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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C14 Come up to die
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C14 Come up to die

"So what if outsiders know?" My strength is enough to shut them up! " Ye Tianxing thought.

Ye Family was a Shitai City, and now that she had Full Moon Sect supporting him from behind, even a taboo like Spirit Plunder could be easily suppressed.

The reason they had sealed the news earlier was because they were afraid of affecting the reputation of the Ye Family.

But now that everyone knew that he was a perfect spirit blood, they could naturally guess that it was because of Spirit Plunder. Even if outsiders knew that the one whose spirit was stolen was Ye Tianze, no one dared speak up for him.

This was strength!

The situation was as Ye Tianxing had expected. Although the two family s wanted to make use of this opportunity to display their strengths, they did not dare to say anything.

Looking at Ye Tianze on the stage, Ye Tianxing revealed a complacent smile: "It's getting late, I hope that Chief Steward can quickly check the Spirit Stones, so as to not delay the competition."

Chief Steward Qiu finally reacted, he also hoped that there was a problem with the Spirit Stones, but when he placed his hand on the Spirit Stones, his expression quickly froze.

Looking at Ye Tianze's expression, it was as if he was looking at a monster.

"How is it, Chief Steward?" Ye Tianxing asked.

"No problem!" After a short pause, Chief Steward Qiu spat out a word.


Everyone looked at Ye Tianze as if they had seen a ghost. Because everyone knew, without a spiritual blood, it was impossible to trigger a Spirit Stones!

After a short period of silence, the drill grounds exploded in an uproar.

"If there's no problem with the Spirit Stones, then doesn't that mean ?"

"His spiritual blood has recovered!"

"If the foundation isn't completely destroyed, it's possible to recover."

"This luck... Isn't that too great? Even after my spirit has been stolen, I can still recover? "

When the people of Ye Family were called over to observe the competition, it would mean that they were displaying their might to intimidate the other forces.

But now, the outside world was watching a joke.

"I don't believe it!" Ye Tianxing clenched his fists, "I had clearly snatched the spiritual blood away, how could he trigger the Spirit Stones? You must have seen wrongly! "

"It's not up to you." The Chief Steward Qiu turned his head and said, "Continue!"

Seeing Ye Tianze place his hand on it once again, Ye Tianxing's face became extremely ugly: "Even if your spiritual blood recovers, what can you do? In the following matches, I will also crush you! "

Right after he finished speaking, a dazzling cyan light exploded from the Spirit Stones.

"Hiss ?" This light caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air.

Ye Tianxing, who was full of confidence just now, opened his mouth wide: "This ? "How is this possible!?"

The brighter the Spirit Stones's light shone, the stronger it would be. And this light in front of them was no longer as simple as just recovering, it had already surpassed many A child of the Ye Clan with Awakening Realm!

"Ye Tianze, Foundation Level Nine, medium wind spirit blood, fourth stage strengthening ? Excellent... Excellent! " Chief Steward Qiu swallowed his saliva.

Even he was shocked by Ye Tianze.

"Foundation Level Nine? Rank 4 Strengthening, my god, am I dreaming? "

"How did he do it? He clearly fell from the stage, even if he recovered his strength, he can't possibly strengthen his wind spirit blood to the fourth stage!"

From what they knew, it was impossible to use spiritual blood at the Foundation Establishment stage, let alone strengthen the spiritual blood with Awakening Realm at the Foundation Establishment stage.

"He himself has already awakened his spiritual blood and stepped into the Awakening Realm. If the spiritual blood recovers, even if it fell to the ground, it would still be able to activate the spiritual blood. Strengthening the spiritual blood would naturally not be a problem."

"But, as someone who had his spirit stolen and almost became a waste, how did he manage to recover his spiritual blood and reach the fourth stage?"

In that moment, everyone looked towards Ye Family Patriarch who was seated at the highest point. At least, the people from Ye Family knew about what happened that day, so they thought that it was Ye Family Patriarch who had secretly helped Ye Tianze.

With regards to this, the Ye Family Patriarch did not explain, but if one were to carefully look, they would see a trace of surprise flash past his eyes, but that was only if no one caught him.

"No wonder he could break the Young Master Tianxin's record and stay in the Celestial Spirit Room for twenty-four hours.

The most shocked people present were none other than the A child of the Ye Clan s. The huge contrast in front of them was beyond their expectations.

However, when the unknown forces heard this, they exploded once again.

"Stay in the Celestial Spirit Room for 24 hours?"

"This guy is a monster, he can actually stay in a Celestial Spirit Room for 24 hours!"

"Oh my god, it's said that Ye Tianhai's original record was only twenty-four hours. Doesn't that mean he caught up with Ye Tianhai?"

"That's impossible!"

The people from the two family s all looked at the people from the Ye Family, hoping to get the answer from their mouths. A child of the Ye Clan, who suddenly revealed the truth, had an ugly expression on his face and quickly shut his mouth.

Seeing that his family was quiet, the few big powers came to a realization, and looked at Ye Tianze with different eyes.

The spiritual blood had miraculously recovered after it was taken away, and it was even stronger than before Spirit Plunder. Furthermore, it stayed in the Ye Family for twenty hours, catching up to Ye Tianhai.

In their eyes, it was almost impossible, but the teenager in front of them had already done it.

