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C18 Polar tract


The two spear's strong points clashed together accurately. The spear shadow that filled the sky disappeared and the huge force of the spear was also broken.


The spear trembled, the terrifying power forced Ye Tianze back two steps, only then was he able to stabilize his body.

Although Ye Tianhai, who was interrupted, was not pushed back, he still felt pain on his palm. What was even more shocking was that Ye Tianze was actually able to interrupt his cloud gun, and he had only taken two steps back.

"The spiritual blood is boiling!"

After a short period of silence, the On the Campus was in an uproar.

"Fourth stage strengthening, it can actually cause the spiritual blood to boil, he ? Just what kind of monster is he!? "

"I thought that without returning to the Awakening Realm, I wouldn't be able to trigger the spiritual blood. But not only did this guy trigger the spiritual blood, he even boiled it!"

The spiritual blood was boiling, so he could use his vital energy and blood. This was a unique symbol of Awakening Realm, and only when the spiritual blood was boiling, could he advance to the Cauldron Condensation.

The reason why they were shocked was because Ye Tianze had never used the spiritual blood from the beginning till the end. So much so that many people believed that after falling to the Fallen Realm, even if the spiritual blood recovered, it would still be unable to trigger the spiritual blood.

But at this moment, they saw a who had recovered and was boiling. The blood and energy in his body was surging, and although the cyan colored light was not as dazzling as Ye Tianhai, it was not far from Ye Tianxing's.

"What ?" "How is this possible!?" Ye Tianxing's mouth was opened so wide that an egg could fit inside.

He was unwilling to believe that Ye Tianze was still hiding his strength, and even more so, was unable to believe that his spiritual blood could actually boil.

At the moment, he was not much better off than Ye Tianqing, and the faith in his heart started to crumble.

"The spiritual blood of Foundation Level Nine is boiling!" Chief Steward Qiu suddenly had a bad feeling, he felt that Ye Family had chosen the wrong person.

Elder Qiu's face stiffened. He had seen it clearly. The obstruction of that spear just now had another method.

Ye Family Patriarch's expression was also not good. He looked at Hall Master of the Human Emperor and suddenly felt a tinge of regret in his heart.

"If this is all of your strength, then it really disappoints me." Ye Tianze held the spear, and the two of them faced each other from afar.

Ye Tianhai's shock was naturally not any less than the shock of everyone present, because he was involved in it. The cloud gun of the Grand Perfection, coupled with his Cauldron Condensation 'strength, caused the perfect gold spirit blood to boil, but it was interrupted by Ye Tianze's spear.

If the stage had not gone as far as he did, then there was only one possibility!

"Your marksmanship ? "Already ?" Ye Tianhai himself was unwilling to believe it, but he was not shocked by the boiling of Ye Tianze's spiritual blood.

He was a perfect spirit blood, so no matter how hard Ye Tianze tried, he could not catch up to him.

"Let me teach you what a real marksmanship is." Ye Tianze suddenly moved, "First move of the cloud gun, Rainbow Piercing Sun!"


His figure was like a ghost, leaving behind afterimages. spear s tore through the air, emitting an awe-inspiring sound as they cut through the air.

Ye Tianhai's reaction was extremely fast, the gold spirit blood moved, and used his spear to block it.


The spear s that were thrusting over were pushed aside by him and the spiritual blood s on his body surged. Just as he was about to take the initiative and grasp them, he discovered that the spear s that were just being pushed away were like shadows following him and piercing towards him once again.

"The second move, Thorn Returning Horse!"

Following Ye Tianze's voice, the spear pierced towards his chest, causing Ye Tianhai, who was just about to counterattack, to retreat passively.

"The third move, 'Dragon Submerged into the Cloud' ?"

When he used this move, the wind around Ye Tianze suddenly howled, as though a green dragon was flying through the clouds, rising up, with unstoppable momentum.

Ye Tianhai's expression became incomparably ugly. He had also cultivated the cloud gun to the Grand Perfection, so he was very clear that once he used the cloud gun, he would be in danger.

However, Ye Tianze's speed was so fast that he could not retaliate at all. Furthermore, every movement and every step he took, were incomparably steady without any excess.

"The fourth stance ?"

"The fifth stance ?"

"The sixth stance ?"

"The seventh move ?"

Only the sounds of Ye Tianze and Ye Tianhai's battle remained in On the Campus, but at this time, the situation had undergone a tremendous change.

When Ye Tianze unleashed the seventh move of the cloud gun, the spectators were already dumbstruck. The current Ye Tianhai had been completely suppressed, just like how he had been suppressed just now.

"This is not a Grand Perfection ? This is not a Grand Perfection, this is ? Extreme... Extreme Dao! "

"What, the legendary Extreme Dao, he actually cultivated it to the legendary Extreme Dao!"

"Nothing, the spear moves according to his will, this is the Extreme Dao, the legendary Extreme Dao!"

"How old is he? He actually mastered a Extreme Dao martial art!"

Although everyone knew that the cloud gun was only a second-rate martial art and could not even be considered a first-rate one, in the Shitai City, it was already very scary.

A child of the Ye Clan, to be able to cultivate the cloud gun to a high level, was already something to be proud of.

The Extreme Dao was simply a legend. Because the Extreme Dao moved according to one's will, it required one to be one with the martial arts, and every move and every move had to be perfect, to the point where every movement and every step had to be perfect.

