Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C13 Polymeric spirit stone light
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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C13 Polymeric spirit stone light
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C13 Polymeric spirit stone light

"Ye Yifan, fifth level of Foundation Establishment, 500 points of strength, intermediate marksmanship, qualified!" As the examination began, the Foundation Establishment stage disciples walked up one by one.

The clan's Great Test was divided into three parts. The first part was about one's own stage, one's own strength, and the second part was about the marksmanship that the Ye Family was most proud of, and the last part was a competition.

Since it was an examination, there was naturally a standard for results. It was divided into unqualified, qualified, good, outstanding, and perfect.

As long as all three parts were qualified, they would not be kicked out of the family. Generally, Foundation Establishment disciples, as long as they were not too lazy, would all be qualified.

"Ye Yuanqing, Seventh level of the Foundation Establishment Stage, 900 points in strength. Middle stage of the marksmanship, above, good." When Chief Steward Qiu's voice came out, that A child of the Ye Clan immediately revealed a smile.

"Besides the brothers Ye Tianxing and Ye Tianhai, the strength of the disciples of the Ye Family are actually quite good."

"They are hegemony s of the Shitai City after all, and their backgrounds are deep. The reason why these youths look so ordinary is because the light the two brothers are emitting is too dazzling."

"A Foundation Establishment stage disciple is already this powerful, I'm already looking forward to the Awakening Realm examination."

In the spectator stands, the representatives from the various major powers were all discussing the battle.

"With a descendant like him, the Ye Family would dominate the Shitai City for hundreds of years." The Elder Qiu from the Full Moon Sect said from the highest viewing platform.

"Elder, you are flattering me. No matter how strong the Ye Family is, it is just a linger on the stone platform." The Ye Family Patriarch replied with a smile.

"Hahaha, you are too modest. With a junior like Tianhai, it is only a matter of time before Ye Family leaves the Shitai City." The Elder Qiu laughed.

The people of Ye Family were naturally very excited listening to the conversation between the two, but when they heard the ears of the two great family s, they felt that something was wrong.

Elder Qiu's intentions were clear. As long as Ye Tianhai was present, Full Moon Sect would definitely support him in the future. After ruling over the Ye Family for several hundred years, it would be a promise Full Moon Sect made to Ye Family.

One could imagine how they were feeling right now.

However, even though their hearts were in pain, they still had to hold it in. Not only did they have to hold it in, they even had to happily compliment it.

As time passed and the Foundation Establishment stage disciples finished examining themselves, the Chief Steward Qiu nodded in satisfaction and said, "The Awakening Realm Assessment has begun. Next ?"

"Ye Qing, medium level wood spiritual blood, first stage strengthening, one thousand two hundred points of strength, first stage cloud gun, qualified ?"

"Ye Xue, medium level water spiritual blood, strengthening level two, strength one thousand three hundred percent, intermediate cloud gun, good ?"

"Next, Ye Tianxing!" Looking at the queue, the Chief Steward Qiu said.

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone's gazes fell onto Ye Tianxing. If not for Ye Tianhai, he would have been the center of attention for the entire audience.

Even so, he was still incomparably dazzling.

"Ye Tianhai's brother, Ye Tianxing, has only been awakening the spiritual blood for a few months. It's said that he has already awakened the fifth stage."

"His cultivation speed is way too fast, right? He's almost catching up to his big brother Ye Tianhai."

"Rumor has it that what he awakened was only a high level wind spirit blood. Although his aptitude is not bad, it's not that amazing. But he took away the spiritual blood of a member of the same clan, which is why he has such a fast cultivation speed."

Could it be that the Ye Family is not afraid of making a ruckus in the family?

"That's right, although Ye Tianxing can't compare to Ye Tianhai, he is also someone that the Ye Family has focused on cultivating and nurturing. Being able to cultivate at such a speed is also very normal. The matter of Spirit Plunder is not to be trusted."

Discussions were everywhere in the stands. Although the people from the big powers received some information, they did not dare to be sure. After all, the requirements to steal a spirit were extremely harsh.

Not only did they need the same kind of bloodline, they also needed to awaken the same spiritual blood. The success rate was also very low.

Whether or not he could succeed was one thing, but for those who had their souls stolen, even if they did not die, their lives would be wasted.

Therefore, no family would allow the matter of Spirit Plunder to occur, because it would cause the entire family to fall into panic.

Hearing these discussions, A child of the Ye Clan had a strange expression. They all looked towards Ye Tianze, only to realize that he wasn't as angry as they had imagined.

His handsome face was calm.

"Put your hands on the Spirit Stones and activate it with all your might." The Chief Steward Qiu said expressionlessly.

Ye Tianxing's mouth revealed a slight smile, and immediately placed his hand on the Spirit Stones. When he started to activate the spiritual blood in his body, the Spirit Stones immediately began to emit a dazzling green light, and the light became more and more glaring.

"This is ?" Awakening the sixth stage! "

"Oh my god, in just a short month, he had already awakened the sixth stage. His cultivation speed is even faster than Ye Tianhai's."

"This light... No, this is definitely not a light that a high level spiritual blood can possess, this must be at the very least a perfect spirit blood! "

"He succeeded in Spirit Plunder?"

This eye-piercing cyan light shocked all the forces in the Shitai City. The people from the two great family s immediately looked towards the Ye Family, hoping for an answer. However, the Ye Family was expressionless.

At this time, the Chief Steward Qiu said: "Ye Tianxing, Perfect wind spirit blood, strengthen sixth stage, Perfect!"


