Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C17 The ye family's choice
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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C17 The ye family's choice
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C17 The ye family's choice

Ye Tianze's words caused the arena to become silent.

The Human Clan had long passed the era where one drank all one's hair and one's blood, but this was still a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Just like how Ye Tianxing took away "Ye Tianze's" spiritual blood, then threw him back like a wild dog waiting to die.

Just like how he was snatched away by the spiritual blood and was reborn with difficulty, in the end, he was bullied into coming to the door, but everyone stood on the side of Ye Tianxing, who was stronger and would have a brighter future.

The only thing that made sense here was strength, the way Ye Tianze had defeated Ye Tianqing and humiliated him, was not only to punish him, but also to respect and respect him.

It was as if at this moment, he had proven with his own strength that even if Ye Tianxing had a perfect spirit blood, he would still not be able to withstand a single blow from Yun Che.

All of this was because of strength!

Even if his words were so tyrannical and unreasonable, everyone present could only remain silent because Ye Tianze was stronger than him and he was so strong that Ye Tianxing did not even have the strength to resist.

"Truly slapping my face with strength, all this time I did not reveal anything, but the competition suddenly revealed my overwhelming strength, this is to force Ye Family to make a choice."

There's going to be a good show! If we choose Ye Tianxing, we will offend Ye Tianze, and if we choose Ye Tianze, we will offend him. With this situation, the two sides cannot coexist unless Ye Tianze is willing to let Ye Tianxing go!

"Looking at him, he obviously won't let Ye Tianxing go."

"That's not good, even though he has the strength to suppress Ye Tianxing, he still has one more Ye Tianhai, the Ye Family cannot offend him for his own Ye Tianze."

The people in the stands were discussing amongst themselves, especially the people from the two great family s. They knew that one of them would definitely be abandoned right now.

"After dying once, his temperament is indeed different. However, he is still too young. No one would choose him in this kind of situation."

But what they didn't know was that Ye Tianze had never thought of asking Ye Family to make a choice. His goal was purely to fulfill his promise to his previous self.

As for the choice of Ye Family? He didn't care.

At this time, everyone in Ye Family looked at Ye Family Patriarch, because he was the only one who had the authority to make the decision.

One was the future star of the family, and his brother was an absolute genius. The other was a dark horse whose spiritual blood had been snatched away, who had recovered, and was able to shock the whole world with a single brilliant feat.

This seemingly simple decision caused the usually decisive Ye Family Patriarch to hesitate. Logic naturally told him to choose between Ye Tianxing and Ye Tianhai, but deep in his heart, he felt that this decision was wrong. As for what was wrong, he couldn't say.

"Is that a difficult decision?" Full Moon Sect of the Full Moon Sect suddenly spoke out, "Ye Baitian, you must consider this carefully."

Ye Family Patriarch turned her head, he could feel the threat in Elder Qiu's words. He was not afraid of this elder, but she was still afraid of the Full Moon Sect behind him.

"Sigh ?" Ye Family Patriarch sighed in her heart.

Just as he was about to make his choice, he was seated at the other side. Hall Master of the Human Emperor, whose face was filled with grief, opened his mouth and said: "Ye Baitian, if you choose Ye Tianxing, I am sure you will regret it!"

Ye Family Patriarch was startled, he looked at the profound Hall Master of the Human Emperor, then suddenly thought of something, and sneered: Thank you for your reminder, Palace Chief, but, this is a matter of the Ye Family, no outsider is allowed to interfere.

Hall Master of the Human Emperor did not speak anymore, he also sat down, and a smile appeared on his face, he had a general understanding of Ye Family's choice.

Beneath kung fu stage, the Chief Steward Qiu was quick to receive his instructions. He was not surprised at all, although Ye Tianze had brought him so much surprise, he would have chosen to do the same in his place.

"Ye Tianze, This Old Man said that blades and swords have no eyes, so it's fine if you just point it out, but I order you to immediately release Heavenly Star, otherwise!" The Chief Steward Qiu said coldly.

His body emitted a cold aura, and the surrounding temperature immediately dropped by a few degrees.

"As expected, I still chose Ye Tianxing, that's right, with Ye Tianhai here, even if I were to abandon Ye Tianze, I won't suffer any loss."

The two family s were a little disappointed. Of course they understood the meaning behind Chief Steward Qiu's words, which was to abandon Ye Tianze.

However, this was to be expected.

Hearing Chief Steward Qiu's words, Ye Tianze's heart turned cold. He was not surprised by the result, raised his head and said: "I don't like being threatened."

"Hmph, if you don't release Heavenly Star, that is the same as committing the above crimes. Ye Family will not tolerate you!" The Chief Steward Qiu said coldly, "There's still time to stop. Don't think that no one can save you!"

"You can all come forward and give it a try." Ye Tianze laughed coldly, "Let's see if my spear is faster or if your speed is faster!"

He knew that he could do it, but if he were to take care of a young Foundation Establishment stage disciple, even Ancestor would have to do it, how would he even have the face to do it?

Furthermore, the Ancestor was so far away. Once Ye Tianze realized that the Ancestor had disappeared, they would probably perish together!

