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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C16 Who's the trash?
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C16 Who's the trash?

Ye Tianxing did not know, that there were already people praying for him, but he was deeply immersed in the doubtful gaze of the outside world, and was unable to extricate himself.

He knew that if he was unable to recover back the face he lost with Ye Tianze, let alone entering Full Moon Sect, he would live the rest of his life amidst the ridicule of others.

But he couldn't do anything to Ye Tianze. If this competition continued, there would be no conclusion to it, because he wouldn't even be able to touch the corner of Ye Tianze's clothes.

However, when Ye Tianze promised to not dodge the attack and to face it head on, he laughed.

Although he did not know why Ye Tianze was so confident, but all of these were not important. What was important was that he could wash away the shame on his body.

"I could have used my martial arts talent and survived this competition, but now I have to face him head on. I'm afraid there won't be any suspense in the following battles." Elder Qiu had a face full of certainty.

"This kind of person is arrogant and conceited once he gains power. Even if he doesn't snatch away his spiritual blood, he can't do anything." Ye Tianhai who was seated at the side sneered.

Hearing the conversation between the two, the people from the two family s did not know what to say.

"Look, Tianxin has made his move." Ye Family suddenly said.

Ye Tianxing suddenly made his move, the spiritual blood on his body boiled again, releasing a burst of berserk wind force, the cloud gun shot out like a white rainbow piercing into the sky.

His speed was more than twice that of before, and in the blink of an eye, the spear was already at Ye Tianze's throat.

Just when everyone was still wondering whether Ye Tianze would dodge or not, he suddenly moved. His figure flashed slightly, leaving behind an afterimage as he dodged the spear's tip.

"Didn't he say that he wouldn't dodge?"

"His strength is inferior to Ye Tianxing's. How can he not dodge it and allow the spear to pierce through his throat?"

"That's not right, he ? He's not dodging, he's retaliating! "

who had just avoided the fatal strike, suddenly started to counterattack. He still did not use the spiritual blood, in his opinion, Ye Tianxing did not have the qualifications to make him use the spiritual blood.

In the past half month, the battle between the Shitai Mountain and the spirit beast, had allowed him to become completely accustomed to the body, and among the spirit beast, there were many that were stronger than Ye Tianxing.

In the eyes of outsiders, Ye Tianxing was indeed very fast, but in front of him, Ye Tianxing's speed was as fast as a snail.

When the spear missed, it passed by his side for a moment, then Ye Tianze raised his hand and held onto the spear body.

Ye Tianxing simply did not see Ye Tianze's actions clearly. He only felt that the spear in his hands, was like an iron board that was stabbed into him, and could no longer move forward.

When he finally came to a stop, he realized that his spear was not even stabbed into any metal board, but was firmly held in one hand.

Looking at the Master on his hand, he struggled fiercely, but didn't move an inch.

"You ? "You ?" Ye Tianxing spoke incoherently as the scene before his eyes made him feel like he was about to collapse.

If it was a Chief Steward Qiu a few ranks higher than him who caught the spear, he would definitely not be the slightest bit surprised, and might even be happy. However, the person who caught the spear, who was fixed in the air, was not Chief Steward Qiu, but a waste who had his spiritual blood snatched away by him.

The stands were dead silent. Be it the A child of the Ye Clan or the two great family s, all of them opened their mouths wide.

"This... This... "This ?"

"He actually stopped Ye Tianxing's spear with his bare hands!"

"Impossible, how is this possible? That shot just now contained at least 3000% of his strength, how is it possible that he ?" "Why ?"

Not to mention Ye Tianxing himself, everyone present felt that the scene in front of their eyes was extremely illusory. Some people even slapped their own faces to confirm if they were dreaming.

The Elder Qiu and Ye Tianhai who were seated at the highest level were all dumbstruck. Just a moment ago, they were still talking about how there was no suspense in this battle, when Ye Tianze immediately slapped them in the face.

There was no suspense. It was just that the situation had been reversed.

Ye Family Patriarch stood up with a "cluck". Her pair of calm eyes flashed with a strange light. It was obvious that even he did not expect such a scene to occur.

"You're not Ye Tianze, you definitely aren't ?" Ye Tianxing's eyes were filled with fear.

Even if Ye Tianze defeated him using another method, he would not be as terrified as he was now. However, Ye Tianze's method was the simplest, most direct and most overbearing.

"I am indeed not the Ye Tianze that you know. I am a Ye Tianze who was reborn from death." Ye Tianze laughed coldly, "Do you know why I wasted so much time with you and didn't directly kill you outside of spiritual room?"

Ye Tianxing was at a loss.

"Because... I am here to collect debts from someone else. I want to make you despair, make you fear, let you feel the humiliation he suffered in front of everyone, and experience the despair of his death! " Ye Tianze said softly, "This is my promise to him."


Ye Tianze kicked Ye Tianxing's lower abdomen. The spear in his hand flew out and spat out a mouthful of blood in the air.

Just as he was about to fly out of the kung fu stage, Ye Tianze's figure flashed and appeared next to him.