The entire drill ground exploded with noise. Everyone from the major forces was dumbfounded.

"It really is Spirit Plunder. Moreover, there's such a small chance that he succeeded!"

"Unbelievable, the Ye Family has actually allowed the disciples of the family s to seize their own clan's bloodline to forge spirits. This is truly unbelievable!"

"perfect spirit blood, enhanced stage six, this is another Ye Tianhai! Although Spirit Plunder is a taboo, this benefit ?"

"No wonder the Elder Qiu s of Full Moon Sect are here. I'm afraid they would have to take Ye Tianxing in as well."

The Tuotu Master and Leader of the Lei Family looked at Ye Family at the same time. Although they were congratulating him, they felt a chill in their hearts.

One Ye Tianhai, was already unbearable for them, and now there's another Ye Tianxing, how could they stand it?

"Tianxin's talent isn't bad, but it's not a good thing to train too fast." Looking at Ye Tianqing on the stage, Elder Qiu revealed a satisfied smile.

"If I can get the teacher's guidance, Heavenly Star can definitely ascend another level." Ye Tianhai who was at the side took the opportunity to ask.

When we return, let's bring Heavenly Star to the sect. As long as he passes the sect's assessment, I will accept him as my disciple. " The Elder Qiu said.

"After all, perfect spirit blood s forged by Spirit Plunder can only see flowers in the mist. In the end, it was all for naught." A voice sounded.

The faces of the people from Ye Family froze. If it was anyone else, they would have already been furious, but it was this unsmiling Hall Master of the Human Emperor.

Even if he was only Hall Master of the Human Emperor, Full Moon Sect would not easily offend him.

"High level marksmanship, 3000 average strength, excellent." Chief Steward Qiu's voice came from the stage.

"Three thousand fifty!"

Even though Ye Tianxing's marksmanship did not reach perfection, it was already pretty good for someone at his age. That frightening strength of three thousand caused everyone present to suck in a breath of cold air.

Under the gazes of tens of thousands of people, Ye Tianxing walked down the stage, and said to Ye Tianze: "Very soon, you will taste the taste of being crushed!"

However, Ye Tianze had a face full of disdain, which made the killing intent in his eyes grow even stronger.

"Next, Ye Tianze!" The Chief Steward Qiu said.

whoosh *

The eyes of the people from the Ye Family all landed on his body, their expressions were very strange.

Those external forces, however, were not the least bit interested in Ye Tianze. They did not know about the matter of Ye Tianze breaking the record a few hours ago, and even more so, did not know that the person who had their spiritual blood stolen was him.

"Shut your mouth. Don't say what you shouldn't, or ?" Chief Steward Qiu's tone carried a hint of warning.

Of course, Ye Tianze understood what the Chief Steward Qiu meant, and did not care much: "Can we start now?"

"Of course." Chief Steward Qiu nodded, and said, "Put your hands on the Spirit Stones, and use all of your strength to stimulate your blood."

"Oh." Ye Tianze immediately placed his hand on the Spirit Stones, and slowly activated the wind spirit blood in his body.

Chief Steward Qiu telling him to put his hand on the Spirit Stones was only an act. The entire Ye Family knew that Ye Tianze had already snatched the spiritual blood away, so the Spirit Stones would definitely not react.

However, no one would have thought that the moment Ye Tianze placed his hand on it, the Spirit Stones ? It lit up!

"This... "How is this possible!?" The expression on Chief Steward Qiu's face could no longer be described as shocked or shocked, but instead, as terrified.

"Heavens, the Spirit Stones actually lit up ?"

"Green light, this is the green light that represents the wind spirit blood!"

"Am I dreaming?"

"Impossible! Something must have gone wrong to cause this!"

The A child of the Ye Clan in the stands were all dumbstruck. The clan elders of the Ye Family all had similar expressions.

The people from the two family s were confused. They couldn't understand why the people from the Ye Family would have such an expression when they saw this scene.

Wasn't it just the Spirit Stones that lit up?

But just at that moment, Ye Tianxing, who was standing below the stage, suddenly shouted: "The spiritual blood has been snatched away, how could it possibly trigger a Spirit Stones? Chief Steward, take a look and see if there's a problem with the Spirit Stones. "

As his voice fell, the On the Campus was deathly still.

The people from the two family s looked at Ye Tianxing strangely, wondering if he had spoken wrongly just now, or if he had heard wrongly.

The upper echelons of Ye Family looked extremely awkward. Originally, they wanted to hide this matter from the outside world and neither admit nor explain.

But she never thought that Ye Tianxing would actually say it in such an occasion.

Feeling the fiery gazes from the surroundings, although Ye Tianxing regretted it, he knew that he did not turn around to shoot the arrow, so he braced himself and said: "You heard me, I was indeed able to forge the perfect spirit blood by Spirit Plunder, and the person who had his spiritual blood stolen was this wild species on stage!"


The entire drill grounds exploded into an uproar. The people from the two great family s finally understood why A child of the Ye Clan was so shocked when he saw the Spirit Stones light up.

"Is he the one who stole the spiritual blood?"

"Unbelievable, even after the spiritual blood was stolen, it still lit up!"

"Something must have gone wrong!"

"No wonder Ye Tianxing was in such a hurry. If it was me, I would be scared too."

Although no one believed that they could recover after having their spiritual blood stolen, at this moment, all of the attention of the entire drill grounds was focused on Ye Tianze.

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