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C15 Too slow

"Abandon the bodyguard car, Ye Family is walking down this road to disaster!"

People in the stands started talking among themselves as they watched the two people confront each other.

Everyone knew that even though Ye Tianze had recovered, it was impossible for him to defeat Ye Tianxing.

But now, the Chief Steward Qiu had said that the swords had no eyes, which was an obvious signal to Ye Tianxing, that even if he were to kill Ye Tianze in the competition, no one would stop him.

"This is crazy! He actually threw himself into such a desperate situation!"

"But his courage is commendable, this is his only chance. If he cannot take revenge, he will only be able to stay in the Foundation Establishment stage, and will only be able to move further and further away from Ye Tianxing."

"This child is extremely tenacious. Even if he knows that he is going to die, he must die with dignity. He must seek justice for himself. If the spiritual blood s are not taken away, his future may be limitless."

At that moment, let alone the outsiders, even those who looked down on A child of the Ye Clan had a change of heart.

They admired Ye Tianze's tenacity when he rose up again in such a desperate situation, but they also admired the courage Ye Tianze had shown when he faced such a situation.

But in their hearts, they sighed as well, because this battle had no suspense at all.

The higher ups of the Ye Family all had cold faces. Since things had come to this point, the Ye Family had to give up on one, and the one being given up could only be Ye Tianze.

If he was allowed to continue making a ruckus like this, it might cause a bigger commotion.

"So what if your martial arts talent is high?" Today, I will let you know that in front of absolute strength, all of your hard work is nothing but a last ditch struggle! " Ye Tianxing sneered.

The spiritual blood on his body started to boil, flickering with green light, and a terrifying aura burst out from within his body.

The perfect flow of wind spirit blood made his body light and graceful.

"The spiritual blood is boiling! The spiritual blood has already started to boil after only reaching the sixth stage of awakening. "

"No wonder the Ye Family gave up on Ye Tianze so decisively. The spiritual blood actually started to boil so quickly!"

"If this goes on, I'm afraid that Ye Tianxing will become the other Ye Tianhai, and even without Full Moon Sect's support, Ye Family can continue dominating the Shitai City for hundreds of years."

"My cultivation speed is still a bit fast. After all, this is a perfect spirit blood created by the Spirit Plunder. After this battle, I must properly stabilize my stage, or else my foundation will be unstable in the future." Elder Qiu's face revealed a satisfied smile.

The meaning of his words was very clear. The fact that Ye Tianxing had entered the Full Moon Sect was already a matter of life and death for him. This made the faces of the people from the two great family turn ugly.

The more powerful the Ye Family was, the lower the status of their two great family s would be in the Shitai City, and there was even a possibility that they would be swallowed by the Ye Family.

While the crowd was still in shock, Ye Tianxing made his move. The spiritual blood on his body was boiling as it bathed in green light.

It was just a simple straight punch, but with the cooperation of the boiling wind spirit blood, his speed became extremely terrifying.

"Forcefully drawing 3000 jins, this is about to end the battle with a punch!"

"Ye Tianze probably did not even have the chance to react. The wind spirit blood's increasing speed, this speed is too fast!"

However, something unexpected happened.

Everyone watched as the fist landed on Ye Tianze's face, but they did not see anything happen. The fist actually passed through his body.

"Wear..." "He went through it."

"It's an afterimage!"

When this fist passed through Ye Tianze's body, everyone realized that Ye Tianze had appeared at a place a short distance away from where he had been standing.

Coincidentally, this was the best spot to avoid Ye Tianxing's punch.

The drill grounds fell into a dead silence. Everyone felt as if they were in a dream.

"Too slow." Ye Tianze said coldly.

As soon as his voice fell, the school field exploded into an uproar. Everyone could hear the ridicule in his voice. He was like a peerless master facing a third-rate warrior, full of disdain.

They had thought that Ye Tianze would be defeated in one move.

"You!" Ye Tianxing's lungs were about to explode from anger.

"His strength is inferior to yours, and his speed is inferior to yours as well. He's only using martial skills to gain tricks!" A voice came over, and when everyone looked over, they realised that it was Ye Tianhai who was seated at the highest point, "Finish it quick, we will directly use our strength to crush him."

Ye Tianxing immediately calmed down: "I want to see how many punches you can dodge!"

Ye Tianxing punched again as the spiritual blood on his body seethed with rage. This time, he blocked off all of Ye Tianze's movements.

However ?

Ye Tianze almost brushed past his body as he dodged the punch. It looked to be extremely dangerous, but the timing was extremely precise, and he appeared to be calm and unperturbed.


Ye Tianxing threw a few more punches out, causing the spiritual blood to boil and bring about a violent gust of wind.

However, what was inconceivable was that all of those attacks, were easily dodged by Ye Tianze. Even at the most dangerous moment, Ye Tianze was forced into a corner.

However, he twisted his body like a loach and dodged all of Ye Tianxing's attacks.

"How is this possible!"

"Am I seeing things?"

"You aren't seeing things. This guy predicted all of Ye Tianxing's attacks in advance."