The drill grounds were so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard. This scene had occurred too suddenly, and they had been thinking that even if Ye Tianxing was weak, he would still have the strength to retaliate.

Ye Tianze was like a spirit beast that was wreaking havoc outside the Shitai City, her speed was so fast that it was hard to look at, and her power was so terrifying that it could make people shiver.

When Ye Tianze's foot stepped on Ye Tianxing's head, everyone felt that it was unreal, as if they were really dreaming.

"Little wild species, I order you to release him immediately!" An angry roar sounded out from the spectator's grandstand, followed by the release of a terrifying aura.

Everyone looked over, only to see Ye Tianhai standing up, his body was bathed in golden light, as though a god had descended to the mortal world.

Aside from the elders of the various family s, everyone else felt an incomparably sharp pressure pressing down on them, causing them to be unable to breathe.

However, Ye Tianze did not care. He raised the spear in his hand, pointed it at Ye Tianxing, and said coldly: "You think he can save you?"

If it was before, even if Ye Tianxing lost, he would not have thought that Ye Tianze would dare to kill him, but it was different now, in those eyes of his, he could feel a baleful qi that made his blood run cold!

It was as if the person in front of him was not someone of the same generation as him, but someone who had lived for tens of thousands of years, someone who had experienced the sea of blood and corpses!

"I'm asking you a question!" Ye Tianze asked.

Ye Tianxing shook his head while trembling all over.


With an astonishing speed, the spear pierced through Ye Tianxing's wrist, nailing him to the ground. Because the speed was too fast, it took a while for Ye Tianxing to feel pain.

What followed was a series of miserable howls like pigs being butchered.

"I'm not satisfied with the answer just now. Let me ask you again, do you think he can save you?" Ye Tianze asked.

"Ye Tianze!" A terrifying aura attacked, it was Chief Steward Qiu, who was below the stage, "Immediately stop, stop here!"

"Little wild species, you have to kill you!" Ye Tianhai's figure flashed, he left the viewing platform and arrived at the martial arts training grounds.

"Hahaha ?" Ye Tianze laughed loudly, completely ignoring them, "Ye Tianxing, I'm asking you a question, why aren't you answering me!"

"I entered your eighteen generations of ancestors ?" Brother, Chief Steward ? Fast... Save me, he is a devil! " Ye Tianxing shouted in fear.

suddenly pulled out the spear that was nailed onto Ye Tianxing's wrist, aimed at his throat, and without even turning his head, he said: "Step forward, I told him to spatter three feet with blood!"

"Little wild species, if you dare kill my little brother, I will definitely tear you into ten thousand pieces!" Ye Tianhai stopped.

Although the strength of the Chief Steward Qiu was terrifying, he had seen the power that Ye Tianze had just displayed, and he knew that that was definitely not his full strength.

Although it was very close, the spear in Ye Tianze's hands was even closer to Ye Tianxing's throat. He did not have the confidence to save Ye Tianxing.

"I am very satisfied with your answer just now. It is better that there is hope." Ye Tianze stared at Ye Tianxing who was on the ground and laughed, "Because there is hope, that is why you despair."

"You dare ?"


Under Ye Tianxing's terrified gaze, Ye Tianze swung the spear and pierced the wrist of his other hand. Then, he quickly pulled the spear back and pointed it at his throat.

Ye Tianhai, who had just destroyed half a step forward, gritted his teeth and retreated, saying angrily: "Little wild species, you're dead, no matter who it is that protects you, you're dead!"

But Ye Tianze did not care about him, under the shocked gaze of the people, he stared at Ye Tianxing and said: "I told you, mine was mine. If you took it, I will take it back myself!"

"Release my son immediately, or else!" It was none other than the Family Head. He had long since arrived at the bottom of the kung fu stage, but did not dare make a move.

Chief Steward Qiu's strength far exceeded his, and even he wasn't confident, not to mention him.

"Otherwise, what would you do?" Ye Tianze asked.

"I'll tear you into a thousand pieces!" Ye Family said.

"Hahaha ?" Ye Tianze laughed coldly, "Lord Family Head, now is the clan's assessment, I remember what the Chief Steward Qiu said clearly before the competition, the swords and blades on the kung fu stage have no eyes, my battle with Ye Tianxing is not over yet, can we have some face?"

"You!" Ye Family was immediately speechless. He suddenly understood why Ye Tianze was so unscrupulous before.

"Don't worry, I will only take back what belongs to me. Once that portion of his body that belongs to me has been drained, I will naturally let him go." Ye Tianze sneered.

Everyone present finally knew what Ye Tianze was going to do. He was returning the favor.

To Ye Tianxing, the perfect spirit blood formed by Spirit Plunder was his foundation. If he let that portion of spiritual blood run dry, even if it survived, it would fall into the realm, and its foundation might even be destroyed.

"Doing this won't do you any good!" The Chief Steward Qiu said.

"Yes." Ye Tianze retorted, "If I cripple him, my anger would go away. Furthermore, don't forget that I am stronger than him!"

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