Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C12 Quadripartite convergence
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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C12 Quadripartite convergence
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C12 Quadripartite convergence

Even though Ye Tianze did not fight with Ye Tianxing, his record of surpassing and catching up to Ye Tianhai in the spiritual room shocked the entire Ye Family.

From top to bottom, almost everyone was discussing about this matter. If not for the clan's examination being held four hours later, Ye Tianze's momentum would have continued for even longer.

However, the clan Exam did not cause Ye Tianze's momentum to weaken. Instead, it increased his momentum, and everyone heard the last words he said to Ye Tianxing.

"I think Ye Tianze is just being stubborn. He knows that Chief Steward will stop him."

"That may not be the case, Ye Tianqing's case is an example, at that time Ye Tianqing provoked him, he did not retaliate, but after coming out of spiritual room, he immediately slapped Ye Tianqing's face."

"Master day qing cannot compare to Young Master Tianxin. Young Master Tianxin is currently a perfect spirit blood, his strength is unfathomable, furthermore, Young Master Tianxin's father is Family Head, and he is the older brother of an absolute genius."

"Yeah, if Ye Tianze doesn't fight with Young Master Tianxin in the morning, then he won't have the chance to take the examination even more. Because Young Master Tianhai is back, so being powerless to win or lose won won't benefit him at all."

"But don't forget, the clan's big test is inviting all the powers in Shitai City. If Young Master Tianxin loses, would Young Master Tianhai really attack him without any regard for his reputation? After all, the Young Master Tianxin stole Ye Tianze's spiritual blood, and bullied him in front of all the other powerhouses, afraid that my Ye Family's reputation would be harmed. "

The hearts of the people of Ye Family were filled with reverie, almost as if they were controlled by both sides, some people wished for the clan's assessment to begin immediately.

But just like how they were waiting outside of spiritual room, time would not speed up just because of their expectations.

Ye Family was a hegemony that had taken root a hundred years ago, and then gradually became one of the Shitai County. From then on, she stood firmly, and even though her strength had declined over the years, she still maintained the attitude of a hegemony.

Although the family's big exam tested the younger generation, who were only at the Foundation Establishment stage and Awakening Realm, everyone knew that the strength of the younger generation meant the future rise and fall of a family.

hegemony like the Ye Family naturally garnered the attention of countless people. Every year during the clan's great examination, the Ye Family would display the demeanor of a hegemony, allowing all the major powers of the Shitai City to observe.

This year's mock exam was the same as last year's. The three big powers of the Shitai City were all present, but the focus of attention was not on the young generation of the Ye Family. Even the most outstanding of the young generation, Ye Tianxing, was not their target.

What they truly cared about was the young Ye Tianhai of the Ye Family, the rising star that had gradually declined in the Ye Family.

Ye Tianhai's appearance caused the two great family s who wanted to seize Ye Family's position to give up. The enormous power of Full Moon Sect caused them to be unable to breathe.

In less than two hours, the expert s of various major forces had gathered in the drill grounds of the Ye Family. Ye Tianze was already standing in the corner, waiting for them.

Normally, no one would have noticed such an insignificant person like him, but today was different. Whether it was the servants of the Ye Family or the disciples from the direct line of descent, all of them looked at him with a strange gaze.

However, the forces present did not notice the change in their eyes. They were looking forward to see Ye Tianhai, expert and the unfathomable Ye Family Patriarch.

"The people from the Lei Family have arrived. The Family Head is actually here personally this time." The sounds of discussion came from the On the Campus.

At the main gate, a group of people slowly walked over. The leader was tall and big, and as his gaze looked around, countless A child of the Ye Clan avoided him, not daring to look them in the eye.

This man was the Leader of the Lei Family of the Shitai City's three great family s.

"The people from Tuotu are here too ?" Following closely behind him was another family of the Shitai City. The one in charge was also a Family Head.

When the two Family Head s arrived, they only nodded slightly and did not talk. They came to their seats, but started to talk to the Family Head s.

The three Family Head s seemed like they were having fun talking to each other, but everyone knew that they all wanted to strangle each other behind their backs.

As time passed, some of the small powers of the Shitai City had also arrived, but they did not have the treatment of the two great family s and were all seated in the corner.

Towards this so-called "grand occasion" in front of him, Ye Tianze did not have a single fluctuation of emotion. If not for the "previous self" washing away the humiliation, he would not even have the interest to participate in this so called family's Great Examination.

"After this, I have to think of a good place to go." Ye Tianze had already made a plan in his heart.

The cultivation of the spiritual room had allowed him to refine the first stage of Huntian War Body. Although he did not manage to break through the stage, his strength had increased by a large amount.

However, he had already felt that there was a shortage of resources here. If he continued to stay in the Shitai City, he would never be able to complete his battle prowess, much less seek revenge against that woman.

Just as he was thinking about it with narrowed eyes, a noise suddenly came over: "Look..." That person ? That person actually came as well. "

"I never thought that when Young Master Tianhai returned, it would be so shocking." The A child of the Ye Clan continued to discuss.

"Human Emperor Hall?" Ye Tianze wrinkled his brow.

Because of the memories of his previous self, Ye Tianze was not unfamiliar with this so-called Human Emperor Palace, it was a special existence that had the Human Emperor Hall in all of the large cities in the Heavenly Dragon Country.

