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C19 Sword qi

Looking at Ye Tianhai on the kung fu stage, everyone could only sigh. He was a peerless genius, his past glory was limitless.

At that moment, he was dressed in rags, and his hair was disheveled. His body was covered with bloodstains, and he looked to be in an extremely sorry state.

"You! "Very good!" Ye Tianhai raised his head, "But if you really think this is the end, then you are underestimating me too much!"

If it was Ye Tianxing, under the Extreme Dao, not even a corpse would remain. However Ye Tianhai was different.

Under the pressure of Ye Tianze's nine Extreme Dao s, all that was left was some external injuries.

This was because after arriving at the Cauldron Condensation, spiritual blood could be transformed into Spiritual Energy. What Ye Tianhai awakened were three type spiritual blood.

At the critical moment, Ye Tianhai used the Spiritual Energy to protect his body and avoided any fatal injuries.

"But you still can't save him." Ye Tianze said confidently.

"Hahaha ?" Ye Tianhai's laughter resounded in the air above On the Campus. Accompanied by it, a dazzling golden light burst out from his body.

A terrifying aura was emitted from his body.

"He finally used the Spiritual Energy!"

"What, he didn't use his full strength just now?"

"He really did not use his full strength, or it could be said that he did not have the time to use his full strength, and was stopped by Ye Tianze's Extreme Dao."

This aura caused all the expert present to be shocked. Such a terrifying Spiritual Energy would never appear in ordinary Cauldron Condensation.

"I didn't want to use the Spiritual Energy to suppress you, but for the sake of my brother's life, I can only do this. If you have to blame something, you can only blame yourself for being too stupid, to the point where you don't even know how powerful your Cauldron Condensation is." Ye Tianhai said coldly, "Let's determine the victor with one move!"


A mouth of longsword suddenly appeared in Ye Tianhai's hands, accompanied by the terrifying Spiritual Energy, a majestic sword intent burst out from his body.

"Doesn't he use a gun?" A series of exclamations came from the stands.

"Why did he use a gun? He has been training in Full Moon Sect for close to a year, and Full Moon Sect is most proficient at swords. "

"That's right, the Full Moon Sect only swept through the Three Counties because of that first-rate martial art!"

The moment Full Moon Sect was mentioned, her face was filled with reverence. These three words were somewhat unattainable for Shitai City.

"What a pity." The Elder Qiu sneered.

He intentionally glanced at Ye Family Patriarch and saw that he was expressionless, but she was not as calm as she was before. This was because by killing Ye Tianze, she had lost a top-notch martial art.

Maybe in another hundred years, there would not be another genius like Ye Tianze!

If it was possible, Ye Family Patriarch would of course hope that Ye Tianhai and Ye Tianze could get along peacefully, and not kill each other on the kung fu stage.

But to the Elder Qiu, losing a super first-rate martial art was in his interest. Back then, the Full Moon Sect had relied on a super first-rate martial art to reach this point.

How could the Full Moon Sect, who was dominating the entire Three Counties, allow him to become a big shot to threaten her own status?

In the kung fu stage, Ye Tianhai seemed to have become a completely different person, the sword intent on his body erupted: "Watch carefully, this is my true strength!"

The Spiritual Energy erupted, dyeing Ye Tianhai's entire body in a gold color. Two rays of threatening golden light shot out from its eyes, as if a god had descended to the mortal world.

"Buzz buzz buzz!"

When the Spiritual Energy converged onto the sword blade, it immediately unleashed a terrifying sword might. Streams of golden sword beams jumped and flashed on the sword blade like lightning.

"Sword Qi..." He can actually summon out sword qi! "

"How terrifying, this is just Cauldron Condensation, if I could reach a higher stage, wouldn't that mean ?"

"Although this sword qi is still at the sword ray stage, if I enter the higher stage, it will become more solid. This stage ?"

Although Cauldron Condensation could transform spiritual blood into Spiritual Energy, in terms of martial arts, it required a higher talent to transform Spiritual Energy into sword qi.

At that moment, not only the people from the two family s, even the Ye Family Patriarch stood up.

To the Ye Family, losing a top-notch martial art was naturally something to him. If he had the choice, he would rather give up Ye Tianhai and exchange it with Ye Tianze.

But he knew that there was nothing he could do about it. He had initially chosen Ye Tianhai and Ye Tianxing, and abandoned Ye Tianze.

Furthermore, under the pressure of the Full Moon Sect, he would not allow a top class martial art to appear in the Ye Family, even if it did appear, it would have to be accepted by the Full Moon Sect.

Now that Ye Tianhai had displayed the Sword Qi in his Cauldron Condensation, he could be considered to be at a loss. Although it could not win against the's first-rate martial arts, Ye Tianhai's potential was indeed limitless.

"To die under my sword, you will not be wronged!" The sword in Ye Tianhai's hand unleashed a terrifying sword might.

In the entire drill grounds, other than the clan elder's level, everyone else felt the pressure. Naturally, Ye Tianze who was standing on top of the kung fu stage was no exception.

Regarding Ye Tianhai's display of talent, he was truly impressed. Even in his era, Ye Tianhai could be considered one of the best.

"But this is still not enough!" After seeing the storm, of course Ye Tianze would not be nervous. Even if Ye Tianhai was ten times stronger than him, he would still not be disturbed.

"Very good. Having confidence is a good thing. You are indeed stronger than Heavenly Star!" "However, today, you and I can only live. This is for my brother, and also for the family, but after you die, I will bury you well!"

What kind of person Ye Tianhai was, he was naturally able to discern the current situation clearly. The Polar marksmanship that Ye Tianze had just displayed, was the culmination of a top-notch martial art.

He had trained in Full Moon Sect for a year, and was well aware of Full Moon Sect's style of doing things. Full Moon Sect could support him to dominate Shitai City, but he would never raise a tiger for himself.

"First move of the Full Moon Sword Technique, Bright Moon Sky!" Ye Tianhai lifted the sword in his hand. It looked very slow, but it brought about countless sword images.

The majestic sword might unleashed a terrifying sword aura. When the longsword rose up, it was like a bright moon. However, the bright moon was gold in color, and looked more like a scorching sun.

Everyone could feel the power contained within the sword, which had completely surpassed Ye Tianxing's peak, and had even exceeded Ye Tianze's of the ninth type.

When the longsword slashed down, the sword beam created circles of ripples in the air. Ye Tianze was like a speck of dust, appearing insignificant under this dazzling sword light.

The entire drill grounds was enveloped in this blazing golden light, causing people to be unable to open their eyes.

"It's over." Elder Qiu's face revealed a smile, he was not surprised at all at Ye Tianhai's performance.

However, what he did not know was that Ye Tianze was not a speck of dust. Even in front of the Four Great Emperor s, he had never feared anything.

"Just nice, let me borrow your sword to try out my Huntian War Body, how does it compare to past life!" Looking at the longsword falling from the sky.

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