"Didn't you want to take back your spiritual blood? Why do you want his life? " A voice came over. It was precisely Ye Tianhai who was standing on the stage.

Although he had a cold expression, he calmed down.

Ye Tianze turned around and looked at him, and said: "Whether he can be as lucky as me, will depend on his luck."

I'll compete with you, if you win, my brother will be at your mercy, but if you lose, I'll give you three days to escape, and during the competition, my brother will stay in kung fu stage and not let anyone save him! Ye Tianhai said.

Seeing Ye Tianze's face filled with disdain, Ye Tianhai continued, "In the name of the Human Emperor s, I, Ye Tianhai, am willing to use my dao as a basis to establish a blood oath. If I, or someone from the Ye Family, violate this oath, I will cripple my spiritual blood and never advance!"

When the words came out, everyone cried out in alarm, but they quickly understood Ye Tianhai's intention.

"With Ye Tianhai's strength, wanting to crush Ye Tianze is simply too easy. It's something that Ye Tianxing can never compare to."

"What a good plan, it seems like I have sworn a blood oath, I am afraid that Ye Tianze will lose in less than three moves, at that time, he will be able to save his brother."

"With his intelligence and strength, he should be able to enter the Full Moon Sect."

"Ye Tianze is also not a Idiot, how can he agree to that. If it was me, even if I die, I have to change my life!"

However, Ye Tianze made an unexpected choice.

He slowly withdrew the gun and said, "You can't save him!"


The entire drill grounds was in an uproar. Not to mention the A child of the Ye Clan, even the outsiders couldn't believe that Ye Tianze had actually chosen to fight Ye Tianhai.

"Is he crazy? Who do you think you are? Just by defeating Ye Tianxing, you can defeat him? "

"Arrogant, truly arrogant."

Originally, the people from the two great family s believed that Ye Tianxing would die today, even if he wouldn't die, he would at least be crippled by Ye Tianze.

No matter what the result was, it was naturally a good thing for them. Now that Ye Tianze suddenly did not want to die together with Ye Tianxing, and did not continue releasing his spiritual blood, they actually wanted to fight with Ye Tianhai.

"Foolish." Elder Qiu sneered.

While he was speaking, he deliberately glanced at Hall Master of the Human Emperor, only to see that he still had a face full of grief, and then he sat back down.

The people of Ye Family all heaved a sigh of relief, as long as Ye Tianhai could take Ye Tianze down, the blood oath would naturally be useless.

"I rather admire you." Ye Tianhai laughed coldly, "What a pity, sometimes you become too self-confident, you're just an idiot."

"Hur hur." Ye Tianze kicked Ye Tianxing to the side and said, "Still the same words, you can't save him!"

"When you feel the terror of perfect spirit blood, you won't be as stubborn as you are now!" As soon as he finished speaking, the gold spirit blood on Ye Tianxing's body surged once again.

Bathing in the golden light, his body looked like a god that had descended to the mortal world.

He was still using the Ye Family's cloud gun, and it was still the first form, but this first form was far more terrifying than Ye Tianxing's.

Everyone could feel the oppressive aura.

Facing this shocking spear, Ye Tianze wrinkled his brow, he realized that Ye Tianhai was indeed much stronger than him, and this was the first time he had ever felt such pressure from a expert of the same level.

The spear tore through the air and flew towards him. He did not retaliate, but used his movement technique to dodge.

"Humph, you can hide from Skystar, but you can't hide from me." Ye Tianhai was incomparably confident.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

Under the infusion of the gold spirit blood, the spear in Ye Tianhai's hand turned golden, looking just like a golden Giant dragon.

Although Ye Tianze was fast enough to avoid the most fatal strike, everyone realized that his speed was visibly slower than before. It could be said that it wasn't because he was too slow, but because Ye Tianhai was too fast.

No matter where Ye Tianze hid, the golden spear followed closely behind and almost stabbed his body a few times.

There were countless afterimages in the training grounds. The golden spear was like the collision of Giant dragon s, forcing Ye Tianze to dodge towards a dead end.

"This is ?" cloud gun! " A Ye Family elder exclaimed.

"cloud gun! Young Master Tianhai, not only are your Cultivation Level terrifying, you actually have such high attainments in martial arts. "

"This Ye Tianze is dead for sure. Although Ye Tianhai swore a blood oath, he did not say that he will not kill on the kung fu stage."

Ye Family's face finally revealed a smile. Based on the current situation, Ye Tianze would lose very soon.

It was one thing to kill Ye Tianze, but they were able to save Ye Tianxing now. Now that they had stopped bleeding, their foundations would not be damaged.

"wild species, you ? We're dead for sure! " Ye Tianxing's pale face looked extremely hideous.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

The spear tore through the air, its aura piercing through into the rainbow. Golden rays of light enveloped the entire kung fu stage, and under the sky of spear shadow, Ye Tianze was finally forced into a corner.

"It's over." The Chief Steward Qiu said.

But just at this time, the change suddenly occurred, and Ye Tianze who was forced into a corner, suddenly stopped, the spear in his hand pierced out, accompanied by the blood qi on his body surging forth, it lit up with a green light.

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