"Predicting in advance? "His martial arts attainments have already reached the point where it can overcome the opponent's weakness?"

The people in the stands looked at each other in dismay. If the first two punches were called coincidences, they might be able to explain it. But those dozens of punches that followed definitely couldn't be coincidences.

Ye Tianxing's attacks were continuous and so was his evasion. Furthermore, they discovered that from start to finish, Ye Tianze had not been flustered at all.

"Did you not realize that he did not use his spiritual blood at all?" The Tuotu said.

"That's right, he hasn't used the spiritual blood yet!" The surrounding crowd exclaimed.

"Why do I have a strange feeling, I feel like Ye Tianze has been toying with him this whole time!" A clan elder of the Lei Family said.

On the Campus was silent, hearing his words, the faces of the people from Ye Family turned ugly.

They felt the same way, but they didn't dare think about it in that direction. Now that they thought about Ye Tianze's "too slow" earlier, the shock in their hearts couldn't grow any further.

"If your so-called perfect spirit blood only has this little bit of strength, then it really disappoints me." Ye Tianze said.

"This ?"

"You!" Ye Tianxing gritted his teeth in anger, his figure flashed, he grabbed a spear from the weapon rack, and thrusted it towards Ye Tianze, "I want to cut you into ten thousand pieces!"

activated the cloud gun. Under the cooperation of the wind spirit blood, the spear was so fast that it was hard to take in, and it incited countless spear shadow s, bringing about a terrifying whistling sound.

Ye Tianze was completely engulfed by the attacks of the spear and all his positions were sealed, without any gaps.

"Too slow ?"

"Too slow ?"

"Hurry, you can go a little faster, perfect spirit blood should not only have that much strength ?"

"Right, it's like this right now. Faster, a little faster ?"

"Are you waste? I told you to go faster! "

"Looks like this is your limit. Truly disappointing."

"This ?" Everyone in the audience was stunned. Other than the sounds of fighting, all that remained in On the Campus were Ye Tianze's provocations.

Those who did not know what was going on would think that it was an elder of the family, instructing the younger generation.

However, they clearly understood that this was a contest between two disciples of the same generation. Moreover, one was the genius of the perfect spirit blood while the other was a waste whose spiritual blood had been snatched away.

Following Ye Tianze's last sentence, the densely packed spear shadow, Ye Tianze suddenly twisted, and dodged the fatal spear.

Immediately after, with a flash, she suddenly appeared behind Ye Tianxing and kicked him.

'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard.

Ye Tianxing was kicked away with his gun and fell flat on his face.


Be it the A child of the Ye Clan, the two great family s, or the upper echelons of the Ye Family, they all felt as though they were in a dream, and wondered if what they had seen was real.

Even the Full Moon Sect stood up, her face full of shock.

"Good ?" "So fast!" The Chief Steward Qiu was the closest to him, so he could see the most clearly.

From the very beginning, he had not noticed any disorder in Ye Tianze's movements. Every time he moved, the angle of his movements was controlled extremely well and there were no unnecessary movements.

This time, Ye Tianze was indeed faster than Ye Tianxing, and his speed was not even a little bit, to the point that the cloud gun that Ye Tianxing had activated, seemed to be tightly sewn together, but in front of his extreme speed, it was filled with holes.

"No ?" Didn't they say Foundation Level Nine? Why are you faster than Ye Tianxing! "

"Did he really have his spiritual blood snatched away?"

"I'm the only one who noticed that Ye Tianxing did not even touch the hem of Ye Tianze's clothes?"

On the Campus was in a flurry of discussion, they did not even dare to think about the scene in front of them, because the disparity was too great.

"You!" When Ye Tianxing crawled up from the ground, he had a sinister look on his face. His eyes were bloodshot and the veins on his body were bulging.

"Hahaha ?" Ye Tianze laughed, "Can I understand that you are begging me?"

"I ?"

"Since a dignified Ye Family has asked me not to hide, how can I not give you face?" Ye Tianze extended a finger and crooked it, "Come, I won't hide this time."

"This... This is too arrogant! "

"With his martial talent and his advantage in speed, he managed to obtain the victory in front of him. Now that he wants to fight Ye Tianxing head on, is he crazy?"

"He is indeed a little too arrogant, thinking that Ye Tianxing is too weak to withstand a single blow. However, he had forgotten the difference in strength."

Seeing Ye Tianze's actions, the expert s all had unsightly faces. Even the Ye Family Patriarch who was seated in the very middle frowned.

However, no one felt that Ye Tianze would be able to gain any advantage in a head-on clash with Ye Tianxing, because Ye Tianxing was at the sixth level of Awakening Realm and his perfect spirit blood had a total of three thousand points of strength.

If Ye Tianxing touched him, even if he didn't die, he would still be crippled.

However, at this moment, in a corner of the stands, a lonely figure was quietly watching everything that was happening before him.

When he heard Ye Tianze say that he would not dodge, his heart jumped, he thought about what he had experienced, and how similar it was to the scene in front of him.

"It's over, the Heavenly Star is finished!" His eyes were filled with fear. This person was precisely Ye Tianqing who had been defeated by Ye Tianze twice.

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