There's going to be a good show, and after testing out his marksmanship and strength, it should be a competition of Awakening Realm. After obtaining the spiritual blood, he will definitely fight with Ye Tianxing!

Even if he were to return to the Awakening Realm, he would only be at the fourth stage. But Ye Tianxing had awakened at the sixth stage, and moreover, it's a perfect wind spirit blood, if he were to compete with Ye Tianxing, wouldn't that just be courting his own death? "

"If it was me, I would definitely choose to avoid battle and accumulate enough strength."

"Accumulate your strength?" Ye Tianxing is a perfect spirit blood, he is only a medium level spiritual blood, the longer it drags on, the bigger the gap will be between him and Ye Tianxing. "

"Watching the spiritual blood recover and having a glimmer of hope, yet finding out that its opponent is too far away, what kind of despair is this!"

Hearing the discussions from the outside, the entire Ye Family, from top to bottom, did not look well, especially Ye Tianxing and Family Head.

Ye Tianze looked like he did not do anything, nor did he say a word, but it was equivalent to giving all the other forces a fierce slap in the face.

"The spiritual blood could actually recover!" Ye Tianxing's gaze turned cold, but he was still filled with confidence, "This is good as well, if it's too weak, wouldn't it be too boring? If you continue to struggle, I will break your last shred of hope! "

At this time, Chief Steward Qiu threw a spear towards Ye Tianze: "Attack with all your strength, let me test your marksmanship and strength!"

The drill grounds quietened down. They did not have much expectations for this stage of the examination, because Ye Tianxing's three thousand points of strength and high level cloud gun were already the limits of his Awakening Realm.

Sure enough, Ye Tianze who had received the spear thrust his spear out, and it was immediately caught by the Chief Steward Qiu. Just like Ye Tianxing, he too, was shaken out of his hands.

"The difference in power is too great. There's no suspense at all." Someone said.

"I wonder if he will dare to challenge Ye Tianxing in the competition!" The people on the drill grounds were looking forward to it.

Just as everyone was discussing amongst themselves, the voice of the Chief Steward Qiu sounded out, "Strength: 2,000 points, cloud gun Grand Perfection!"

"Hiss!" Everyone in the On the Campus gasped, thinking that they had heard wrongly.

"cloud gun Grand Perfection?"

"Could this Chief Steward be mistaken!?"

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Chief Steward Qiu did not explain. He said helplessly: "You did not hear wrong, it is indeed the Grand Perfection and marksmanship!"

"The marksmanship of the Grand Perfection, this ? This... "How high must one's martial arts attainment be to reach such a level at this age?"

"If his spiritual blood was not taken away, he would probably be stronger. Just based on his martial talent, in the younger generation, how many people could be a match for him?"

"No matter how high your martial talent is, spiritual blood is only at medium level. In the future, it will be difficult to achieve anything." Yet, the Elder Qiu seated at the highest point had a disdainful look on his face.

Hearing this, the people from the several big powers all had strange expressions on their faces. If their family had a young disciple with this kind of martial talent, they would definitely give it their all to cultivate him.

However, they did not dare refute him, because Elder Qiu was from the Full Moon Sect and was very knowledgeable. Furthermore, what he said made a lot of sense.

Compared to the spiritual blood's innate talent with high Rating, the martial talent was indeed much weaker. After all, the higher the spiritual blood's innate talent, the stronger they would be in the future.

Although the people from the Ye Family were not as shocked as the others, they were not small either. When Ye Tianze and Ye Tianxing had fought earlier, some of the clan elders guessed that Ye Tianze's marksmanship was already in Grand Perfection.

Now that it was confirmed, their hearts were still shaken. After all, their judgement could not compare to Elder Qiu's.

"Hehe, so what if you have marksmanship and Grand Perfection?" Ye Tianxing wasn't too surprised as he said with a cold smile, "The higher you climb, the more painful it will be when I step on you."

"Is that so?" Ye Tianze suddenly turned his head, raised his hand and pointed at him, and said, "You! Come up and die! "

On the Campus was immediately deathly still. Even Chief Steward Qiu did not manage to react, let alone Ye Tianxing.

"What did you say?" Ye Tianxing did not dare believe it.

"Come up and die!" Ye Tianze's voice resounded throughout the drill grounds.

Regardless of whether it was the people from Ye Family or the various great powers who came to observe the battle, they all stared wide-eyed. They did not expect that Ye Tianze's challenge would be so decisive, and in such a humiliating manner at that.

Come up to die? This was not going to end until he died!

"Good, good, good!" Ye Tianxing was so angry that his eyes turned red. He slowly walked up, and the killing intent around him was not concealed at all, "As a fellow clan member, I had originally wanted to teach you a lesson and let you live.

"Since you want to die, I'll grant your wish!"

"You want to be a whore again, and you still want to build a memorial archway? You really don't have any sense of shame anymore." Ye Tianze said calmly.

Seeing that the two of them were at loggerheads, Chief Steward Qiu looked towards the highest point of the Ye Family Patriarch, and after seeing him nod his head, he immediately left the kung fu stage.

"Blades and swords have no eyes, do you both understand?" Chief Steward Qiu asked, seeing that neither of them replied, he continued, "Then let's begin!"

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