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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C11 Monster ye tianze
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C11 Monster ye tianze

Just as the outside world was boiling over, Ye Tianze was calmly sitting inside the spiritual room, silently training his own Huntian War Body.

The spiritual energy inside had long since been completely absorbed by him, and what remained was only the continuous superimposed pressure, but the formation inside the spiritual room was still of a low level.

By the twentieth hour, the pressure had increased very slowly. At this point, even the slightest increase would be unbearable for an ordinary person.

But Ye Tianze did not care, as the baleful qi in his body was being refined bit by bit into his bones, storing the blood essence and medicinal power, nourishing the wind spirit blood and the fire spirit blood.

After the two spiritual blood grew stronger, they started to replenish their flesh once again. Although his stage did not break through, his fire spirit blood had steadily strengthened to the fifth stage.

The awakened wind spirit blood had also reached the fourth stage.

"After my spiritual blood was snatched away and I fell into the stage, wanting to step into the Awakening Realm once again is still somewhat difficult." Ye Tianze muttered to himself, "However, I am not in a hurry to step into the Awakening Realm. It would be much easier if I could refine the first layer of my body and cross the stage to challenge others."

After twenty hours of tempering, the baleful qi in his body had almost all entered his bones, and his body had also reached its saturation point.

"Life and death depend on each other, evolution Taiji, Taiji returned to one, it can be said to be chaotic ?" Ye Tianze finally recited the Heaven and Earth Spell's mental cultivation method.

Black and white mist suddenly rose from his body, this mist was like a dragon, revolving around his body, when he opened his eyes, a powerful aura surged out from within the body.

"Just a bit more pressure!" Ye Tianze activated his Heaven and Earth Spell and sat inside the spiritual room.

With a raise of his hand, two streams of mist entered the spiritual room's formation. Although his current Cultivation Level was low, he could still slightly improve it.

The current pressure growth rate was too slow. In order to temper the Huntian War Body, he needed to increase the pressure, otherwise, all his previous efforts would have been for naught.

When the two streams of mist entered the formation, the pressure immediately increased exponentially.

"A little bigger." Ye Tianze raised his hand.

The pressure brought by the spiritual room increased once again.

If the people outside knew that not only was Ye Tianze still alive, he was also improving the formation and increasing the pressure on himself, it was unknown how they would feel.

Even so, the outside world had already been in an uproar because even after ten hours had passed, the great doors of the Celestial Spirit Room still had no intention of opening.

Ye Tianxing's face ashened. His request to Chief Steward to open the spiritual room was immediately ignored by him.

As time passed, it seemed like twelve hours had passed, yet Ye Tianze still did not have the intention to come out, while the Celestial Spirit Room still did not have the slightest movement.

The surrounding A child of the Ye Clan looked at Ye Tianxing with a strange gaze.

They recalled the words Ye Tianxing said after staying in spiritual room for twenty hours: "waste is indeed waste!"

But now, not only had Ye Tianze surpassed him, he was even chasing after his brother's record. This was no different from giving Ye Tianxing a slap in front of everyone.

Who is the real waste? The people of Ye Family all sighed in their hearts.

One was the person who stole the spiritual blood, the other was the person who stole the spiritual blood, now the person who stole the spiritual blood, compared to the person who stole the spiritual blood, it was obvious who was stronger.

"It's been twelve hours!" A Ye Family said as she looked at the card.

At this time, the sky was already starting to brighten up. From the time of 24 hours, only another two hours or so had passed, and the Plaza was seething with excitement once again.

"It's been twelve hours, he has already completely surpassed the Heavenly Star Realm, he wants to level the Young Master Tianhai's record!"

"This guy is a monster, right? His spiritual blood was stolen, but he's still so strong!"

"I remember when he awakened the spiritual blood, he was only a medium level spiritual blood, right? Why is he still so strong after having his spiritual blood stolen?"

All the attention had been shifted to Ye Tianze, and when Ye Tianxing heard these discussions, he clearly did not have a good impression of them.

Looking at Celestial Spirit Room, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

And Ye Tianqing, who had been humiliated twice, had already fallen into complete despair. Even the clan elders who did not hold any hope for Ye Tianze had all shut their mouths.

Their emotions were much better than Ye Tianxing's, but they too had mixed feelings.

"Foundation Establishment, he can actually last for ten hours. This is unbelievable!" Chief Steward Qiu thought in his heart, "It's just a pity that my Ye Family has been robbed of her spiritual blood and will never be able to enter the Awakening Realm again, if not my Ye Family would have produced another peerless genius."

As they continued to walk forward, the mood of the people present began to sway, and they became more and more nervous.

To those ordinary A child of the Ye Clan, the surprises Ye Tianze brought did not make them feel any better.

On the contrary, they were even more jealous, because Ye Tianze's position in the Ye Family could be said to be no different from a servant's.

Now that he had suddenly risen to prominence, surpassing the genius they had once looked up to, how could they accept this?

However, regardless of whether they accepted it or not, time continued to flow forward, and as they continued to move forward, they became even more nervous than Ye Tianxing.

Back then, when the first rays of sunlight shone onto the Shitai City, they had finally reached the point that they were unable to stop.

