours ?" "He actually endured for twenty hours ?"

"A waste whose spiritual blood have been snatched away, has actually ? It lasted for twenty hours, and ? "The record of Heavenly Star has been broken ?"

"I am... Am I dreaming? "How did this guy do it ?"

"Is he a Demon Clan?"

All of the Ye Family s present were dumbstruck. All of them looked at each other in dismay, and some even gave themselves a slap in the face to confirm if they were dreaming.

This had completely exceeded their expectations.

"Surpass... "He's surpassed the Heavenly Star Realm ?" Ye Tianqing's voice trembled.

After being defeated twice in a row by Ye Tianze and being crushed by him due to shame, his confidence had already crumbled. He could only hope that Ye Tianxing could help him get back at him.

But now, that last shred of hope had been shattered as well.

"Impossible, it's impossible that he's still alive! This is impossible!" After being silent for a long while, Ye Tianxing finally reacted, he stared at Chief Steward and said, "Open the spiritual room, I want to see if he's alive or dead!"

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