There were many generations of Human Emperor s worshipped in the Human Emperor Palace and all of them held the ability to awaken spiritual blood s, but the status of the Human Emperor Palace was extraordinary, and they never participated in secular battles.

However, when the alien clan invaded, all the powers had to obey the orders of the Human Emperor Palace.

The reason he frowned was because in his era, there was no Human Emperor Palace.

Ye Tianze looked over, only to see a middle aged man with a miserable expression walking over. Although he was just one person, his aura was not any weaker than the Family Head of the Three Great family s.

"So powerful!" This was the second time since Ye Tianze had reincarnated that he had made such an evaluation of a descendant.

The first was the Ye Family Patriarch.

However, this so called strength, was only something the current stage could not resist.

When Hall Master of the Human Emperor arrived, the expert s of the three great family s immediately stood up to welcome him.

However, unlike the two Family Head s, he did not have the urge to strangle them, but instead had a wide smile on his face.

Facing the Shitai City's three great Family Head, he sorrowfully bowed, then sat down in his own seat.

The strangest thing was that the three Family Head s didn't mind his attitude too much and quickly went back to their seats to chat.

The position of the Hall Master of the Human Emperor was at the very top. After he sat down, there were still two empty seats left.

But the moment he sat down, he looked around, and in the end his gaze locked onto Ye Tianze who was at the corner.

Ye Tianze was surprised, but he did not look away, calmly looking at the Hall Master of the Human Emperor, his heart feeling a little suspicious.

Very quickly, Hall Master of the Human Emperor retracted his gaze and sat in his seat to recuperate with his eyes closed.

"Strange!" Ye Tianze became cautious at the bottom of his heart.

He didn't think that this Hall Master was that simple to look at.

Just as he was feeling suspicious, a cry of surprise suddenly came from the On the Campus: "Tian ? Heavens... It's the Young Master Tianhai. "

"Shua!" Everyone's gaze immediately turned towards the main seat, and all the expert s of the major forces stood up.

The group of people walked towards the empty seat in the middle, and the one leading them was the Ye Family Patriarch. He walked to the empty seat in the middle and sat down.

However, everyone's attention was focused on the young man behind him. This person was the peerless genius of the Ye Family, Ye Tianhai.

"What a terrifying aura. As expected of the genius who awakened three spiritual blood s."

"Cauldron Condensation, Young Master Tianhai already has Cauldron Condensation."

"The one beside him... It seems to be the Elder Qiu of the Full Moon Sect. He was the one who accepted Ye Tianhai as his disciple. "

"Since even the Elder Qiu has come, it seems that Ye Tianhai is very valued in the Full Moon Sect."

The On the Campus discussed incessantly, but when they saw the elder, the faces of the Shitai City's three great family s turned ugly.

They had originally thought that even if Ye Tianhai brought back the Full Moon Sect s from the Full Moon Sect s, they would at most be disciples of the same generation.

For a monster like the Full Moon Sect, other than the Hall Master of the Human Emperor, all the other powers of the Shitai City had to look up to it.

Sure enough, the Elder Qiu sat down next to him. Other than him, all the other expert s from various major powers went up to him and flattered him.

Ye Tianze didn't care much about this Elder Qiu, his gaze landing on Ye Tianhai.

Compared to Ye Tianxing, Ye Tianhai did not seem to be arrogant. His aura had almost completely converged, and there was a kind of calm aura that did not emit any sort of aura.

However, in his eyes, Ye Tianze still saw some hidden arrogance. Of everyone present, other than Ye Family Patriarch and the two beside him, he did not take anyone else seriously.

After each of them had taken their seats, the Ye Family Patriarch raised her hand and the Chief Steward Qiu at the side immediately walked forward and said: "The clan's Large Examination has begun. The disciples of the Foundation Establishment stage and Awakening Realm, prepare yourselves."

"Wuwuwu ?"

Following the ancient bugle call, the younger generation of the Ye Family's Foundation Establishment stage and Awakening Realm stood together in two rows, ready to be examined.

When Ye Tianze walked into the formation of Awakening Realm, the disciples of clan immediately made way, the emotions in their eyes extremely complicated.

"Little wild species, today is the day you die!" An ear-piercing voice came out, only to see a person in the lead coldly staring at him, it was Ye Tianxing.

"En!" Ye Tianze did not answer, but he clearly felt that Ye Tianxing was different from four hours ago.

Hearing that, Ye Tianxing was surprised, but he quickly calmed himself and said: "Looks like before, I have indeed underestimated you, but today ?"

His face revealed a cold smile, "You won't be as lucky as you were that day. Didn't you wholeheartedly think about taking back your spiritual blood? Hehe, today I shall use your spiritual blood to crush you, and let you know, there is a difference of strength between having a spiritual blood and not having a spiritual blood! "

"Idiot!" Ye Tianze replied calmly.

"Hehe, let's see if you can still be as stubborn as you are now that we've reached the stage." Ye Tianxing turned his head after he finished speaking.

Although the people in the audience didn't hear the conversation between the two, they could still tell that Ye Tianxing was gnashing his teeth in anger and couldn't help but to be curious.

"Isn't that Ye Tianxing? From the looks of it, he seems to have a grudge with another A child of the Ye Clan. "

"No matter how strong the hatred is, it shouldn't be as bad as this, right? Furthermore, I heard that he stole a spiritual blood from a fellow clan member and forged them into perfect spirit blood. In Ye Family, who would dare to provoke him? "

Just as everyone was discussing, the test started ?

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