"Extreme Dao!" Ye Family Patriarch stood up, and looked at Ye Tianze, her eyes looking extremely complicated.

Even he had not cultivated the cloud gun to the Extreme Dao, because it was too difficult and the cloud gun was only a second-rate martial art after all.

However, he remembered that when the Ye Family moved to this place a hundred years ago, there was a legacy from the ancestor: Exiting the clouds meant nine, but the Extreme Dao was still true!

In other words, if you can completely master all nine forms of the cloud gun, and every move reaches the Extreme Dao, then you can comprehend a different type of marksmanship which has a higher level of high grade. It was said that that is the strongest marksmanship of the Ye Family, and this cloud gun is only the foundation.

In these hundred years, no one had cultivated the marksmanship to the Extreme Dao. There wasn't even a single Polar marksmanship, but one had actually appeared before their eyes!

"It actually ?" I managed to cultivate Extreme Dao! " Elder Qiu's face was filled with surprise, "Polar marksmanship, such a high innate talent in martial arts, if only ?"

Even in the Full Moon Sect, Elder Qiu had never seen a genius who could cultivate Extreme Dao martial arts. Their Grand Perfection s were extremely few, and the higher the level, the harder it was to reach the Extreme Dao.

Although the cloud gun was only a second-rate martial art, to be able to cultivate it made the Elder Qiu incomparably shocked.

"If I don't get rid of this kid, based on his grudge with Tianhai, I'm afraid ?" The Elder Qiu's eyes revealed killing intent.

"The eighth move, Sky Sect's Broken Night ?"

When he displayed the eighth move, Ye Tianhai could only dodge. The spear in his hand became his barrier, and at that moment, he could no longer care about Ye Tianxing's life.

"The ninth move, Chaotic Storm ?"

The spear was like a dragon, burrowing through the dark clouds and soaring up to the sky like a storm.

The sky was filled with spear shadow s, enveloping all of Ye Tianhai's escape routes. Because his speed was too fast, Ye Tianze's every spear strike was real.

"Nine ?" nine Extreme Dao s! " Chief Steward Qiu opened his mouth wide.

When all nine forms were linked by the Extreme Dao, a qualitative change occurred to the cloud gun.

The spear shadow that filled the sky suddenly turned into many green Giant dragon s, the entire training grounds seemed to be covered by black clouds, the green dragons roared in the rain.

"This... This was not a second-rate martial art, this ? This was not even a top grade martial art, this was ? "This is a super first-rate martial art!" Elder Qiu opened his eyes wide.

Martial arts were divided into seven levels of Rating: third-rate, second-rate, first-rate, first-rate, Earth Grade, Sky Stage, and God Grade!

Even in the Full Moon Sect, there was only one super first-rate martial arts technique that allowed it to grow and become the current colossus.

He was very clear on what a super first-rate martial art meant to a sect, and what it meant to a family!

"Not bad ?" This was indeed not a second-rate martial art ? This is... A first-rate martial art created by my Ye Family. " Ye Family Patriarch looked at the scene in front of him in a daze.

At the moment, his emotions were extremely complicated. Compared to a top grade martial art, a single Ye Tianxing was nothing, but he no longer had the chance to regret.

"To... We're going to lose! " A Ye Family elder said as her eyes glazed over.

"Clang clang clang!"

The sound of metal clashing continuously rang in his ears. Dragon Roar could be heard for nine days, the clouds and rain were turning over. The green dragon transformed into a spear shadow, completely covering Ye Tianhai.

The nine attacks fell down, although Ye Tianhai tried his best to block, it was to no avail. The spear shadow stabbed into Ye Tianhai's body, piercing through his clothes, causing blood to gush out.

When the last spear shot down, Ye Tianze immediately kept his spear, and gasped for breath: "All nine spears are made from Extreme Dao, it's still rather strenuous!"

If it was past life, a second-rate marksmanship, even if he were to use it ten thousand times over, he wouldn't pant deeply, but right now, he couldn't.

It was not that he did not possess past life, it was just that his stage was currently low and his opponents were stronger. Furthermore, he did not even use the Heaven and Earth Spell, so naturally he did not use the Huntian War Body's power.

"We actually gave up on the peerless genius who cultivated the cloud gun to the Extreme Dao!"

"The Extreme Dao, this is a legend, this is the perfect spirit blood of the martial arts!"

"Is this guy a monster? Forget about recovery from being robbed, you can even cultivate cloud gun to the Extreme Dao. "

The shock brought about by this battle was incomparable to anything else, especially for the people from the Ye Family. Looking at Ye Tianze on the kung fu stage, they felt a little regretful.

Seeing Ye Family Patriarch's hesitant look, Elder Qiu said with a cold face, "Even if you want to save him, it's too late!"

"What you said ?" "Right." Ye Family Patriarch said, "It's too late."

"Then?" Killing intent flashed in Elder Qiu's eyes.

Ye Family Patriarch did not speak. No one knew if she silently agreed, or if she did not understand what he meant.

"This... Not True... This... It's not true! " Ye Tianxing spoke incoherently, the blood he lost made him feel extremely weak.

Seeing this scene, he felt utter despair.

He had personally experienced that terrifying nine spear attack just now. Although it wasn't aimed at him, he wasn't able to resist at all.

Only now did he understand that when Ye Tianze was fighting him, he did not even use a tenth of his powers.

The Extreme Dao, that was a legend.

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