"Twelve hours!" A Ye Family looked at the exit, her gaze straight.

"He equal Young Master Tianhai's record!" A clan elder murmured.

After the anxious waiting finished, and after a few brief discussions, the Plaza was immediately silent. Everyone's gazes all gathered at the main entrance of the Celestial Spirit Room.

Even though Chief Steward Qiu had confirmed that Ye Tianze was still alive, they still held onto a glimmer of hope that Chief Steward was wrong.

Ye Tianxing's gaze was fixated on the door of Celestial Spirit Room, at that moment, no one wished for Ye Tianze's death more than him.

"Buzz buzz ?"

A heavy noise came from the entrance of the spiritual room, it was the sound of an inner stone door opening. Everyone outside held their breath, waiting for the final result.

Unexpectedly, even after the sound disappeared, no one came out.

"Dead! Hahaha! He's dead! He didn't break the record at all!" The Plaza suddenly released a sharp roar, followed by a crazed laughter.

Everyone looked over and realised that it was Ye Tianqing who was sitting on the ground in a daze. He was so excited that he was crying, because the pressure that Ye Tianze was giving him was just like a huge boulder pressing on their chests.

"Could it be that Chief Steward made a mistake?"

"Impossible, the Chief Steward has been in charge of the spiritual room for so many years, how could he make a mistake?"

"But, wouldn't it be even more impossible for a waste whose spiritual blood had been snatched away to surpass and even level the record of a Young Master Tianhai?"

The people on the Plaza immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Not to mention Ye Tianxing and Ye Tianqing, there was also a heavy burden pressing on their hearts.

Rather than Ye Tianze coming out alive, they were more eager to see Ye Tianze die inside. It was the Chief Steward that made a mistake.

"Did This Old Man really make a mistake?" Hearing the discussions, even the Chief Steward Qiu was starting to doubt his previous judgement.

"Chief Steward, looks like you're really wrong." Ye Tianxing, who was standing at the side, heaved a sigh of relief.

He glanced at the two guards and said, "The two of you, hurry up and carry the body of the little wild species ?"

"My God, he... He ? "He ?" Before Ye Tianxing could finish speaking, a surprised exclamation came from the Plaza.

Everyone's gaze immediately gathered at the spiritual room's entrance, only to see a black-clothed teenager slowly walking out.

His steps were steady and steady, and his gaze was as calm as an ancient well. His usual cowardly aura had long since faded and was replaced by a strong sense of oppression.

Looking at teenager, the insolent Ye Tianqing, he was stupefied, his heart suddenly felt like a mountain was pressing down on him: "No ?. Impossible... This... "Why ?"


After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Ye Tianqing fell to the ground.

No one wanted to know if he was dead or not, because everyone present was in the same mood as him. Their focus was all on the teenager.

"Live... He's still alive... He has surpassed the Young Master Tianxin, and caught up to the record of the Young Master Tianhai! "

"Twelve hours! This is only the Foundation Establishment stage. If he has a spiritual blood, doesn't that mean he can break the Young Master Tianhai's record? "

"He's just like the monster. How did he do it?"

When Ye Tianze walked out from spiritual room, the people from Ye Family outside were all dumbstruck. They were shocked, confused, and uneasy.

However, when they confirmed that the scene before their eyes was real, their faces immediately turned into reverence, as if they were revering Ye Tianxing.

"He's still alive!" Ye Tianxing clenched his teeth, and felt as if he wanted to eat a fly.

"So what if you're alive? So what if you've surpassed my record? In today's great examination, I will definitely make you step on my feet and let you understand the difference in talent!"

In the next moment, Ye Tianze sensed his killing intent, and slowly walked towards Ye Tianxing.

"Is he trying to take revenge?" Seeing that he was walking towards Ye Tianxing, everyone tensed up again.

Although they were shocked that Ye Tianze was able to walk out, they did not feel any great change in his aura. This was completely different from when Ye Tianxing came out.

"No matter how strong he is at the Foundation Establishment stage, without the spiritual blood, it's impossible for him to enter the Awakening Realm. If this drags on, the gap between him and the Young Master Tianxin will only grow bigger and bigger. Right now, it's his only chance!"

"There's going to be a good show, to be able to break the Young Master Tianxin's record, his current strength should not be weak."

Just as everyone was discussing and thinking that Ye Tianze was preparing to fight with Ye Tianxing, a person stood in front of him.

"The test is coming! If you want to fight with Heavenly Star, you can challenge him!" He was Chief Steward Qiu.

"Let him do it, I want to see just what ability this little wild species has. Even if his body is stronger, so what? I will still crush him!" Ye Tianxing replied coldly.

"You want to die, why are you so anxious? In four more hours, the clan will take the exam. At that time, I will help you achieve your goals. " Ye Tianze sneered.

"You ?"

"Right!" Ye Tianze interrupted him, "Do you still remember what I told you before?"

Seeing his confused expression, Ye Tianze continued, "Mine, is mine. If you take it, I will take it back with my own hands!"

With that, Ye Tianze turned and left.

The Plaza was in an uproar, no one expected that he would actually give up such a good opportunity.

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